Use bread thongs, thank you

Use bread thongs, thank you

Image via Mandy


  1. Gives new meaning to edible underwear. Anyone wanna butter my bun? 😈

  2. Spud

    Tish dada boom.

    This liberal misuse of letters by pasty faced nib nobs has a knead to be rested.

  3. Lake Effect

    :boobs: :boobs: Your bread thongs and my beef jerky could make for a great box lunch. :wang:

  4. Lake Effect

    We could go for a Roll, & I’d be a Hero!

  5. Lake Effect

    And I’d Deliver Fresh Daily!!

  6. janeeto

    I prefer my buns to be touched with hands, followed by :wang: !!!

  7. Mjaz

    Sooooo.. is it ok to touch the bread with my feet? I really don’t like touching other people’s thongs, unless I know them really really REALLY well.

  8. i prefer to have my buns handled frequently (sometimes i like roughly too) 😈 :thong:

  9. Spud

    [Comment ID #226269 will appear here]

    :wtf: Oh you naughty girl you, I think somebody needs a spanking…

  10. Reddog

    The down side to bread thongs is of course a yeast infection. :undies:

  11. Drusky

    [Comment ID #226269 will appear here]

    My dough is rising! :wang:
    That Avatar makes buns and thongs right as rain! I suppose that after Mistress Darla got done with them, they’d be Hot Cross Buns… 😈

  12. [Comment ID #226259 will appear here]

    You know we’ll require multiple deliveries don’t you Lake … 😛

  13. [Comment ID #226342 will appear here]

    And the best part is licking the hot, sweet, sticky stuff off! 😛

  14. [Comment ID #226377 will appear here]

    There’s nothing like having sticky buns in the morning.

  15. Is there a box of disposable thongs next to the display case, ordo I have to use the same one everyone else has used? :puke:

  16. Lake Effect

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    :wang: Hey! I’m There! 😈

  17. Drusky

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    That’s better than dealing with a “crunch” roll… :puke:

  18. I’m back baby! And if you aren’t down with that, Johnny is giving you the secret password.

  19. You would think they would want you to use a bra instead of a thong, since lift & separation is what you are trying to accomplish.

  20. [Comment ID #226342 will appear here]

    I don’t know whether I’m hungry or horny. 😈

  21. [Comment ID #226489 will appear here]

    😆 Ah, how we missed ya Johnny! :kiss:

  22. Meshie

    Spanking! Me next!! 😈

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