No regrets

No regrets

Photo via Teri A.

Meme Alert
I have been tagged by the extremely talented Rogers Cadenhead to provide you all with Five Things You Don’t Know About Me. OK then.

  1. I once owned a cat named Sex. I had a lot of fun yelling for him to come in.
  2. I have dyed my hair red, purple, green, blue, black, orange, pink, silver and white, but never yellow
  3. I got out of gym class once because I was stung by a lionfish, which I owned.
  4. I can imitate squirrel calls well enough to confuse the hell out of them.
  5. I have never touched a gun in my life.

I in turn tag, Minnie, Nikki, Britney, The Lung Brothers and Tara.

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  1. I dare any of you to send this photo to the Department of Homeland Security telling them it’s an anonymous tip to a suspected Al Qaida sleeper cell. And who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing grainy versions of the same photo on airport walls all over the world. Then you can send them a message saying ‘Hey, NSA you been punk’d®!’.
    Oh, how they’ll laugh.

  2. Mayborn

    Funny thing is the guy looks better this way. Its like the last resort for ugly people to walk outside.

    note that the link of the day is mildly disturbing even for someone of my calibre. i mean I never knew dave had a potty fetish !

    and the video… kinda lame…. unless you knew it was an african commercial and the amount of people who die of AIDS due to unprotected sex is so high… then it just becomes morbid.

    And you should really tape and publish this squirrle imitation of yours. the public demands it.

  3. Spud

    You first, I promise I’ll have your back if anything goes wrong.

    I once shared a house with a bloke who had a dog named “Shithead” he named it after the Irish singer Sinead O’connor because that’s what he thought her name was.

    True or False?


  4. Anna

    Thank you for not tagging me. Otherwise I would have been forced to talk about my breastimplants and all the kinky things I can do with chocolate.

  5. Stevie C

    Now that’s a tag dare if I ever heard one.

  6. Da Popster

    Todays post and links were kinda blah, however I’d like to enter into a deep conversation with Anna about the many kinky uses for chocolate. :wtf: :wang: 😛

  7. Actually, it looks quite like The Edge. And on the same side of his body, about three feet below, you’ll find a similar depiction of Bono.

  8. [Comment ID #82981 will be quoted here]

    I knew it was an African ad, and as a priest of an African faith, I am sadly all too familar with the AIDS epidemic there, but the ad was intended to be fun by the producers.

    As for the squirrel imitation video , that’s a damn good idea. 😀

  9. I’m pretty certain you, Minn & Tami already know all my sekrits, Dave.

  10. Bigwavdave

    Great tag Dave – I do wish you’d included Mandy though…

  11. Mitch

    5 things:
    1) My name is really Mitch. No “web moniker” here.
    2) I’m often referred to as “The only person left who isn’t an idiot that still smokes cigarettes” by my family
    3) I’ve been to the Middle East. It’s not nearly as frightening as it looks on TV.
    4) My ears are pierced
    5) I used to have a 7000 square foot loft space in Buffalo NY, that I ran as an after hours club and music venue. We even got busted once 😳

  12. Mitch

    ……And I don’t care if Dave didn’t tag me. :mrgreen:

  13. Bjorn Freeh

    Hey, it’s Voldemort/Quirrel from Harry Potter on Ice!

  14. I think the tag should be an open post tag. I want to hear interesting things about all of these people. Ha I tag you all.

  15. sledge

    Who is the awesome barber?I can think of 10 people that would be improved by this person

  16. um.
    1) i’ve been trying to get published for a number of years and got ‘kinda’ close early last year
    2)my hearing is retardedly powerful. i haven’t eaten dinner with my family for close to ten years because i can hear them chewing no matter what.
    3)i firmly believe people who like dark chocolate over milk have a better palate and a higher IQ than everyone else.
    4)i hate olives, pinto beans, lima beans and hippies. not necessarily in that order
    5)i am deeply offended that i have to work to pay bills that i neither want, nor need, but am expected to pay for simply by having been born.

