Friday Question #12


Have you ever blamed the dog?


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  1. Nope, but I have a 3-year old son now who gets blamed for every one of my anatomical outbursts. (suspiciously baritone though they may be)

    I reckon in 15 years time, some shrink is going to owe me bigtime.

  2. devilsfan

    Hell no! That’s mines. One needs to be proud and await the praise that is due and will be dispensed promptly.

  3. Cobe

    Dogs…. Kids…. same thing. Doesn’t work on the wife though.

  4. fruf

    Fido made me do it

  5. junkman

    yes. and i feel bad about it because i was the one that ate my homework.

  6. Are you saying that I should take ownership of my crotch sniffing ways?

  7. I *said* I’d pull out, but the dog was humping my leg at the time, so I got distracted. Sorry 🙁

  8. Yes and now he’s doing 25 to life in prison for murder in the first degree. 😯 👿

  9. Mike

    i can’t blame my dog she always sais pull my finger first.

  10. chainstay

    All of these comments made me laugh so hard that I peed a bit! No, wait; it was that damnd dog sitting on my lap.

  11. Scamper

    It was the cats fault

  12. Bec

    The worst is when you try to blame the invisible dog, then you are busted! LOL 😳

  13. DaPopster

    Doesn’t matter what kind of animal is in the house, I get blamed for everthing anyhow !

  14. devilsfan

    Well you can’t blame the fish unless there are bubbles in the tank.

  15. Well I for one, cannot blame the dog for LICKING HIMSELF, just because he can. I certainly won’t… lick him, that is.

  16. junkman

    then like the honest red neck answer would be “fer wut?”

  17. Yes I do but my wife hates it when I call her that.

  18. Spud

    Why do you want to know?

  19. I once blamed the snails when I was a kid, for eating parts of my homework. Later on, I blamed the turtles for the same crime.
    …it was real, both times! 😡

  20. tinamarie

    Only when my mother asked me who got me pregnant… :wtf:

  21. Bigwavdave

    [quote comment=”629931″]Never, I always blamed God…

    Dog spelled backwards

  22. Well, with having celiac’s disease, it’s usually everyone who blames me. 😯

  23. Bec

    [quote comment=”630011″]BTW, Congratulations Dave & Liz!!![/quote]
    Details? BTW…Dave email me


    Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s my dog. He humps everything. Are you ok though?

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