Striptease and children’s menu

Striptease and childrens menu
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Image via Amanda C.

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  1. Spud

    Ha! a new one, Ruskie Engrish at its best.

    I am being pleased to be standing here beside myself with much merriment.

    A stripper at a kids party is probably going to make for some happy dads picking up their tin lids.

    This story rates a hearty :wtf:

  2. Trevor

    Finally! A place where you can sit back, feel at home, enjoy a quite climate, break all the windows.

  3. I like the option to be able to break all the windows in the place, what parties they must have!

  4. AnnieB

    Vashe zdorovie!

  5. sledge

    Looks like the Russian equivalent of Chuck e Cheese

  6. Bigwavdave

    Too bad about the lack of pathos.

  7. Minty Place my foot!
    I looked it up. Monetniy Dvor is actually Russian for Badda-Bing!

  8. junkman

    a couple of notes:
    -all bars deserve praise!
    -a lack of pathos in the environment? don’t they have glade plug-ins for that?
    -i would like to exchange my opinions with a tasty dish!
    -what are romantic parties?
    -a topical party? nothing like a “getting out of iraq” gala with a steel drum band.
    -no-one will be dismissing my personal member!
    -it’s good that they have a charwoman. she can clean up the ashes after we burn the place down on crazy day.
    -i hope for their understanding when i strip for the kids.

  9. t1nyturtle

    Sounds like my kind of place — I have never been fond of restaurants with pathos in the environment, and the luxury of having a rest by myself, while enjoying “piece” and serenity, seems a fine thing, indeed! (Though I do wonder, “piece” of what?)

  10. pablo

    You can order food if you are in the mood
    You can drink shooters whiles you watch hooters
    You can break the glass as you stare at some ass
    You can munch on taters and then fire your waiters
    Sit down and drink until you don’t have to think
    The kids love the strippers and they are always big tippers

    In the words of Lenin himself “ What the crap do I care. I’m dead.”

  11. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #169179 will be quoted here]

    Thank you, Pablo, you’ve made my day. But, I always thought Lennon said, “I am the walrus.”

  12. junkman

    hey, cheddar vision has more action and a more compelling plot than brad garrett’s ’til death series.

  13. The Natural EMP

    So, are we donating to make sure the orphaned children, disabled persons and veterans keep stripping in the daily shows?


  14. MRDOUG

    Behold the power of cheese! A damn lot more entertaning than a cat and a I Book. Typical Mac user help desk conversation is my vote. :geek:

  15. pablo

    [Comment ID #169231 will be quoted here]

    OK, I love you again

  16. I see on the menu, Dismissal of any personnel member. Do you serve that warm or chilled? I’d like to dismiss that personnel member standing right over there. Through a window…will I be charged full window breaking price or can it be as a side?

  17. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #169121 will be quoted here]

    But the bar deserves praise and the prices are
    acceptable. That counts for a lot. 🙄 ❗ :java:

  18. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #169252 will be quoted here]

    LOL … you’re so easy! I really thought I’d have to work on that. I had all sorts of accolades in mind to win you back (to the darkside). Oh well, I’ll just save them for the next time I piss you off. Ummm, is tomorrow okay with you?

  19. Duker

    I smell a franchise opportunity!! I can’t believe I actually watched cheese age. Only at Dave’s! 😕

  20. AnnieB

    Here’s a shout out to my buds at Davezilla. I have some wonderful, hot off the press, news! I’m building a website that will reflect the astute observations I have made of some standouts from our truly wonderful cast of characters. (Umm, that’s you, you clueless blockheads). I’m still checking the available domain names and will post the address and the answer to my little puzzle either Saturday or Sunday. To pique your interest a bit, here is a sampling of what you can expect.

    AnnieB … Breathtakingly beautiful, blessed with wisdom and wit but far too modest to go on and on about herself. Does she have a very weird sense of humor or is she really just a bitch?

    Pablo … Ahhhh, dear, sweet Pablo. Manly man or girly girl? (back in the doghouse, I go) Definitely the rhyme master of the Universe. (back out)

    BigWaveDave … Mysteriously intelligent for a pig

    Junkman … Indescribably delicious (okay, I was stumped)

    Atryd … Smart lady and one helluva good sport

    Bjorn Freeh … I fear the sane one of the bunch

    MisterArthur … I really dig this guy for reasons that elude me at present. I’ll get back to you.

    Spud … We’ll find out all about how his week went. We really do care.

    I also have something special for the ladies … the BJ that will rock your guy’s world and make him your love slave forever!

    Oh, I mustn’t forget … pictures of Mandy jumping rope! Plus … Dave taking pictures while in the nude!

