Duct tape fixes everything


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  1. This person makes weekend trips to Canadian Tire just to have enough Duct Tape to keep her car on the road.

  2. ganicutie

    You might be a red-neck if…

  3. Duct-tape can’t fix a broken heart.

  4. Tiki

    Beverly Hills or bust!

  5. Anna

    Since everybody uses the stuff sooo much, why hasn’t anyone thought of making it in different colors. Then she could have been color-coordinated and it would look so much better.

  6. I wonder if the seatbelt is duct tape. 🙄

  7. Spud

    A few things…

    1. rust is a perfect name for that vehicle
    2. dante has just broken up
    3. anna, they call the coloured stuff race tape
    4. how fast were they going when the pic was taken
    5. I like the double side idea to stick down the front of the boxes
    6. the driver seems as though she’s trying to look out the rear view mirror
    7. did they have a trailer?


  8. simoon

    Anna, they do have it available in different colors; it’s just not terribly easy to find.

    This classic brand (Duck) shows 15 different colors: http://www.octanecreative.com/ducttape/retail/

    And, if that’s not enough, Duck Tape brand even has a scholarship every year for seniors who create the best prom outfit. You can go to: http://www.ducktapeclub.com/contests/prom/ — to view winners and entries. It’s actually… kinda cool. The winners this year had an ensemble based on a Picasso painting.

    Don’t ask me why I know so much about duct tape. I’ll plead the fifth, anyway.

  9. Frisko5

    When I worked as a business manager for the local Taxi company, it was common knowledge that duct tape can fix most anything, comes in a variety of colors including “Corvette Yellow”
    and in fact does stick to kids. This post does not surprise me at all…..C’mon Zilla…

    love you madly….


  10. dante has just broken up

    No, I’m still single and have been for a while. I just thought it would be nice to say something profound on Davezilla, because that doesn’t seem to happen very often…

  11. J

    If its not moving and its ‘sposed to, use WD40.
    If its moving and its not ‘sposed to, use Duct Tape!

  12. Bob Boyn

    I know the girl driving that…..car…..SHE OWES ME MONEY!

  13. the funny thing is they used packing tape to strap their roof to the side of their car (look to the right of the driver across the rear driver’s side window) while they used the heavy duty stuff to tape their belongins on the car.

  14. Themrdoug

    Dented fender from running into light post while drunk $800
    Broken window from when keys were locked inside $325(please note use of CLEAR tape hey it’s a window, now THAT is class no duct tape there!)
    1 role of duct tape $2.35
    Having the entire Davezilla list know there is absolutely no question you are white trash?
    For pithy comments there is davezilla:geek:

  15. Spud

    Deep and profound? here at davezilla?


    sorry, I was looking at the boobie picture from Mandy…


  16. Mandy

    My :boobs::boobs: are deep and profound? I thought they we squishy and round. :kiss:

  17. tinamarie

    My mom used to swear that if she ever broke her leg my dad would fix it with epoxy and duct tape, his two favorite “fix-alls.”

    I should introduce this chick to my dad. I believe they are kindred souls.

    I also believe that makes me the spawn of white trash.

    Shit happens.:???:

  18. Hanna

    I wish my car looked good

  19. Cherish

    You just know that car is embarrassed to have such a stupid/uncoordinated owner.

    It’s like dressing up your dog in booties…

  20. jeared

    stick this:wang: in this:undies: then do this:wtf:

  21. shorty

    some of you are really gross and aught to stick to the topic rather then adding all (pic:java:)
    these pic things.

    Gets her from point “A”, to point “b”, to point “C” eventually. But deffinately IS ghetto!!!!!

  22. echinuts

    U-haul rental…Nebraska style

  23. JT

    I swear that I saw a family duct-taping items to the roof of their car at the local Wal-Mart this weekend! It was hilarious!! Maybe they’re related to these people.

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