Caption Time #41

Caption Time #41

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  1. 👿 “You old bag, you are gonna die tonight WITCH!”

    :undies: “Oh thank you doctor, you are such a nice young man”

    👿 “Thank you bitch” :wang:

  2. I can’t think of anything funny

    For some reason every time I see an elderly pweaon laughing all I can think of is to find a way to get some Nitrous oxide.

  3. Spud

    Mrs Muir, your intestines are going to explode any minute and you will die a horrible agonising death and there’s nothing I can do for you.

    Hahahahaaa, oh doctor you’re a card!

    That’s nothing Mrs Muir, wait till your family gets my bill!

    (together) hahahahahaahaahhahaa


  4. elderly woman: “Are you God?”

    physician: “No, I just play one in real life.”

  5. “Yes, Doctor, it tickles when you touch me there.”

  6. Senyoursnore

    Of course you could always go the safe way.

  7. frisko

    guest author.

  8. Don’t kiss me on the mouth this time, doctor… There is a photographer somewhere in the room…

  9. Good news Speilberg called and said you are casted in Poltergeist IV. All you have to do is say “come to the light Carol Ann.”

  10. “Oh doc I just filled my depends with last nights pea soup” :undies:

  11. He he! I didn’t recognise you without your makeup on Shirley.

    Ho ho! That’s Mrs. MacLaine to you, you young punk.

  12. The doctor and the wife of the man he over medicatd were elated that they could now date exclusively. Meanwhile, the nurse (in the background)was concocting her own plan to get the doc all to herself.

  13. elderly woman: OOPS I CRAPPED MY PANTS

    doctor: So did I.

    they laugh.

  14. Esther

    lol, Wantwit. 😆

  15. Senyoursnore

    wantwit earns a round of applause…

    *clap clap clap*


  16. JFLY

    Grandma’s relieved upon hearing that they WILL be able to remove the gerbil…

  17. Spud

    Bwahhaha, oh Mrs Jones, “those” little gas bubbles always pop up after surgery.

    Tee hee, thank you *brrrrrrrrrppp* doctor *brrrrrrppp*

  18. To be an author, doesn’t one usually have to write something? All I’m guilty of is stumbling across a possibly-hilarious image.

    Doc: “Mrs. Smith, we’ve run the tests to check on your symptoms, and it turns out you’re pregnant!”

    Mrs. Smith: “Again? This will be the fourteenth. That husband of mine is insatiable. Such a rascal he is!”

  19. :undies: = “OOPS I CRAPPED MY PANTS”

    and i just did.

  20. Dave too

    ARLES, FRANCE — Shown here moments before she expired at the age of 114, French supercentenarian Jeanne Calment is shown here laughing with her great-great-great-great-grandson, Dr. Theirry Pinot. Having long advocated the health benefits of mirth, ironically, Ms. Calment died laughing when Dr. Pinot recited an off-color limerick to amuse her. Pinot claimed “She seemed unable to catch her breath after the part about the ear.”

  21. Monday

    “Grandpa Munster in a rare seen photograph of his last days…”

  22. :undies:
    Doctor: No, I don’t give the patients their sponge baths, mam.
    Lady: Oh no Doctor, I was asking if I could give you yours.

  23. Mam, we have no idea what’s wrong, but we’re giving you lots and lots of morphine.


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