Caption time #8

Caption Time #8


  1. Why do I get the feeling they’re talking about boobs?

  2. stop being such a wimp! you really just gotta grab…the bull….by the…grrrmmphh…balls

  3. Croikey! You shoulda seen the soize of that femoile gorilla’s boobies! Oy put mah hands on ’em like this, see? And oy squeezed ’em, and THAT’s how you milk a GORILLA! But she took moy baby….

  4. “Yeah, the head is about this big.”

    “I don’t think there’s room unless you throw out the ice cream.”

    “What if I crush it a little? Like this?”

    “Man, I don’t wanna know.

  5. Spud

    God, I just wanna rip this &*&*%$*@ idiots head off!

  6. I want to dip his balls in it. 😈

  7. Patrick

    All we need is a two metal colendars about this big and we can finish our robot…our GIRL robot…

  8. You wouldn’t have believed it, but his eyes were THIS big before the surgery!

  9. by the way, you should change this line to a lower value for cols

  10. oops…
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  11. Esther

    Glasses guy – So this is how I grabbed his nuts.

    Other guy – And this is me imagining how he grabbed my nuts.

  12. Spud

    Boobs are popular…

  13. Well, aside from looking NOTHING like Holger and I (when I am being a smartass and he want to strangle me and I act like I’m not doing anything) it looks an awful lot like Holger and I, as seen by friends and family when I am being naughty.

  14. Anna

    I wasn’t thinking about boobs or balls or anything. I was thinking of pancakes (okay it’s mondaymorning and I haven’t had my breakfast.

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