I have no words…

I have no words

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  1. Gumby with a hard-on just doesn’t seem possible. :wtf: :wang:

  2. junkman

    gumby with poky!

  3. patrick

    I’m Gumby dammit!
    Okay, is he imitating Eddie Murphy imitating Gumby?

  4. Spud

    Hey, it’s a bloke with a handle.
    When he gets drunk enough, 5 of his mates can fling him against various walls, pavements, doors, and throw him down stairwells.
    Excellent choice of a costume.

  5. With all of that flexibility, I’ve always wondered if there wasn’t at least some part of Gumby that was stiff as a board…….not really, but unfortunately I know it now………….

    And Meagan, I’ve missed being in thy dungeon as well……we need to schedule an appointment for you to whip me…..literally…….and I promise, I’ll like it 😈

  6. Drusky

    Ahhh, it’s just clay. As soon as it warms up, it’ll go soft and bend… 😈

  7. junkman

    i need me a couple o’ calcium twins like ole white gold. :boobs: :boobs:

  8. tom

    gummy worm ? :wang: :limp:

  9. [Comment ID #278297 will appear here]

    LOL!!! :wang:

  10. Anthrax

    I don’t know about white tigers, but I think Gumby’s going to try to tame a certain orange horse… perhaps he’ll play that keyboard by the door… though with what I don’t want to know.

    I have to say, this picture has definitely scarred me for life.

  11. Jay Laverdure

    Dave: Is that you?!

  12. scamper95

    You really need to stop those latenight trips to starbucks Dave, thats when the weirdos come out.

  13. Chris S.


    Either that or Marcel Marceau humped the hell out of that chair in the background and this is their offspring.

  14. kkkkathryn

    [Comment ID #278267 will appear here]

    HAHA- the definitive comment, Junkman!


  15. Flash Gordon

    AnnieB’s little cousin Goober showing off his downright respectable tallywhanger,

    which he apparently took from a Clydesdale. :kiss: 😕 :wtf: 🙄

  16. There’s something unusual about the shape of that guy’s head.

    And shouldn’t his arms be green too? 🙄

  17. junkman

    knowing how men tend to exagerate i’m sure he calls it the green mile and his name is tom yanks.

  18. blaster gas

    I thought he was a giant piece of broccoli with a hard on when I first saw it! 😀

  19. Lake Effect

    The new Great Green Hope…”And now, leading off for the struggling Detroit Tigers, just off the plane from The Valley ho ho ho, batting right – no… batting left – no… batting middle and leaving both hands free to flip off the fans and the pitcher, Peter Willie Green!”

    (God, this picture is sooo wrong.)

  20. Drusky

    They say “Once you’ve gone clay, you’ll never stray…” :wang:

  21. Cobe

    Did you swallow a baseball bat or are you just happy to see me.

  22. Sadly, this guy’s buddies think he’s the life of the party…

  23. J

    Jolly green giant – the cock-a-doodle-doo that is….Ha hilarious picture

  24. Jack

    Poky, oh Poky, I’ve got something to talk to you about!!

  25. [Comment ID #278303 will appear here]

    I’ve missed playing thy dungeon master with you. And I KNOW I’ll enjoy it too! 😈

  26. Well at least he doesnt have to bruse his knuckles knocking on doors.

  27. [Comment ID #279428 will appear here]

    I’ll gladly open up my schedule for that, if you’d open something else up for me…… 😈

  28. Meshie

    Going to my happy place 🙄

  29. Splendiful

    Looks like Gumby got dicked out for the occasion… :mrgreen:

  30. Teresa

    :wtf:i was giving him the benefit of the doubt…. I thought he put the costume pants on backwards! It’s a tail , guys.

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