  17. pablo

    Wasn’t there something about ” if my dog was as ugly as you I’d shave his ass and make him walk backwards”. This guy obviously took it to heart.

    5 things nobody knows about me:

    1. I choose to be a smartass! It keeps me from ever being called a dumb ass
    2. I don’t cheat or steal even though I sell used cars. (I try to keep lying to a bare minimum too)
    3. I am an honorary Lesbian
    4. I’m too shy to hit on Mandy & Anna
    5. I still have plans for world domination. I just have to wait for the divorce to be final. Don’t want to lose half of the world in the settlement.

  18. junkman

    this parka smells.

  19. – I drove 12,000 Kilometers. In a large rectangle shape across the country from Toronto, to Quebec then south to North Carolina (dipped my foot in the ocean), drove across the country to California (dipped my foot in the other ocean), and then drove to Vancouver (stayed for a while) and then drove back to Toronto. Diesel rules my world.

    – I camped in Joshua Tree National park for 1 Week and it was the coolest place I have ever been. Wolfs howl at the moon and Cacti in bloom. The B&W photo opportunities were amazing.

    – I am 36 and I still love Lego. They even have real robotic modules now.

    – I had two paisley shaped scars, one on each, leg below the knee from child hood accidents that have now vanished.

    – Contrary to popular belief my favorite alcoholic drink is Green tea with a shot of Rye (not a martini)
    And I don’t drink that much. But it is a good subject to joke about. (I want to know what others here drink)

    -We have a squirrel relocation cage and caught 32 of them in one season with chunky peanut butter (they love it). We dropped them in a park 15 km from here. (Much like the real Gromit.)

    I tag “Send In More Clowns” as he is far to quiet and clowns have had a bad rap here, and Megan.
    :java: :java: 😕

  20. Infernos

    That would be really disturbing to wake up next to

  21. junkman

    adoganmedgromit wanted to know what others drink. here is a tabulation of drinks from our company christmas party. there were 14 of us:
    2 fuzzy navels
    34 ceasars (i had 7)
    18 coors light
    5 skyy
    6 tanqueray
    13 bacardi white
    16 keith’s (beer)
    5 budweiser
    4 crown royal
    16 canadian club
    7 canadian (beer)
    5 spritzer’s
    1 absolute
    1 gordon’s
    3 rum carioca
    71 kamakazi (i had 8)
    5 corona
    3 bottles chianti (these were mine)
    7 glass pinot
    1 j.w. black
    28 b-52’s (i had 6)
    14 orgasms (i had 3)
    16 lemon drops (i had 3)
    14 bazooka joe’s (i had 3)
    6 blow jobs (i had 1)
    1 spanish coffee

  22. Terrie

    The best dog I’ve ever heard…BARK.

  23. Astryd

    Since adognamedgromit tagged us all, I tag adognamedgromit. 😛

    Pablo-#5: Ain’t it the truth? World domination is too much responsability for me though, I’d kill it like a forgotten giga/digi-pet. I’m only going for the Americas. 😛

    evilmister-#3: I have my dose of dark chocolate daily, sometimes up to thrice daily. :kiss: There is no such thing as an overdoseand the experience is not always the same but always exceeds expectations! Ooh… 😳 , my humble opinion-it goes great with caramel.

    1-I’m a Mexican American (Immediate family from Mexico, born in USA) not Chicana! First language was spanish then learned english, not the other way around. Sorry, Pet peeve of mine… 🙄
    2-Truly believe in karma so I try 😀 not to do stuff that can come back and f*** me over.
    3-I don’t like sugarcoating things, playing games, beating around the bush…and I have a hard time with not saying anything at all if I can’t say something nice. 😈 But people think I’m sweet and innocent, 😳 go figure.
    4-What strikes others as fairly odd and out of the ordinary is that my divorce is not because of infidelity or violence. ❗
    5-Been told I am slightly femenist, a light masochist, a sex addict (it’s a real disease), sadist (don’t know what that means), cynical, brutally blunt, but a true and loyal friend lucky to have… yeah…ok…um…thanx. 😆

  24. Astryd

    Hah. Shoulda looked ahead.

