21 thoughts on “Rejected Superhero Ideas

  1. Meet Savage No.2… his motto? 2B or not 2B! Saving the world with graphite and lead. Doodling away to glory. Arch Enemy? The Eraser Dude.

    Now coming in prismacolor at a theatre near you!

  2. Of course, Nร‚ยบ 2’s secret identity: “Pencil” Dick Farber.
    Just like Superman, he has a whole set of duplicates: they’re all mechanical…

  3. :wtf: Has anyone checked out todays link? Gross! Makes me think swimming in anything but a chemically filled swimming pool would just be nuts!

  4. Pallbearer’s arch enemy is flatulence. Note his distended stomach, you guys. He’s the superhero in the world of sinister undertakers because his body emissions kill the living and wake the dead. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  5. The frightening thing is that Australia had a Prime Minister nicknamed the Pall Bearer ……… Paul Keating …… and it looked like this anti-hero figure of yours…………did he pose for it?

  6. Very funny topic, comments and responses.

    However I would dearly like to see a picture/drawing of the most understated of all heroes.

    Coward Man
    Faster than light
    coward man is outta sight

    Weaker than re-used toilet paper

    Able to hide anywhere

    He’s “Coward Man”

  7. The pallbearer has put on a lot of weight from overeating due to the loss of his trusted sidekick Kevorkian. But having found a replacement in Dubya recently his health has improved. Kick some ass Superhero! :^)

  8. The Banana Slug is already a “super hero” of sorts, if being the official mascot of UC-Santa Cruz counts.

    Weird, but true.

  9. ok…I will never,ever open anything that has the warning “Gross” before 10 am, EVER again! Thank you, Davezilla for this life lesson.

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