DIY Hints You Should Probably Ignore

LASER pointer in the eye

  • Need to liven up the office Xmas party? Photoshop your coworkers’ heads into pictures from questionable websites and you’ve got a slideshow everyone will be talking about!
  • Use Strontium-90 to soothe a colicky baby.
  • Old Ethernet cables make great leashes for the elderly!
  • Use “Swiffer” sheets to quickly erase your sibling’s homework.
  • Worried about what your kids are texting? Change all the phone numbers of their besties in their phone’s contact list to the local police’s number. Hilarity ensues.
  • Rub butter on a sunburned, old man to roast him faster.
  • Use a roll of tin foil to silence a nosy neighbor.
  • Never a cop when you need one? Aim a laser pointer in his eye to quickly get his attention.
  • Can’t afford the high cost of a sitter or au pair? Duct tape and a heavy chair will work wonders.
  • Need to clear an aisle in a store quickly? Spray WD-40 (or spray cooking oil) on the floor and count to three.


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