Caption Time #32

Caption Time #32

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  1. mikeB

    I misread “These are elves” as relating to the two walruses getting their hair done. :dead:

  2. This virtual reality thing is pretty realistic :wang: :boobs:

  3. Anonymous

    dude, when mom said, back in 1969, “you two, stay on the chairs with a black collinder on your head” she wasn’t kidding

  4. Esther

    I wonder what music is playing from the Hello Kitty tape player underneath Tie Dye Walrus #2’s chair.:wtf:

  5. Anna

    Ed: “Harry, how long we’ve got ta sit here being spoonfed jello?”
    Harry: “Well Ed, until we fit into these here helmets”

  6. Mandy

    “I got a mullet. What did you get, Bob?”
    “I did too, dood!”
    “I know.”

  7. Spud

    Your ride to oblivion starts ….



  8. Good catch, Esther! I totally missed the hot pink boombox. :wtf:

  9. I was afraid the rumors were true!!! Ron Jeremy has indeed built a cloning machine, and will soon take over the planet with his army of tie-dye, pants dropping soldiers.

  10. Chris

    Pull the Earth over and let me off

  11. Well, the girls of Davezilla have no reason to complain. Dave just served up 2 pieces of metrosexual beefcake for your viewing pleasure.

    Oh man, they are so buff, they can barely fit through doorways. 😛

  12. frisko

    Earl to Bubba, “Do you hear em alien ships humming yet”?
    Bubba replies “No Earl,thats my powerful hunger you’re-a hearing. Are you sure that this is a gonna let us hear them aliens”?

  13. mikeB

    “They wuz taked us to an alien ship that looked jest like mah sister’s hair salon, and then them alienz put us in a mind control deeevice that looked like a hair dryer and they sucked out all of our thoughts. I ain’t never gonna git into Harvard now.”

  14. Patrick

    Queer Eye for the Hippie Fat Guy

  15. THERE IT IS! That’s the powersource for the aliens’ stardrive! I swear (see previous post)
    I wonder how many parsecs per hour these guys give…

  16. Hobbit

    And they thought those “Ailen brainwashing station” signs were just a joke…

  17. ariel

    i feel bad for those elves.. . .
    plus, what are they pouring into that machine. . it looks like YELLOW SNOW!:wtf:

  18. Spud

    They may be Ben & Jerry…

  19. Poofles

    “This is the worst Halloween costume we ever came up with.”

  20. “Just a couple of minutes more and the mind transfer shall be complete! I will have a completely new body, one totally different from my own! mwahahahahahaha!”

  21. Oh man, I just looked at those two in the helmets… thinking “oh, just like in the movie Brainstorm where the guy whacks off to someone’s pr0n tape about seven trillion times…” and I dunno, it just seems too bizarre to be real.
    Admit it, it’s been photoshopped. those people do not exist. those shirts … Elizabeth Cabot Winslow was right.

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