How to bend the rim of a new baseball cap

How to bend the rim of a new baseball cap

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Show 54 Comments


  1. Mandy

    Oh that is brilliant, Dave! :kiss:

  2. sledge

    do we have to give Dave a rim shot?

  3. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #187369 will be quoted here]

    Oh, I’m with Mandy on this one. :wtf:

    Mr. Wizard is gone? How sad. I’m sure most Zilla Folk are way too young to remember his first B/W TV show. I was a faithful follower. He did his experiments / demonstrations with two kids (a boy and a girl) for assistants. He nurtured my interest in all things scientific.

    As far as the “Bob Ross” video goes… :puke: :puke: :puke: Couldn’t sit through it.

  4. There is also the more extreme version of The Foothill which is known as the “Gaussian” or “Cyclops” Baseball Cap.

    Not to mention the more extreme version of The Pup Tent which is commonly called “The Harelip Masemall Cap.”

  5. patrick

    Incorrect-between the ass cheeks of a fat chick!

  6. junkman

    i think my tiny jesus & bob ross may be the same guy. one spits out random useless information the other spits out random useless paintings.

  7. Spud

    Brilliantly drawn and executed Dave, but what aboot the pyramid or the swan/ibis, both requiring triple or even quadruple folds…

  8. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #187375 will be quoted here]

    I know this is a guy thing but wouldn’t that be more of a metaphor for basketball or are you just being an asshole? lol

  9. Remember, it’s not just about the bend of the rim but also HOW said baseball cap is worn.

    Unless you’re an umpire or rapper, never wear it backwards. And if I see anyone wearing it to the side, I’m sending them back to the 90’s!

  10. junkman

    [Comment ID #187391 will be quoted here]as you well know meagan, many canadian dudes wear their hats backwards. the sandtrap would be ideal for mullets and ponytails. let’s send these folks back to 70’s & 80’s as well.

  11. thewhiteknight

    [Comment ID #187391 will be quoted here]

    i see so many people wearing it the right way it just doesnt make sense to wear it right anymore…. i mean come on…. every….single….person here wears a hat…. and were “not allowed” to wear them the way we want to…. its unoriginal (which makes sense only in select cases i.e you unknowingly signed up to work for an organization that is against originality.) so i’m all for displaying what you want (you dont know how much you love freedom until its taken away) so i say wear your hat the way you want to… just make sure to remember…ppl like me…. might punch you in the face randomly:)….which is also our right…so long as we dont get caught of course….. 😛

  12. harley

    First of all… I agree with meagan anyone wearing their hat to the side should immediatly be bitch slapped!!!!! Bob Ross used to fasinate me when I was a VERY small child…now he is just creepy,or maybe I thought he was creepy when I was a baby too but I just could not turn away. Kind of like a bad car wreck. Now thank God I can turn away. :wtf:

  13. Bjorn Freeh

    Somehow, Dave, I thought you’d be a little more fun when you went on a bender…

  14. The one I see mostly is an exaggerated version of the foothill. It’s more like MountainPeak. Would that be incorrect because it’s a mountain not a hill or correct because it’s still a version of the foothill?

    This sounded very redundant as I was typing…

  15. Now do a post on how to properly wear a hat. Damn those idiots with hats turned sideways. 🙄

  16. chainstay

    I usuall wake up with a “pup tent.” Rather proud of it!

  17. chainstay

    Not my week; I ment usually

  18. crash

    UHHHHH…ok let me see you first put each hand on each side then OH SHIT!!! whats next?

  19. crash

    [Comment ID #187369 will be quoted here]

    OK I put both hands on each side and then OH !@@##$%%^^&$#@@#!!@#$^ Crap i forgot

  20. crash

    Ok put hands on each side of rim then oh dont tell me i can get this right i think……… :mrgreen:

  21. thewhiteknight

    [Comment ID #187412 will be quoted here]

    ive seen so much worse

  22. Mikeme

    A public service announcement from the MAD HATTER! Hats off to Dave. :wtf:

  23. Myra

    So sorry to hear about Mr. Wizard, his show was the only time I was ever interested in science. My kids had Bill Nuy the Science Guy but he just wasn’t the same.