    Don’t drink often but when I do I like: (in order of preference)
    – Vampiro/Chamuco (mexican version of Bloody Mary? with Tabasco sauce, lemon pepper, salt…) haven’t been able to find in US
    – Mudslide
    – Slippery Nipple
    – Pink Pussy (also known as a Stiff Dick but I like the looks when I order it)

    Reading over this…sounds kinda kinky…

  25. Mandy

    [Comment ID #83001 will be quoted here]

    I don’t think Dave could tag me since I don’t have a website. I may start a MySpace though.
    Five things?
    1) Blonde above and below
    2) Terribly nearsighted
    3) Afraid of dogs
    4) I have a shoe obsession
    5) Keanu Reeves does not return my calls


  26. Dave please do a What do you drink? question, one of these days. In your own style of course.
    Thanks Gromit

  27. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #83034 will be quoted here]

    Nice to hear the carpet matches the drapes. Thanks for responding.

    1. Smoked opium once back in ’71. Very dreamy – Couldn’t move for a while Not sure how long.
    2. Also have a shoe obsession – High heels on long legs. (Women’s legs)
    3. I can’t stand spoiled cry-babies. I’m talking about the adults.
    4. Favorite old movie: The African Queen
    5. Survived (obviously) a rather serious parachute malfunction.

  28. 1. When I was a kid, I thought I was a Ninja Turtle.
    2. I’ve never had a boyfriend.
    3. Sometimes I get an urge to just punch someone.
    4. I once shoplifted from a dollar store.
    5. I own five vibrators. :undies:

  29. I can’t imagine what drug on the planet would be strong enough to make you do this to yourself.

    If there is…it needs to be destroyed.

  30. Mayborn

    well gromit since you tagged us all I guess i will just have to respond.
    so here are 5 things you didnt know about me. Tough there is alot more.

    1. I am 24 years old
    2. I live in Norway atm
    3. I am of european decent ( aka white)
    4. I have dark brown hair ( was blond at birth and haas been getting darker ever since )
    5. I have lost 30 Kg since the summer.

    aha wasnt so funny was it! cuss there is so much I tag you adognamedgromit and dave and the whole rest of ya to name 5 things other people DONT want to know about you!

  31. Okay, give me a day to think of five things you don’t know about me. Tough, because like Nikki said, you already know all my secrets, Dave.

  32. Gladia

    Five things…..
    1) I am 37 years old
    2)My divorce will, FINALLY, be final some time this month.
    3)I love baking, and cooking.
    4)I love horses.
    5)I still sleep with my blanky……. well, no one’s perfect!!!

  33. Now Mayborn The things that are generically on your drivers license or travel documents shouldn’t count at all. 🙄 lets hear the interesting stuff

  34. StevieC

    Okay, here goes ….

    1. My name is Steve and I Am Canadian
    2. My nickname is ‘brat’
    3. I own a popular Canadian Hot Rod website and sell pedal cars on the side
    4. When I was 18, I dated a 30 year old woman one summer. When I was 30, I dated her 18 year old daughter one summer.
    5. Matrix Comics published a graphic novel in the 80’s called Dragon’s Star. I was the inspiration for one of the main characters.

  35. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #83024 will be quoted here]

    Junkman – 24 drinks at a Christmas party? I hope it was at your house. You need to take better care of your liver. Re: the blow job…ah, never mind

  36. Mayborn

    ok ok

    lets see here

    1. I think I would enjoy bondage and slave sex….. but I dont have the guts to ask for it.
    2. I do not drink anymore since after my operation….
    3. I think girls with green eyes are sexy,,,
    4. I was sexually abused at the age of 9 by a 12 year old girl…. I was her “test” boy…. why doesnt stuff like that happen to me now ?
    5. I do not know how to switch from friendly mode to flirt mode with women. And its severly hampering my love life 😳

    there … happy now?

    and about drinks… lets leave that for another day.

