Caption Time #97

Caption Time #97

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  1. Spud

    No: 2 in the series entitled “The Girls”

    Here we see the species “Urbanus-minor” in their traditional habitat.

    They have unfortunately been aroused by the photographer who is now exposed to the tribe.

    Alas this was the only picture to survive the frenzied attack that ensued.


  2. Ace

    How much did the pirate spend to pierce his ear? one doll-arrrrr!
    Also accepted: a buck-an-ear!!!
    Now hand over my booty!

  3. Master Solace

    it looks like our outside-thong competition went south, so they desided to join a pirate convention. Arrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  4. Master Solace

    And HERE is a great pirate convention brought to us by the cast of Saturday Night Live—-(CHECK OUT THIS LINK)

  5. frisko

    Zillas harem. Get Baby Speed to rework that tatoo.

  6. Steve

    Pirates of Pissants?

  7. mitch

    It’s Pirate Night down at the Teen Lesbian Club.

  8. I was thinking the same thing, Mum Frisko. 💡

  9. Alex

    LESBIAN PIRATES GONE WILD! nnow on sale for $24.99. :wang:

  10. MandyLocke

    They’re just asking for someone to plunder their booty. :thong:

  11. jayray

    I would be a stowaway on that pirate ship anytime :boob: :boob:

  12. jayray

    [Comment ID #22004 will be quoted here]
    as long as they were “of age”!!!!

  13. bhamm

    The Lesbian Pirates are called in to Exorsize the Demon that has possesed the girl in the front. 👿 :puke:

  14. tenderflower

    Dreary Lane Theatre’s production of “Dames at Sea”

  15. Mmm. A bunch of real girls acting like a group of camp gay men who are trying to look like a crew of butch pirates. Are they being post-modern? Lung brain hurt.

  16. The girl with the arms in the air looks like she has received a nasty surprise from the one behind her.

  17. Ron

    These ladies look as if they want to fight. I think I could lick ’em! :thong: :wang:

  18. Bubbles

    Oh holy crap. There are pictures just like this of me and my roommates taken sometime last summer. We got totally smashed in the comfort of our own home, then proceeded to dress like pirates and draw tattoos on each other. These girls must be our doubles from another dimension.

  19. Peaches

    :wtf: I’m having too much fun trying to hit the trash can…………….I can’t even THINK about a caption for the lesbian pirates!!

  20. justjim

    This sort of looks like a “skrag” constest sour… :undies:

  21. Marmy

    The Sea Wenches have surrendered and are preparing to be boarded.

  22. kaity

    college pirate party. surprisingly not uncommon.

  23. Patrick

    Frat chicks in a lame ass attempt to look tough. And doing no better at that than they are at making grades. Their best chance is to learn to give a decent BJ and to cook! 😕

  24. Jim S

    Cuts from the first round of the drag competition… :puke:

  25. Those pirates defiantly do not have a chest. 🙄

  26. gothprincess

    First a thong party, now this, what the hell is next for the lesbian brigade. They need to get laid or sumthing. (by a guy, not one another) :wang:

  27. Craig

    After being fired from T.G.I. Fridays for not showing enough flair, the girls decided to give Long John Silvers a chance.

  28. cbatdux

    American Idol – the early rejections…..

  29. Bjorn Freeh

    Was there a picture? Sorry. didn’t see it. To paraphrase the Dunkin Donut guy, time to throw the paper; time to throw the paper…

  30. JFLY

    I say make them walk the plank! Aaaarrrggghhhh…

  31. Jane

    You know it’s not everyday you see yourself online. I’m the one in front 🙄

  32. MandyLocke

    [Comment ID #22127 will be quoted here]

  33. DaPopster

    Baaaaaaaad gurls and a tasteless tat :limp:

  34. Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum.
    Whereas this looks more like six hos and an empty bottle of rum.

  35. [Comment ID #22134 will be quoted here]

    Ok, that made me spew my coffee, Lung. :mrgreen:

  36. rick

    See there is life without boob-jobs…no matter how nasty

  37. nick

    they could call themselfs the six piratiers :undies: :undies: 😆 😆

  38. bryan

    Yo Ho Ho and a room full of Hoes!

  39. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #22134 will be quoted here]

    still don’t think they of age to buy the FULL bottle of rum, if not, then must have pillaged and plundered the liquor store…aarrrrrrrr!!!!

    And I second Dave, except mine wasn’t coffee, it was Big Red, and I’ve found that stuff doesn’t come off walls very easily. Thanks You
    Very Much!!!

  40. Gay Horhay

    they got tired of having those sex parties with Andy :wang: and they decided they would rather have a real pirate such as Johnny Depp or Orlando come and show them how to make a :limp: :wang: rise to the occasion. so their just sittin there showing Johnny how they know how to do it and hes goin to teach wat stuff he knows

  41. the cynical villain

    they look like a gang of Waldo Watchers or something. And remember, friends don’t let friends use sharpies to make marker tatts.

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