21 thoughts on “Caption time #8

  1. Croikey! You shoulda seen the soize of that femoile gorilla’s boobies! Oy put mah hands on ’em like this, see? And oy squeezed ’em, and THAT’s how you milk a GORILLA! But she took moy baby….

  2. All we need is a two metal colendars about this big and we can finish our robot…our GIRL robot…

  3. Glasses guy – So this is how I grabbed his nuts.

    Other guy – And this is me imagining how he grabbed my nuts.

  4. Well, aside from looking NOTHING like Holger and I (when I am being a smartass and he want to strangle me and I act like I’m not doing anything) it looks an awful lot like Holger and I, as seen by friends and family when I am being naughty.

  5. I wasn’t thinking about boobs or balls or anything. I was thinking of pancakes (okay it’s mondaymorning and I haven’t had my breakfast.

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