  37. Megan
    I don’t want to get all philosophical on you here, but it is my nature.
    There is a match for every single person in the world, and It doesn’t matter who.
    You simply have to find the right person.
    :java: :java: 😕

  38. Myra

    I am 49, live in South Carolina, I have been married twice and plan to never do it again, just live the wild life until I fall over of old age. :java:

  39. Fascinating hairdo. Maybe I should try something like that on my ass hair.

  40. nancy

    im sorry for this guys, but what good is the internet, if you cant hide behind it??— mayborn:YOURE ON!!
    1) i was caught climidea first time i ever had sex
    2) i traveled to every major city, nat. park, and walked all of i-10(except for 3 short cop rides) in less than 5 years all while under serious paranoid-schizophrenic dillusions….. (im a vampire 🙂
    3)i gained 97 lbs last year-prolly diabetic- and have some stretch marks almost 9 inches long (almost from :boob: :boob: to :undies: line) sexy :wang: sexy
    4)i have been in 4 fights involving the police(with one or more officers)
    5)when im crazy, i look high

    yeppers! welcome to my world….. okay, beat that! who’s next????

  41. nancy

    also , those things look handy…. what he puts the raincoat on…. 🙂

  42. Flash Gordon

    That dude’s daddy should have used one of those black condoms. :limp:

    5 things:
    1. I was born in l939 but have never grown up. And don’t intend to.
    2. I picked cotton in my beknighted youth.
    3. a little more practice and I will be able to fellate myself.
    4. I have played stump poker.
    5. I once gave the one-finger salute to Pres. Eisenhower at the Augusta
    National golf course during one of his jaunts there.

    I could go on but its time for my mint julep and scones. 🙄 👿 😈 :wtf:

  43. Joe-the-ragman

    so this guy walks into a bar and orders six gin’s neat. the bartender delivers and watches the man down them one right after the other quickly. the courious bartender ask the man “what’s the occasion?” – the man answers “i just had my first blowjob” the bartener says wow, that’s great let me buy you another one. the man says no thanks i think the taste is gone now. :mrgreen:

  44. Roll call was called and there is no Minnie, Nikki, Britney, The Lung Brothers Tara and Send in more clowns. I am sure there are 100 more.

    Attendance is mandatory. Gromit taps fingers on desk. If you don’t post you risk getting an F in this section of the “Class Of Life”. Note that these people all have an +A.

  45. mikeB

    3. a little more practice and I will be able to fellate myself.


  46. furfree1

    [Comment ID #83144 will be quoted here]

    No wonder you got chlamydia… I mean, climidea… 🙄

  47. Wunnybabbitt

    5 things you don’t know about me 1.I went to 42 different schools before graduation. 2. Graduated 5 months pregnant 3. lived with a man for 15 years who beat me up everyday 4. MArried twice divorced twice 5. hate all the new kids cartoons!!!!!!!! Including Spongebob and Fsairly Oddparents!!!!!!!

  48. [Comment ID #83185 will be quoted here]

    Okay, here goes:

    1. I have a fear of butterflies. Apparently, that’s called Mottephobia or Lepidophobia.
    2. As a toddler, I was ambidextrous. But somewhere down the line my mom persuaded me to use my right-hand more and more. And now I am as right-handed as they come.
    3. I am eerily intuitive.
    4. My chocoholic tendencies know no bounds: Once I banged on the closed doors of a chocolatier in NYC at 2 AM, fell on my knees and begged them to open so I could buy myself some “choc-fix.” The dishwashers who were working at the time found this endlessly amusing.
    5. I have traveled to 15 countries so far.

  49. 1. My arms are longer than anyone else I know.
    2. Traveled to only 9 countries outside of the US.
    3. Hate ants over any other insect.
    4. Have a terrible, terrible weakness for chocolate covered caramels.
    5. I can detect when someone is singing even the tiniest bit off-key.

  50. Five things most people don’t know about me:
    1. I have a morbid fear of walking across busy streets.
    2. Spiders don’t bother me until they seem the tiniest bit restless and may want to crawl on me.
    3. Clowns completely and totally weird me out.
    4. I’m an empath.
    5. I stopped telling ghost stories because people think I’m nuts.

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