30 thoughts on “Caption Time #269

  1. Woo hoo- dibs on firsties.

    GAYDAR ALERT, WARNING, WARNING, Danger Will Robinson, WARNING! Those guys are having entirely too much fun to be dancing that close together. Or maybe they really got the shit end of the stick in the Wife Swapping keychain fishbowl cause I think their wives are dancing in the foreground. “Bill, I get to be on top this time. I’ve got the tie”!

  2. Either he is on meth or they are at an all-night deliverence event where he is the sister fucker of the month winner

  3. [quote comment=”625820″]Either he is on meth or they are at an all-night deliverence event where he is the sister fucker of the month winner[/quote]
    :boob: :boob: :thong: :wang: :limp: :puke: 😳 😛 😉 :troll:

  4. Disturbingly,

    Why are the women in this photo apparently disallowed from wearing shoes?

    OMG! and underwear! (There’s dandruff on their feet!)

    It’s like some strange “Wickerman” fan club where clan members not only demonstrate how to stamp on an unwilling sacrafice, but also how to shit on them whilst looking intimidating.

    Maybe the shoe harvest will be great this year on “Summers Isle”……..I don’t know?

    We should sent an officer to investigate the missing children in this photo?

    “The Wickerman 2” Revenge of the rhythmically challenged?

    Peace All
    😉 ReV

  5. the John Kerry look alike appears to be dropping a load in his sweatpants
    last nights inaugeration ball in West Viginia

  6. “A swift kick to the gonads and then a right cross should knock that shit-eating grin off his face and have this tosser eating dirt.”

  7. [quote comment=”625838″]”do the junkman, er i mean the monkey with me!”[/quote]
    only zilla girls should be doing the junkman ❗ :boob: :boob: :wang: :boob: :boob: 😉

  8. Dear Annie,

    Yes I DID fall off my motorbike and yes I now have time off work. I have fractured my patella in the right leg , but my left is just bruised. Minor fracture to left ribs.

    Caused by diesel left in the road.

    So truckers be aware…your spill CAN kill!

    My bike is okay apart from some superficial damage (thanks for asking) and your ass?

    I have no idea?

    I’ll check in the mens toilets next time for updates or ask your momma next time I pass the brothel.

    Peace Out



  9. @ ReV – In my second comment I was insinuating that YOU were the “tosser eating dirt” (from my first comment) and THAT was how you incurred the injuries you mentioned from a motorbike accident.

    Just joking (sticking it to you) ReV, I didn’t mean to hurt your little feelings. :wtf:

    When you save up a million dollars stop on in at the brothel and I’m sure momma will find someone (species not guaranteed) to service you. (Hoo boy, I bet that’s been a long time coming, pun intended.)

    I do hope you ( :puke: ) get to feeling ( :puke: ) better and make ( :puke: ) a full recovery! ( :puke: )

    (Now that wasn’t so hard to be nice, was it AnnieB?) 👿 😛 :love:

  10. Upon hearing Bush has left the building, congress breaks into a spotanious, if not pretty, celebration dance!

  11. This is the fabled Scottish Jig. It’s like an Irish Jig, but just like the way they talk, you can’t understand what’s going on during a Scottish Jig.

    Answer: See Picture Above………
    Question: Why alcohol is NOT normally allowed at the Inauguration Party?
    Why did this occur? President Boy George is leaving the band, and he’s taking Dick Chenocchio with him (Yes, that would be Cheney + Pinocchio… so many artifical parts)


  12. [quote comment=”625815″][quote comment=”625814″]Woo hoo- dibs on firsties.![/quote]

    There was nothing posted when I drafted and posted my comment. We wuz robbed!

  13. The white section at a Mumbai wedding. As a security measure, Americans, Europeans, and Jews are now sequestered from other patrons. But they can still hear the music, and boy is it infectious!

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