God says, “Cross!”

God says Cross!

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  1. Spud

    Why does God’s thumb look like a drumstick?

    The snow globes were very good, weird, but very good.


  2. Zinta

    I’m crushing your head… I’m crushing your head.

  3. Russ

    Thanks for the Dinosaur comic. I almost fell out of my chair.

  4. Randy

    God says “Cross!” and let there be severe corrosion in the heavens and in the earth.

  5. Da Popster

    Dave iz back! A doubleheader, no less, very disturbing AND strange. Most excellent, my compliments. 😈

  6. Lee

    God as a nasty-looking wart on his finger that needs tending to!

  7. sledge

    Whoever drew that needs lessons in anatomy only 3 fingers? thumb looks off also

  8. Why is God’s thumb shaped like a turkey drumstick?

  9. [God] Flick – [person] “oww” – [God loud booming voice]
    ] “You missed it, now go.”

  10. Patrick

    Verily, I say unto thee: God pusheth the button for the downtrodden and the afflicted. Icon Man has no hands!

  11. mikeB

    So let’s get this straight:

    1) God is rendered realistically (somewhat)
    2) Man is rendered as a symbolic icon

    Shouldn’t it be the other way around? :dead:

  12. Bigwavdave

    Video Title: Jurassic Fart

    As far as the snow globes are concerned, they let you make up your own story. Now that’s weird and disturbing.

    Not much more disturbing though than a guy with no hands or feet trying to push a button and cross the street. Somebody get that guy a wheelchair.

  13. Mitch

    Truth Gleaned from this Comic (Dinosaurs).

    1) Tyrannosaurs Rex is an appreciative audience member.
    2) Raptor’s + Beans = Flying Raptors.
    3) Jurassic Park never should have happened. They just needed Canned Pig Flatu and the whole movie would have been moot.

    “Genetic Engineering….Feh. Pig Farts!”

  14. Bjorn Freeh

    You’ve got it all wrong… God just dropped the silhouette guy onto the electric Bongo Board and is about to press the start button.

  15. Patrick

    So that’s what happened to the dinosaurs! I never knew, but I’ve always heard pork was bad for you!
    Re: snowglobes- one reminded me of sick joke- Little girl say, “Gee it sure is dark in these woods. I’m scared”. Pervert says, “You think you’re scared? I’m going to have to walk back in the dark by myself”!

  16. God says ‘Cross!’….unless of course you’re Jewish, in which case he says ‘Star!’.

  17. Spud

    and all the pedestrians go ……..”do ta do do doo ta do doo…………”

    (apologies to Lou Reed)

  18. ducatisti

    [Comment ID #82533 will be quoted here]

    Laugh out loud funny stuff. Not good, however, when you’re on the phone with your mom, half listening and trying to be a sympathetic ear to her problems.

    For some reason, she still doesn’t feel explosive laughter is an appropriate response to her ‘the world is slowing sinking into hell’ speech. 😳

  19. “And God said, thou shalt cross the street with safety and not when thine lit hand is flashing. For if thou crosses when thine lit hand is flashing, thou shalt cross over to heaven and not to the other side of the street. Amen.”

  20. And yet I don’t go to church all that often anymore.

    I like the snowglobes. Morbid, creepy but kinda funny. I like the one where they’re all jumping off a cliff.

  21. Jessica

    God picking up a man to take him home! :dead:

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