25 thoughts on “Caption Time #285

  1. Should one see a mouse or rat run by at a party, the appropriate response is “Pardon me, but I was startled by your gerbil.”

  2. Oh, and by the way, how can that dufus be unaware a babe is grabbing his ass? :wtf:

  3. [quote comment=”632710″]It was him, it was him, his ass is still warm![/quote]
    Hello Sweetheart (yes, AnnieB, I mean YOU!) – Nothing like a little warm ass, eh? :thong: :wang: 😉

  4. after you goosed me,it’s my turn
    what would an 8 be doing grabbing a 4’s ass
    she is an amateur proctologist

  5. – When thongs attack

    – Oh shit, I’m getting a woody!

    Armageddon! (you may want to google the wav file)

    – When Sally felt Harry she finally clued in to why he walked around like he had a plug up his ass.

  6. “David didn’t notice that his inflatable friend was stuck to his ass as he stepped out that evening”

  7. [quote comment=”632749″]ummmm…..it looks like there is a thumb sticking out the front of his pants. :gay:[/quote]

    I’m not going to pull that finger – you pull it.

  8. I left my wife in my other pants. Oh no wait, I think I feel her in the back of these… I wonder if she enjoyed the ride here on my motorcycle. You like motorcycles?

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