    The first to figure out what the letters below stand for will receive a really salacious (slutty) photo of yours truly. Not such a hot prize for the ladies but perhaps Pablo could assist me with that. Mmmmmm… Pablo jumping rope! That’s the stuff that dreams are made of … right Ladies?

    I C B A W F F T S A F J

    Hey, I know it’s long but give it a shot. I’ve figured it out already! Opps, I forgot I already know the answer.

  21. Drusky

    Is dismissal of any personnel member by stripping them and tossing them thru a window and then making a charity contribution to their orphaned children o.k. as long as it’s on crazy day? 😈

  22. D1g1tal Dom

    If you throw a stripper thru the window, would that be a carry out order or a Crazy Day special?

  23. pablo


    And I haven’t jumped rope in ages. Of course nobody has asked me to.

  24. AnnieB

    P … you are priceless! Wrong, but excellent effort!

    Dave … I hope that wasn’t a euphemism for horse’s ass!! LOL

  25. It Can Be A Woman’s Fine Fingers That Succeed Fulfilling A Fetish’s Joy ? 😈 😀 😳 😛

  26. Pablo will you please jump rope for the lovely ladies on this site?

  27. Flash Gordon

    I Can Beat a Whole Fricking Flotilla of Tough
    Shits And Flaming Jerk-offs. 😈 ❗ 👿 😛 :wtf:

  28. AnnieB

    A – Wrong … but I love the way you think!

    FG – Wrong … but damn you Navy guys are hot!

  29. pablo

    Insidious Canibals Bite All White Female Fingers To Satisfy Appetite For Jello

    Impeach Clinton Bush Always Wins First Farting Tests So All Find Joke

    It Can’t Be A Woman Fighting F#@*ing Total Stupid Asses For Justice

  30. AnnieB

    P – You’ve outdone yourself! I’m totally blown away by your ingenuity!

  31. pablo

    Individuals Coping By Anxiously Waiting For Four-twenty To Smoke Another Fat Joint.
    So sayith the Cheech, or was it Chong?

  32. But I thought every day at Monetniy Dvor was Crazy Day?

  33. If Cats Baked Almonds, Would French Fries Taste Salty As Fish Juice?

    It Could Be A While For Free Tomato Sandwiches And Fresh Jam.

    Imagine Camping Beneath a White Fat Feline That Screams at Flying Jets.

  34. AnnieB

    I’m awed and humbled by your (lukewarm) response to my (feeble) attempt to induce some yuks for us all to enjoy. I stepped up to the bat and struck out. I am so lame, I’m on crutches. I deserve to be tied to a tree and flagellated. I am drowning in despair. For those reasons, in the future, I will just shut the fuck up.

    I was going (well, I still did) to say the above but now that I have read the brilliant responses submitted by Pablo, Atryd, Flash and Meagan I now declare it a resounding success and proclaim myself the genius I always thought myself to be! A thump on the head to all the lazy, uninspired dolts that didn’t participate.

    As promised, here is the solution to my puzzle.

    I Can’t Believe Anyone Will Fall For This Silly April Fool’s Joke

    Obviously there is no website or photo prize (impossible anyway – Witness Protection Program and all that)

    Now, if someone had laid down the gauntlet to me, I would have offered this:

    Intrepid Cohorts Belong Alongside Waggish Filthy Fuckers Talking Shit All For Jape

    (I never said it had to make sense)

    So on the eve of April Fool’s, I wish you all a happy, fun and prank-filled day!

    On that positive note, perhaps we can look forward to Dave sharing with us what species of the animal kingdom he emulated last night. Oh, couldn’t we have some fun with that one?

  35. pablo

    Hey AnnieB, Watch out with those big words. You know with the brain pool here people will think when you say flagellated that you want to be farted on. :wtf:

  36. AnnieB

    Oh, I don’t know about that P. I think there are some pretty savvy dudes and dudettes that stop on by here from time to time.

    Excluding, of course, the brain dead Sultan, dickhead Cody and those Roaving Red Hat Ladies (Bitches).

  37. [Comment ID #170294 will be quoted here]

    That was brilliant! Seriously, one of the better jokes that’s been played on me. Kudos and three boobies for you!

    :boob: :boob: :boob:


  38. AnnieB

    Thanks Meagan. I haven’t attempted one in ages because I’ve pretty well always sucked at it … lol

  39. pablo

    Annie B you called me “Pablo … Ahhhh, dear, sweet Pablo. Manly man or girly girl?”

    Very close! I have been an honorary lesbian for almost 20 years. (yes, I’m a beard) I love sitting on a street and girl watching with them. I learned a lot from them. I may have the wrong equipment but it is all in the attitude, right?

  40. AnnieB

    Defintely! I bet the gals have no defense against your wit and charms. They must be like putty in your hands with all that inside knowledge. Lucky guy!

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