39 thoughts on “Captiontime #229, Special Batman Edition

  1. “Oh that was a goooood time, I sure do remember ripping it off you with my teeth.” :wang:

  2. “You know Robin, I’m surprised Spud hasn’t asked for that back.”

    “You know Robin, I’m surprised _______________________ (insert any Zilla-babe here) hasn’t asked for that back.

    “You know Robin. I took a hell of a beating from Mandy getting that. And it was WORTH IT! :wang:

  3. 1) That’s right, Robin. On the other end you can see skin from the time Annie finally had enough and beat Flash’s butt with it!

    2) I sure do, Robin. That was the time we played ‘Boy Wonder and the Bat Cave’s Rear Entrance’…

    3) Wow! That sure brings back memories! Didn’t I have to bite down on that while Alfred pulled that bowling trophy out of my ass?

    4) Yes, Robin. I got that after late night hand-to-hand combat with Strapon Man…

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    Damn! I think I damaged some internal organs after that!

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ :wtf: :dead:

  5. That is what I get for following Catwoman into that Cathouse.


    The joke is on you Robin, that G-string has been treated with Bat-Gas

    even yet

    Holy crossdresser is right Robin! Now get on the Batpole!

  6. “And I still have a nice scar on my ass from the wearer of that thong, not to mention the continuous ringing in my left ear from the screaming!”

  7. I’m surprised it’s in such good shape! Who knew that whipped cream was a leather preservative?

    But why does it smell so – oh, riiiiight…

  8. gee batman, This thong barely covered the o ring but I’m sure if i turtle my poop it could look quite attractive from the front and back. Oh look Robin, looks like the last guy left his chocolate kisses already…… :limp:

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    That’s funny!

    “Let me see if I still have that Viagra in my utility-belt.”

  10. Good news, AnnieB. I went to the stinkin’ Batcave, whupped Batman’s ass, and
    retrieved your thong! When do you want it back? :thong: :wang: :kiss: :boobs: :java:

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    EFFING hilarious!

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    Was thinkin’ the same thing! GMTA!

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    My Hero!! ASAP, of course. But then again, are you sure you don’t want to keep it for your collection? :kiss: :thong: :wang:

  13. “OOOOOOH my stomach and head hurt! am getting too old for these F@%ing cave orgies!
    do you have to shout so much you little **
    **! Who else have you told about those….?” πŸ˜•

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    Of course I do! You are too kind. I will give it the place of honor in my
    “Closet o’ Mementos”. :kiss: :wang: :kiss: :java:

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    Wow…I didn’t see that one in the AAA Guidebook! Is it available for tours?? Seems like it would be worthwhile, at any price!

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    Same place?!? 😈 πŸ˜›

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    No, I shamelessly got the idea from the “Opus” comic strip.
    πŸ˜• ❗ :wtf:

  18. Truth be told, we have the REAL Ambiguously Gay Duo…….

    “Memo to self, now I know why he’s called the Boy Wonder”

    “Holy Bat-flaps, I thought I hid those well….”

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    I take it that you’ve tasted some leather before…..I’d be more than happy to help you do it again…..

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