  24. Drusky

    Then there is the ‘nobill’ style. It’s usually seen being worn by airplane engine mechanics or people who work on ceiling fans,all with REALLY poor depth perception… 😈
    [Comment ID #187409 will be quoted here]
    I love it when you talk about ‘peaks’… 😛

  25. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #187411 will be quoted here]

    I think the ‘Zilla girls would be more impressed with a Big Top than a pup tent…

  26. crash

    “The Accordian” What happens to your hat when left in the washing machine HEHEHE :wtf:
    Not that this has ever happened of course 😛

  27. Flash Gordon

    Somehow in my deprived life I have never been
    subjected to Bob Ross. Thank God for small favors.
    I think the Zilla girls should form their own team
    and wear their caps with pony tails hanging down,
    a wigglin’ walk and a gigglin’ talk, LOrd, makes
    the world go round. Stop me Tiny Jesus! :kiss: :wtf: 🙄

  28. [Comment ID #187454 will be quoted here]

    Is that tongue for me?!?! 😈

  29. StevieC

    [Comment ID #187473 will be quoted here]

    {{melt}} 😛

  30. Drusky

    [Comment ID #187473 will be quoted here]

    Yep! It comes in handy when ‘paying lip service…’
    :boob: 😛 :undies:

  31. kennyh2o

    LOL,I think that vid made me spot my shorts!!! remember when i was younger,,

  32. cbatdux

    I’d paint Mandy (if she’s let me)

  33. Okay, I’ll admit that some guys can pull off wearing their cap backwards, but I stand firmly on kicking the ass of anyone wearing it sideways!
    (You’ll have to excuse my pent-up frustration but I don’t have a punching bag and recently lost my whip.)

  34. Meagan-You can borrow…you can have one of mine. 🙂

    [Comment ID #187494 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #187501 will be quoted here]

    Double tongue action! Alright!! I need me some servicing. Meanwhile, I’ll take care of those Big Tops…

  35. thewhiteknight

    meagan – i understand….it happens…..and the lose of a whip… must be upset…..i know my wife would be 😈

  36. thewhiteknight

    Bucket of Dynamite
    2007 Personal Account
    An unnamed patient at the local clinic told my neighbor that he had serious internal injuries, including a ruptured eyeball, total hearing loss in one ear, and both legs amputated mid-thigh, as the result of a fishing accident. Also the man damaged both gonads, qualifying him for the Darwin Award.
    He had been standing at the end of a dock with a bucket of dynamite, 2-inch chunks each fused and capped. He lit the fuse, cocked his arm for the throw, and dropped that chunk of dynamite into the bucket of dynamite.

    Instantly recognizing the serious situation he was in, the man dove off the dock. But water is incompressible. It transferred the force of the explosion, in line with the blast, against his body.

    One doctor was heard to remark that it was good that this patient had lost his balls, as it removed him from the gene pool.

    i agree with my buddy that sent this to me…thats the true darwen award

  37. thewhiteknight

    Darwin* now im the one with typo’s

  38. Chronicles of Davezilla
    The Zilla Girlz. -Rated R-
    (enjoy 😈 )

    Everyone knew of their existence and feared them to the core of their bodies for evidence of The Zilla Girlz awesome capabilities appeared often as “Newsflash-Zilla Girlz Stike Again” interrupting the evenings soaps. Nobody had ever witnessed them in action. No evil 👿 was ever confronted by them and lived to tell about it…at least nobody will admit to it from fear of repercussion. “Modern times Superwomen with a hint of rebellion”, the terms used to describe them. A few known tid-bits about these Zilla Girlz is that their activity fluctuates with the stages of the moon, thus, they are most active at nightfall, they love to travel, and they love sex 😛 ! Men have been found wandering the streets in a daze, clothes in disarray, breathlessly murmuring “Zilla…Zilla Girlz” but still, after some recovery time, refuse to recount that evenings events responding to inquiries with a reminiscent gaze and ear-to-ear grin 😆 .
    It was late one evening when Dave found himself strolling through the quiet darkened streets of…London. He had been in London for about a week now and finally had a moment of relaxation after the weeks busy conference. Enjoying the afternoon breeze and sunset that pushed through the overcast sky, Dave complacently walked kicking stones that came across his path here and there. The silence of the night that suddenly filled his ears was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a skipping stone against asphalt in a corridor. Directing his gaze towards the alley he was taken aback by the sight he witnessed. With the full moon at her back and breeze in her hair, he could see the sensuous silhouette of a woman standing smack dab in the center of the alley, legs shoulder width apart, one hand on her hip the other on her thigh. It was a mesmerizing view. He stopped short. She just stood there.
    :geek: “Hello.”… “Ma’am, is everything ok?”…silence.
    Dave slowly begins to walk towards this gorgeous figure, his body pumping with adrenaline now. Hearing his own heart beat begin to race he prepares to save this woman’s life and chuckles at himself under his breath for doing so 🙄 .
    :geek: “Hello?”…
    :kiss: “…Hello Dave,” she says in a soft sultry voice.
    :geek: -Aah! :wtf: Sexy stalker!! Run, RUN!!! Fuck! Why am I not running?! ❓ Dave’s thoughts whirlwind in the confines of his head.
    She continues, not giving him a chance to react to his fight/flight dilemma.
    :kiss: “We’ve been watching you,”
    :geek: -We!? Who the fuck is WE? C’mon Dave, Speak up, dammit! Move! Do something!… 😈 just look at her…
    :kiss: “Don’t worry Dave, we’re not gonna hurt you…much.” She shifts her position.
    :geek: -We? Beautiful psycho bitch! You and I are the only ones here! … 😈 ahh, stiletto pumps…
    She proceeds to walk toward him, taking each step slowly but assertively.
    :kiss: “Dave, breath honey, I need you alive baby…” She says as she gets closer. Her features come into the light, her eyes resplendent with their own fire look straight into his and Dave melts in his shoes.
    :geek: – :teisted: Gosh, she’s beautiful…Run bitch, Run!
    :kiss: “…Look at me Dave. Take a good look Dave.” She lingers on his name pouting her lips every time she speaks it and seductively runs her hands from her breasts to her thighs guiding his view.
    :geek: -…aahh, luscious red lips, voluptuous :boob: :undies: :boob: , sexy maiden, long strong legs. Looks like she’s wearing nothing else besides that form-fitting coat that barely reaches her thighs, mmm :wang: …
    :kiss: “You want me Dave, you know it,” she grins as she lowers her view “You desire me Dave, Listen to yourself… Listen to your body. Let the sensation come and take over you…Dave 😈 ”
    Dave listens to her voice catching the slight smirk every time she says his name and seems to be hypnotized by her movements and she walks around him only gently grazing him randomly sending waves of energy throughout his entire body. She stands directly in front of him facing the same direction, this time pressing her body up against his feeling intense heat even through his clothes :wang: :wang: . She lowers her body partially then lifts only from the waist pushing her butt harder into his lap :wang: :wang: :undies: :wang: :wang: . In full ecstacy, a moan escapes Dave’s throat. He shoots a look into the sky as if pleading for mercy. She takes him :wang: in her hand and strokes firmly with her own desire blazing through. Looking back into the alley he is surprised by something he hadn’t noticed in his hypnotic state ❗ . He is now surrounded by all sorts of beautiful women. His mystery woman now takes his hand and guides him to the brick wall at the far end of the alley as the rest of the women follow. Dave is compliant and follows obediently and speechless. She presses on a single brick and a piece of the wall begins to shift. Dave gets an inkling of concern 😕 but it immediately subsides when she looks back at him with those charming eyes. :wang:
    :kiss: “By the way, My name is Darla…we’re the Zilla Girlz. 😈 ” :kiss:

