Maggie Gallagher Meets St. Peter

Via misterarthur


  1. Not in our name.

    Look, as an Irishman I feel although I owe a huge apology to the US. We’re really, really, really sorry about all the Gallaghers, the Hannitys, the O’ Reillys, the Coulters and that new Tea Party bint O’ Donnell. It’s so damn embarrassing. If you could see your way to forgiving us for all the ranting, loony right-wing, hypocritical bigots, we’d promise not to send any more over.


  2. Why is it that when I finally get a chance to come back to Zillaland, I’m treated to a video that makes feel… strange? I watched it… I get it… It’s not the subject… it’s the fact that now I feel like I’m drunk, and I’ve only had 7UP today… is it just me? I feel a strange LEGO meets Monopoly hybrid with weird 70s robot speak… I think I need to stop my drinking…

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