Caption Time #46

Caption Time #46


  1. Esther


    Looks like the Pillsbury doughboy’s large cousin was baked alive and dismembered!

    Seriously, wtf is that?

  2. Who let the donuts out? Woof! Woof! Woof…my cookies…or donuts. Whatever the case may be.

  3. JFLY

    One way to ensure the cops patrol your neighborhood…

  4. NEW YORK CITY | A joint raid by the Fashion police and Atkins’ enforcement agent uncovered a donut smuggling ring operating out of an apartment in SoHo.

    “We got an anonymous call from a model in the agency about high volume of munchy traffic,” said Investigator Muffy Von Smith of the New York City Fashion Police Department.

    As a result, Atkin’s enforcement agent began a month-long investigation that led them to an apartment at 6-66 Huston St. rented by 19-year-old model Krisy Moonspie.

    Wednesday afternoon, investigators and officers executed a search warrant at the address.

    “We like to do the bust in the public, so the other models would see how fat those donut junkies become,” Von Smith said.

    Enforcement agent arrested Krisy on a charge of possession of trans-fat paraphernalia and was charged with possession of carb substance. After finding nearly 50 pounds of high-grade Krispy Kream glazed donuts and nearly 40 pounds of Strawberry Glazed Dunkin’ donuts.

    – I think I will get a box of original glazed Krispy Kream before I go to work.

  5. When the strange cretaure from outer space said “don’t move or I’ll change you into a smoking pile of…”, Marty did not let him finished his phrase.

    P.S. I’ve borrowed the idea of the caption competition for my blog. I hope your lawyers are fine with it.

  6. “I thought vampires were supposed to turn into a cloud of bats. This scary bastard turns into a pile of donuts? What were you guys drinking before he bit you?”

  7. Mandy

    lol @ JFLY 😆

  8. Esther

    What Mandy said.:smile:

  9. Spongebob and his twins had an intense craving for donuts.

    I used to have a bunch of friends who worked at Tim Hortons and one day a buddy and I decided to arrange to get the day olds before they got thrown out. Wehad one of the Tim Hortons girls put them all in a garbage bag for us and we planned to chow on the donuts. It was a great idea, and we got a load of donuts. The problem was that every delicious pastry tasted like garbage bag, which isn’t good even when clean. The result of the plastic tasting donuts was a pile on the ground, a lot like the one in the photo above.

  10. ariel

    all the guests at the mendon lodge were very dissapointed by the famed breakfast buffet.


  11. TinaMarie

    The odd hazing rituals of the Pi Beta Phi sorority sisters, who believed that only truly devoted pledges would be able to withstand the perilous “Trial by Doughnut” obstacle course.

  12. Kirk

    Suddenly the donut bong idea didn’t seem that smart.

  13. JFLY

    Ariel – 😆

  14. Spud

    “…like it was so not me!…”

  15. The Gamma Delta Omega-3 girls prepare for their annual coed naked donut wrestling.

  16. …and when the clock struck midnight, Cinderella discovered to her dismay that sometimes fairy godmothers have to adapt their spells to a changing market.

  17. “I said CANDIES, CANDIES go inside the piñata. Idiots.”

  18. (You’ll notice everyone in the picture is female.)

    The sorority finally got around to burning all of the donuts that the frat houses sent over.

    “Go-od Lucy. Those idiots don’t realize that it’s the oldest prank in the bakery.”

  19. I’d like to try this caption:

    “How To Start A Pastry Fight – Step One:”

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