  39. Zilla Girlz calling card-“Victim” is dismissed/rewarded with a leather whip. Rumor has it, said whip is the one used at the individual *ahem* incidents.

    Meagan, I think I know what happened to your whip… 😳

  40. StevieC

    [Comment ID #187670 will be quoted here]

    Hmmm, maybe the topic should be how to bend Astryd while she’s wearing nothing but a new ball cap. 😈

  41. Drusky

    [Comment ID #187744 will be quoted here]

    That’s the neat thing… There isn’t an incorrect way to bend in this case… 😈

  42. StevieC

    [Comment ID #187763 will be quoted here]

    Probably not, but we’d have to ask first before we went ahead with ‘The Pretzel’, don’t you think?

  43. Silly boys, tricks are for pro’s. 😆
    If it doesn’t kill me…fuck it, I’m game! 😈

  44. junkman

    [Comment ID #187763 will be quoted here]or position! i think front, back or sideways works here. if i’m not mistaken sideways has been alluded to before hasn’t it astryd? is sideways alright in this context meagan?

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

  45. Flash Gordon

    We call that “sawing against the grain.” :wang: :wang: :wang: :undies: :thong: :kiss:

  46. thewhiteknight

    true….position can be just as useful as the toys that are used…but position is useless unless you have the right tools for the job… if you dont thats when you need to go to the store to pick up some extra strength viagra……and for some that doesnt even work….not that im talking about myself of course….im only 20…..i wont have that problem for many years to come…..(i hope)

  47. “Well, Fuck Me Sideways!” Aw, you remembered! I’m touched… 😈

  48. Brian

    [Comment ID #187790 will be quoted here]

    yes Astryd we will :wang: :wang: :thong: :thong: 😛 😛

  49. [Comment ID #187805 will be quoted here]

    It also depends what tools you speak about. EVERYONE is equipped with several so if one :wang: / :thong: doesn’t work you use the other 😛 . As long as it gets the job done.
    Also, Viagra won’t do shit for you if the job requires a heavy duty monkey wrench and all you have in your toolbelt is a Phillips Head Screwdriver size “0” or pocketsize Flathead (standard) SD.

    -What do you think about that? A girl who knows her tools… :wtf: 😛 😀

  50. Brian

    sry wrong comment btw Astryd great story

  51. [Comment ID #187743 will be quoted here]

    I should probably start buying those in bulk so I don’t “lose” another one.

    [Comment ID #187791 will be quoted here]

    Sideways, frontways, backways… any way is good with me!


  52. Brian

    [Comment ID #187819 will be quoted here]

    As my good friend used to say: it’s not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean, but it’s really hard to get to England in a rowboat.

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