27 thoughts on “Friday Question #12

  1. Nope, but I have a 3-year old son now who gets blamed for every one of my anatomical outbursts. (suspiciously baritone though they may be)

    I reckon in 15 years time, some shrink is going to owe me bigtime.

  2. Hell no! That’s mines. One needs to be proud and await the praise that is due and will be dispensed promptly.

  3. All of these comments made me laugh so hard that I peed a bit! No, wait; it was that damnd dog sitting on my lap.

  4. Well I for one, cannot blame the dog for LICKING HIMSELF, just because he can. I certainly won’t… lick him, that is.

  5. I once blamed the snails when I was a kid, for eating parts of my homework. Later on, I blamed the turtles for the same crime.
    …it was real, both times! 😡

  6. [quote comment=”630011″]BTW, Congratulations Dave & Liz!!![/quote]
    Details? BTW…Dave email me

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