Caption Time #285

Caption Time #285


  1. Bigwavdave

    Should one see a mouse or rat run by at a party, the appropriate response is “Pardon me, but I was startled by your gerbil.”

  2. Bigwavdave

    Oh, and by the way, how can that dufus be unaware a babe is grabbing his ass? :wtf:

  3. It was him, it was him, his ass is still warm!

  4. chainstay

    Somebody help me! My finger is stuck!

  5. Bigwavdave

    [quote comment=”632710″]It was him, it was him, his ass is still warm![/quote]
    Hello Sweetheart (yes, AnnieB, I mean YOU!) – Nothing like a little warm ass, eh? :thong: :wang: 😉

  6. Bigwavdave

    Heather Locklear has a flashback to her first UCLA frat party! 😆

  7. fruf

    after you goosed me,it’s my turn
    what would an 8 be doing grabbing a 4’s ass
    she is an amateur proctologist

  8. DaPopster

    Is this what is meant by the line “and Janey’s fingers were in my cake” ? 😛

  9. DaveC

    What does Goldilocks have in her other hand??? :wang:

  10. I got crabs,
    They’re multiplying,
    And I’m losing control.


    This is what it sounds like,
    When crabs bite.

  11. I’d do her in a minute. Well, maybe a little more than a minute, just enough time to wipe off…

  12. fruf

    come here assh**e

  13. I’m gonna grab a handfu-OMG WHO THE HELL IS THAT ON THE FLOOR TAKING UPSKIRT PIC’S???!!! 😉

  14. – When thongs attack

    – Oh shit, I’m getting a woody!

    Armageddon! (you may want to google the wav file)

    – When Sally felt Harry she finally clued in to why he walked around like he had a plug up his ass.

  15. RogerS

    “David didn’t notice that his inflatable friend was stuck to his ass as he stepped out that evening”

  16. junkman

    ummmm… looks like there is a thumb sticking out the front of his pants. :gay:

  17. Sammy

    Link of the day==repost!!

  18. [quote comment=”632749″]ummmm… looks like there is a thumb sticking out the front of his pants. :gay:[/quote]

    I’m not going to pull that finger – you pull it.

  19. Drusky

    “Nooo! My chest implants deflated! StevieC, help blow them up!” 😛

  20. Chris S.

    I left my wife in my other pants. Oh no wait, I think I feel her in the back of these… I wonder if she enjoyed the ride here on my motorcycle. You like motorcycles?

  21. Ryder

    is that a finger coming out of the front of his pants?

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