Caption Time #98

Caption Time #98

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  1. Master Solace

    Looks like Mr. Rodent Licker is at it again. He must like the taste New York street vendor cuisine. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  2. John K

    Early Bird gets the MOUSE?

  3. Spud

    I got them bush tucker blues in the morning
    da dada da dum
    I got them bush tucker blues in the evening
    da dada da dum
    But when my pretty mouse went down
    dada da dum
    I got those bush tucker blues all night long

    oh yeah


  4. it was all fun and games til the mouse pooed. ๐Ÿ™

  5. MandyLocke

    “No Biff! Eat chocolate MOUSSE!” :wtf:

  6. mitch

    “Ha ha ha! You’re not so speedy now are you Gonzales?”

  7. Paige

    Remember the urban legend about KFC, that the woman found a fried rat and she bit into it thinking that it was chicken??????? Well, at least it was fried!!!!! :puke:

  8. bhamm

    Red Roof Inn introduces its new Sunrise Breakfast. Only $4.99! And don’t forget, children stay and eat for free! (If they can catch it.)


    After their first day on the job, the new writers are fired from Jackass.

  9. “A little to the left…little more…stop–there! Got it. Yup, those adenoids are inflamed and have to come out immediately. Nurse!”

  10. FISH

    Gerbiling for Dummies? :wtf: โ“

  11. Raphael demonstrates the proper etiquette for eating a mouse, holding the tail firmly between his thumb and middle finger with the index, ring, and pinky fingers bent gracefully toward the palm. Notice he is not grabbing the mouse brutishly around its middle and cramming it into his mouth.

  12. Jilly

    He’s obviously a purist! I like my mouse with a little cheese…

  13. frisko

    Wrong end of the body to fully enjoy his rodent.

    I am so gross.

  14. plopsie

    As the sun goes down and the full moon rises, Weimer the Were-Kitty, enjoys his first victim of the evening

  15. on the next episode of “Survivor: Kansan Plains” Joey eats a live mouse when his Boy Scout training fails to help him light a fire to cook the poor critter. eek eek! :wtf:

  16. tenderflower

    Hey, isn’t that the dude who was having a love affair with a rodent on the couch? I guess the little rat spurned him.



  18. laceylegacey

    :roll:…ahhh… the things you will do when stoned… ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  19. laceylegacey

    [Comment ID #23300 will be quoted here]

    yes you are

  20. A has been frat boy doing a homemade tame version of Fear Factor.

    “You have 2 minutes to try swallowing as many live mite infested mice as you can.”

    “You get one beer. Go.”


  21. MrDoug

    Mic….Se ya in my colon!
    key….Why? Cauz I am one sick bastard!


    Dad can you tell me the story of how the last preebles jumping mouse in existance vanished?

  22. prtyprincess7104

    So that’s my HUMANE method of getting rid of mice…

  23. Ron

    If it was me, I’de rather eat pussy! :thong: :wang: ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  24. prtyprincess7104

    Nice little fur burger… :geek:

  25. George Dubya

    Watch out, Dick Cheney was gunning for that mouse and he hasn’t given up!

  26. D-Ron

    Its A Good Thing That Mc Rodents Quit Super Sizing

  27. tinamarie

    Mmmmm, hanta virus appetizer! :wtf:

  28. djemm

    City mouse meets a Country mouth I wonder whats for dessert ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  29. poisonwisky

    too many cheese sticks friend? well not to worry for new from the makers of ex-lax……….. โ“

  30. JenHCCH

    And here I thought the first episode of Survivor was bad….watching the girl on exile island eat a worm…Fear Factor’s still the worst. What’s bad is that these people volunteer for this Shi!.
    …..Is there money behind eating the mouse?….. If not he’s one sick bastard…. Hell….if there is he’s still one sick bastard :puke: :limp:

  31. Jim S

    That poor mouse. ๐Ÿ™

  32. harry faque

    Jacko the flame-breathing Armenian is asking to broil yet another mouse for the boys in the box car…..

  33. Bjorn Freeh

    I’m spending a week in Orlando… I understand this guy completely.

  34. harry faque

    Druid hell-week ritual…..

  35. smcclain85

    I will never be that hungry โ“

  36. Alex

    Unable to keep his cravings secret CAT Man sneaks a bite of rodent while out of costume.

  37. Da Popster

    WRONG KIND of furburger you IDIOT!!!! :limp: :puke:

  38. kate

    [Comment ID #23279 will be quoted here]

    dom you cought mee well at least i know i will get to poop in his sorry fat ass intestine bastard

  39. Hey! Didn’t anybody try sketch swap?? Stick figures allowed. ๐Ÿ˜†

  40. nothingsshockn

    HELP!! I’m choking on cheese! :dead:

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