Friday Question #11

So if you’ve followed my Twiiter, Flickr or Facebook posts, you’ve by now heard that Lizz and I are the proud owners of a 30′ sailboat. So one thing that everyone keeps asking us is what we will name the boat?

On Tuesday night I had this conversation:
HIM: “You gonna name your boat something cool like Sea Fag?”
ME: [cough]
HIM: “Well I would.”

What Should We Name Our New Boat?


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  1. Sammy

    The Zilla!!
    Sounds cool!

  2. Drusky

    Well, since “Patience” is taken… Wait a minute! That boat wasn’t YOURS, was it? πŸ˜›

    Caddyshack comes to mind. How about “The Flying Wasp”? πŸ˜€

  3. Bear

    Sea Blog…perfect

  4. Pandora

    Badonkadonk πŸ˜•

  5. The Naughty Lust
    (make Jules Verne proud)


    My Other Boat’s a Schooner

    No Canadian Pharmacopeia Aboard, Honestly.

    Jihad Mothership

    My AIG Bonus

    Port Out, Starboard Home.

    The Brest Bay Innuendo

    To Sandusky and Beyond!

  6. The Fuck Yeah

    Caption Time

    Freak Alert

    Road Trip, Pt II

    Saturday’s Answer

    The Lizzilla


    SS Minnow

    My Dingh-A-Lingh

  7. Ugly Toy

    S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk Put Together

  8. [quote comment=”629337″]Well, since “Patience” is taken… Wait a minute! That boat wasn’t YOURS, was it? πŸ˜›
    Oh hells no! This is ours.

  9. Patrick

    Doing Fine
    Tax Deduction
    Word Whore
    ‘net Proceeds
    An Air of Serenity

  10. junkman

    -how ’bout “quest”. hee hee.
    -given all the zilla girls and their glorious gifts how about “the golden hind”
    -i can haz wavez
    -i still love “the sea piglet”.
    -in oakville there is a boat in the harbor called the wendy b. i would much prefer to glide through the surf on the annie b!
    -big wave dave would be the obvious choice

  11. freckleface

    I Can Haz Boat!

    Recession, My Ass


  12. fruf

    S.U.Y.T show us your tits
    Sail this
    Holy Crap

  13. The Naughty Avatar


    Surf the Net

    The “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” Boat

    The :wang: and :boob: :boob: ‘s

  14. junkman

    the livin’ bejeezuz
    the wet spotter
    passing the wind
    the ethel merman
    attack a tack
    starbuck freakship
    l. ron hubbard’s rubba a dub dubbard
    the love mussel
    the cindy bin
    stitchy mcyarntrunks
    poopship destroyer

  15. Bigwavdave

    Of course Big Wave Dave does have a certain je ne sais quios, but that being said, how about LIZZILLA?

  16. DaPopster


  17. Margaret

    Myot (my yacht)
    The Thrilla from the Zilla

  18. junkman

    lizzil is a palindrome….in the hizzil fo shizzil ma nizzil

  19. Tammy

    I knew someone who had a rabbit name Furfag

  20. AlexBallew


  21. Bigwavdave

    [quote comment=”629396″]”The Lizzilla” made me laugh.[/quote]
    I knew I read that somewhere!

  22. Lounge Puppy

    My pics:
    1. Boatzilla
    2. I can haz bote?
    3. Zilla Girl (’cause boats are alway fems, right?)
    –Unless Liz feels left out, then:
    4. Lizzilla

    these were popular back in my day; The Seven Year Itch; My Midlife Crisis; My Child’s College Fund.

  23. Dragonhose


  24. Mommielicious a.k.a. Niki

    Dave, my 5 year old daughter suggested “Marshmallowy”.

    I however am in favor of “Lizzilla” and “Boatzilla”.

    And Liz, I saw once a boat named “HER frickin BOAT” and well I think that was the BEST name ever for a boat.

    And I must not forget my 14 year olds suggestion of “Sex E Tyme”

    And my husband just threw into the mix the “SS LOL”

  25. Mommielicious a.k.a. Niki

    ooo how about “733t b0at” or the “SS ROFL Boat”

  26. The “I got nothin'”
    The “Pas d’elle heureux Γ§a nous”
    The “Thong”
    The “Natalie” — oops
    The “Vessel Unrelated to Toho, its Products or Services”
    The “FTW”
    The “My Other Boat Sunk”
    The “Drydock Killer”
    The “Great Lake Mussel”
    The “How About a Nice Steaming Cup of STFU”
    The “The Boat Formerly Known As PATIENCE”
    The “Jakob Nielsen”
    The “Escape From Royal Oak”
    The “Filthy Comment”

    ok, brain empty now. must have cracker and coffee.

  27. Mike

    blow me -(my sails have gone limp)
    love vessel
    tuna skoona
    wet and on top
    breakin wind

  28. Bigwavdave

    I suppose there will be no new posts this weekend…gone sailing!

  29. Inspiration has hit me again:

    The “Lake St Clair Eclair”
    The “I’m Not a Smuggler”
    The “Which Way to the Water (WWW)”
    The “Google Boat”
    The “include(‘paycheck’);”
    The “Meta Tag Tug”
    The “Zeldman Eat Your Heart Out”
    The “a href=index.html” *it’s an anchor, get it?
    The “Cascading Sail Sheets”
    The “Client Wanted It Bigger”

    Well, off to moderation hell with this one, I’m sure…

  30. OOOOH! One more,

    The “Edmund Fitzgerald”

  31. [quote comment=”629353″]
    My AIG Bonus
    winner!!!! :kiss:

  32. tinamarie

    My Effing Boat
    Wish You Were Me
    This Space For Rent
    What I Do In My Spare Time
    Chick Magnet

  33. Me

    [quote comment=”629426″]DAS BOOT[/quote]
    The Bed?

  34. Failboat 9000

    Gosh – I can’t seem to think of a suggestion! πŸ˜›
    But I do like the “I can has baot” concept. πŸ˜†

    Or you can go for the semi-conventional, like naming it Fluffy, Sinker, Reef Finder or Buoy.
    Or perhaps a good, old-fashioned S.S. WHEEEEE!
    Ariel’s Demise?
    HMS Pinafore? :thong: :kiss: (Somewhat appropriate, non? :P)

    Okay – peanut gallery’s shutting up now. πŸ˜€
    Have fun sailing!!

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