My next hairstyle

Whitey Fro

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  1. Zinta

    I’m first again.

    Yee haw… that der is a prime specimen of hormones gone wrong.

    Ya see that is either a woman that got the worst case of estrogen loss I ever seen… or a man in the middle of a sex change and they got his shots mixed up.

  2. Nunu

    Isn’t that Aretha Franklin’s albino twin?

  3. What a wonderful hair style!!! I want such too! I became crazy about it from the time of my last visit to Cyprus!!! There were lots of them in Cyprus hotels!!! 🙄

  4. What a wonderful hair style!!! I want such too! Last year lots of people were crazy about it!!! I saw much in Cyprus hotels!!! 🙄

  5. This guy looks…
    (a)…East German.
    (b).. about to break into a rousing drunken chorus of ‘The Final Countdown’.
    (c).. the same as he did 20 years ago. (or so he thinks)

  6. Spud

    His bro has a mullet, his pa a crew cut and this guy has bounce.

    You know, I’m getting this picture of Dave skulling around places like Starbucks and whipping out the camera for these shots without anyone noticing.

    I conclude that Dave must wear –

    A trench coat
    Dark glasses
    A fedora, set at rakish angle of coure.
    Carry a briefcase.


  7. Anna

    Spud, you’re forgetting the fake moustache and (sometimes) beard.

  8. Anna

    I always wonder if these people don’t have anyone tell them that they look kinda weird …. or that lots of people told them and they just don’t care that they look weird.

  9. Jinx

    I see Weird Al Yankovich has finally hit middle age.

    I love the cats that look like Hitler site. At least none of them have swastikas in their fur.

  10. Da Popster

    :puke: …….. makes one wonder if he / she /it has ever take the time to look into a mirror ?

  11. Da Popster

    P.S. Gotta be a guy, lookit the ‘stach ……… :wtf:

  12. [Comment ID #76158 will be quoted here]

    None of the above. Since I am still in my first year as a Lukumi priest, I have to dress in all white, head to toe, every day. Kinda sucks. Man, do I stand out. No sunglasses, no trenchcoat, no briefcase.

    If I happen to see a freak, which is pretty much every day, the Treo 650 cameraphone saves the day. 😈

  13. bhamm

    “The hair keeps my head warm whenever I go to those mid-winter Michigan football games in 20 degree weather. I grew it out this way on purpose.
    The moustache just makes me look cool.”

  14. Ms Puppet Launcher

    “Bring me …. a shrubbery.” :geek:

  15. That hair style can only be pulled off by a middle age man wearing a pro sports jersey.

  16. Irene


  17. Avalon

    Barbara Striesand goes casual in male drag

  18. junkman

    don’t tell me…….decaf caramel machiatto grande and bourbon with whole wheat cranberry hash muffin. he’s probably checking out the “diva’s of the world: soft jazz” CD while he waits and wondering how it would look in his collection next to deep purple.

    i felt my hat today. it felt good.

  19. *Sigh* . Jerry pondered as he waited in line for another cup of coffee. His career as movie stunt-double wasn’t really going anywhere anymore. Since his big scene — in Mel Brooks’ ‘Spaceballs’ movie, playing Vespa the Druish Princess diving through the closing freight elevator door — he got bit parts here and there. Outside of a couple of amateur skin flicks (he didn’t get to touch anyone!), and that one Jim Carrey movie (why did they cut that scene from ‘Bruce Almighty’, where he fell off Niagara Falls?), his blonde-in-drag stints just were not paying off.

    Besides, getting dressed up in drag wasn’t as much fun anymore.

    Jerry wondered, was there any way he could face a ‘surfer look’ revival, maybe claim to be a ‘lost’ Beach Boy? Hmm.. Anyway, the coffee smells good today.

  20. jerry

    to avoid the paparazzi in search of a pic of her after baby weight, britney spears decides to don a fake mustache.

    dave, i think you need to invest in a better camera- or camerphone.
    im just saying.

  21. [Comment ID #76200 will be quoted here]

    You want to buy me a phone that costs more than my Treo, be my guest. 😈

  22. I’d better start carrying my camera with me so I too can take pictures of the freaks I see.

    Dave, you’re not getting a mullet then?

  23. Janice


  24. Bigwavdave

    Hold on a second – Isn’t that David Crosby? Celebrity sightings are so exciting!

  25. Mitch

    Lou Graham from Foreigner called, He wants his hair back.

    …..and a Skinny lite Frappo-Chino-Venti-Grande-Mocha-Espresso-Redeye in a double cup with room for cream….. :wang:

  26. um … insert gluing pubic hair to head one-line pun

    as you can see, this is not his normal outside clothers; ordinarily you can find men like this wearing either a pantera hoodie, a sweat-stained metallica concert tee, or an old skynyrd wifebeater tee. he is obviously on his way to a date, and is dressed to impress.

    and dave, congrats on having the stones to sit around in white all day trying to conspicuously take photos of OTHER people who stand out. i mean, i’m just sayn. 😆

  27. Mitch

    Yeah, Dave. Can’t we get a shot of your Monochromatic Haberdashery?

  28. Flash Gordon

    I just know that’s Howard Stern trying to blend. 🙄 :wang: :thong: :undies: :wtf:

  29. MuzikGoddess

    Well I always wondered what happen to the lead singer of the band Boston. 😳

  30. Spud

    None of the above. Since I am still in my first year as a Lukumi priest, I have to dress in all white, head to toe, every day. Kinda sucks. Man, do I stand out. No sunglasses, no trenchcoat, no briefcase.’

    Yeah, I forgot about the Lukumi priest thing, like a bloke dressed head to toe in white isn’t going to attract attention or anything.

    Bonus points for being able to get the shots Daveidge…


  31. Drusky

    [Comment ID #76239 will be quoted here]

    Spud, this was taken at a Starbucks… As long as you don’t hold up the line, you could walk in buck naked and no one would care…

    *note to self: If I walk into a Starbucks and see some guy dressed in a all white ‘Fantacy Island’ outfit, put on fake glasses with attached nose and ‘stash…*


  32. Drusky

    Mein….. Kauph up a furball? 🙄

  33. mesmereyes

    wow some white trash girl-lioness hybrid is out there thinking: RRRRRARRRR SEXY LION!!! GRRRRRR but in my eyes

  34. mesmereyes


  35. Spud

    That would be an all white cougar I believe…

    Drusky, yes, we have Starbucks in the Great Southern land as well, as long as you don’t hold up the line (people waiting for coffee aren’t noted for their paitence) nobody cares what you look like.


  36. [Comment ID #76233 will be quoted here]

    Unfortunately no. I can’t be photographed till the year is up or I turn into a pumpkin.

  37. cbatdux

    Dave – bad news. Mandy has taken most of your candid Starbucks shots and posted them up at most Detroit metro Starbucks along with your name and the address of your Lukumi temple…

  38. ganicutie

    Too bad that is what my natural hair looks like. Thanks Dave for sharing my pain with the class.

  39. They’ve crossed Gallagher with Carrot Top!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! :wtf:

  40. Crikey! What we have here is a relative of the Skunk Bear that I like to call “The White Trash Fatty Who Thinks He Knows Everything There is to Know About The Game of Football.” They’re most often spotted in their natural habitat, the trailer park, so it’s very rare to see one in a coffee shop. What a great find!

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