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  • Meagan

    Gumby with a hard-on just doesn’t seem possible. :wtf: :wang:

  • junkman

    gumby with poky!

  • patrick

    I’m Gumby dammit!
    Okay, is he imitating Eddie Murphy imitating Gumby?

  • Nicolette

    Gumby with a stiffy? I never saw that episode! 😳

  • Spud

    Hey, it’s a bloke with a handle.
    When he gets drunk enough, 5 of his mates can fling him against various walls, pavements, doors, and throw him down stairwells.
    Excellent choice of a costume.

  • Master Solace

    With all of that flexibility, I’ve always wondered if there wasn’t at least some part of Gumby that was stiff as a board…….not really, but unfortunately I know it now………….

    And Meagan, I’ve missed being in thy dungeon as well……we need to schedule an appointment for you to whip me…..literally…….and I promise, I’ll like it 😈

  • Drusky

    Ahhh, it’s just clay. As soon as it warms up, it’ll go soft and bend… 😈

  • junkman

    i need me a couple o’ calcium twins like ole white gold. :boobs: :boobs:

  • tom

    gummy worm ? :wang: :limp:

  • AnnieB

    Marge Simpson and Gumby love child?

  • AnnieB

    [Comment ID #278297 will appear here]

    LOL!!! :wang:

  • Anthrax

    I don’t know about white tigers, but I think Gumby’s going to try to tame a certain orange horse… perhaps he’ll play that keyboard by the door… though with what I don’t want to know.

    I have to say, this picture has definitely scarred me for life.

  • Jay Laverdure

    Dave: Is that you?!

  • scamper95

    You really need to stop those latenight trips to starbucks Dave, thats when the weirdos come out.

  • Chris S.


    Either that or Marcel Marceau humped the hell out of that chair in the background and this is their offspring.

  • regretfulmorning

    Lexington Steel has just been replaced!

  • kkkkathryn

    [Comment ID #278267 will appear here]

    HAHA- the definitive comment, Junkman!


  • Flash Gordon

    AnnieB’s little cousin Goober showing off his downright respectable tallywhanger,

    which he apparently took from a Clydesdale. :kiss: 😕 :wtf: 🙄

  • hoatzin

    There’s something unusual about the shape of that guy’s head.

    And shouldn’t his arms be green too? 🙄

  • junkman

    knowing how men tend to exagerate i’m sure he calls it the green mile and his name is tom yanks.

  • blaster gas

    I thought he was a giant piece of broccoli with a hard on when I first saw it! 😀

  • Lake Effect

    The new Great Green Hope…”And now, leading off for the struggling Detroit Tigers, just off the plane from The Valley ho ho ho, batting right – no… batting left – no… batting middle and leaving both hands free to flip off the fans and the pitcher, Peter Willie Green!”

    (God, this picture is sooo wrong.)

  • Drusky

    They say “Once you’ve gone clay, you’ll never stray…” :wang:

  • StevieC

    Clay Achin

  • Cobe

    Did you swallow a baseball bat or are you just happy to see me.

  • Bjorn Freeh

    Sadly, this guy’s buddies think he’s the life of the party…

  • J

    Jolly green giant – the cock-a-doodle-doo that is….Ha hilarious picture

  • Jack

    Poky, oh Poky, I’ve got something to talk to you about!!

  • Meagan

    [Comment ID #278303 will appear here]

    I’ve missed playing thy dungeon master with you. And I KNOW I’ll enjoy it too! 😈

  • Trukindog

    Well at least he doesnt have to bruse his knuckles knocking on doors.

  • Master Solace

    [Comment ID #279428 will appear here]

    I’ll gladly open up my schedule for that, if you’d open something else up for me…… 😈

  • Meshie

    Going to my happy place 🙄

  • Splendiful

    Looks like Gumby got dicked out for the occasion… :mrgreen:

  • Teresa

    :wtf:i was giving him the benefit of the doubt…. I thought he put the costume pants on backwards! It’s a tail , guys.

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