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  • Lung the Younger

    Nope, but I have a 3-year old son now who gets blamed for every one of my anatomical outbursts. (suspiciously baritone though they may be)

    I reckon in 15 years time, some shrink is going to owe me bigtime.

  • devilsfan

    Hell no! That’s mines. One needs to be proud and await the praise that is due and will be dispensed promptly.

  • zagy

    Have you ever not blamed the dog?

  • Cobe

    Dogs…. Kids…. same thing. Doesn’t work on the wife though.

  • fruf

    Fido made me do it

  • junkman

    yes. and i feel bad about it because i was the one that ate my homework.

  • StevieC

    Are you saying that I should take ownership of my crotch sniffing ways?

  • rust

    I *said* I’d pull out, but the dog was humping my leg at the time, so I got distracted. Sorry 🙁

  • Meagan

    Yes and now he’s doing 25 to life in prison for murder in the first degree. 😯 👿

  • Mike

    i can’t blame my dog she always sais pull my finger first.

  • AnnieB

    Never, I always blamed God… 😛

  • chainstay

    All of these comments made me laugh so hard that I peed a bit! No, wait; it was that damnd dog sitting on my lap.

  • Scamper

    It was the cats fault

  • Bec

    The worst is when you try to blame the invisible dog, then you are busted! LOL 😳

  • DaPopster

    Doesn’t matter what kind of animal is in the house, I get blamed for everthing anyhow !

  • devilsfan

    Well you can’t blame the fish unless there are bubbles in the tank.

  • rust

    Well I for one, cannot blame the dog for LICKING HIMSELF, just because he can. I certainly won’t… lick him, that is.

  • junkman

    then like the honest red neck answer would be “fer wut?”

  • StevieC

    Yes I do but my wife hates it when I call her that.

  • Spud

    Why do you want to know?

  • michel v

    I once blamed the snails when I was a kid, for eating parts of my homework. Later on, I blamed the turtles for the same crime.
    …it was real, both times! 😡

  • tinamarie

    Only when my mother asked me who got me pregnant… :wtf:

  • Bigwavdave

    [quote comment=”629931″]Never, I always blamed God…

    Dog spelled backwards

  • Nicolette

    Well, with having celiac’s disease, it’s usually everyone who blames me. 😯

  • Nicolette

    BTW, Congratulations Dave & Liz!!!

  • Bec

    [quote comment=”630011″]BTW, Congratulations Dave & Liz!!![/quote]
    Details? BTW…Dave email me

  • Astryd


    Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s my dog. He humps everything. Are you ok though?

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