Dream soundtracks, take one

Do you ever have soundtracks in your dreams? I have one every damn night. The worst part of is, it tends not to be music I like, but in my dreams, it loops continuously throughout the night. Scientists say our brains are just working out things we encountered that day. I don’t buy it. Some of the music that pops up in my dreams I haven’t heard in years. I made an effort to write down every dream soundtrack of 2011.

  • January 1: The Green Manalishi. Not the brilliant Judas Priest cover version. The intolerable Fleetwood Mac version.
  • January 2: Forgotten upon waking.
  • January 3: Let’s Give them Something to Talk About. Kill me now.
  • January 4: Pokemon theme
  • January 5: 25, or 6 to 4. *shudders*
  • January 6: Mad World. Donny Darko version which I don’t like nearly as much as the Tears for Fears original.
  • January 7: Crazy Train.
  • January 8: Crazy Train. Again. Dammit.
  • January 9: Margaritaville. Oh god, no.
  • January 10: Mr. Blue Sky by ELO. This song is so lame, it’s embarrassing to listen to. Having it in your head all night? Unacceptable.
  • January 11: Renegade by Styx. Inconceivable!
  • January 12: Africa by the forgettable 80s band, Toto. I only wish I could have forgotten this song upon waking.
  • January 13: Achy-Breaky Heart. Do I seem like the sort of individual who enjoys country? Hint: NO. I Googled this turd of a song to double check the spelling, only to find achey is misspelled. How very kountry.
  • January 14: Karma Chameleon. Everyone hated this song in the ’80s. Unlike a Chateau Latour, this song hasn’t aged well.
  • January 15: We love our Commodore. OK, this one at least happened on Saturday. I went to the Commodore’s Ball with my wife. Did not expect to hear this damn song all night.


  1. Methinks your brain doest have something against you.

  2. You’ll know that you’ve hit rock bottom when Sweet Caroline or Mandy make an appearance.

  3. The center drumtrack from Metallica’s “One” over and over. Woke up when she rolled over and changed it to a chainsaw running out of gas.

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