Caption Time #238

Caption Time #238


  1. janeeto

    Would that be Barry Gibb on the left and Andy Gibb on the right?

  2. bluebonneville

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    My thoughts exactly, without looking at any comments, BeeGees ?

  3. That new show “Swingtown” is really creeping me out. :wtf:

  4. [Comment ID #360269 will appear here]

    And imagine the static from that creepy carpet! :dead:

  5. Heidi

    Dave, Looking quite dashing in your younger years!!!

  6. Rufnkdnme

    With fashion sensibility like this, I’m surprised anybody got laid in the 70’s.

  7. Heather

    Ooo ooo – is that a ruffly-fronted shirt I spy on the right?

  8. In the 70’s this is what was known as a fire hazard. If the Arabs/Nazis/Mr. Blackwell would have known they could have wiped out popular culture with a single match??????

  9. RTp

    bell bottoms: love not seeing my shoes

  10. Flash Gordon

    Why are these people laughing? :puke: :wtf: 🙄 :puke:

  11. What’s scary is they were probably “looking good” for that era. :limp:

  12. A young Dr. Ruth, pictured here with three of her research assistants.

  13. Drusky

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    The same carpet maker must have made the shirt on the far left… :dead:

  14. Drusky

    Exposed! The young Van Halen Brothers (with parents) at a Liberace concert…

  15. patrick

    Why yes, that is Barry Gibb on the left and Andy Gibb on the right, flanking their parents Mrs. Gibb Me Another Martini I’m Still Conscious and Mr. Gibb Me A Handjob I’m STILL A Handsome Bastard!

  16. Lake Effect

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    Hey. I was just gonna say exactly that.


  17. Chris S.

    It’s Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan (in the fake beard on the left) during the shooting of Shanghai 70s. I bet they all make a lot of noise when they walk…

  18. Spud

    Didn’t we all look that good back then?



  19. [Comment ID #361231 will appear here]

    I would have bet money you would have said “I’m too sexy for my tux, I’m too sexy for my tux!”

    Glad I didn’t! 😛

  20. Mjaz

    Oh – I TOTALLY wiould have done the guy on the right back then. He is way too sexy for his tux. Reminds me a bit of Tom Petty… mmmmmmm /moist :undies:

  21. junkman

    leona helmsley was a disco fag?

  22. Timm

    They’re smiling because Irv (in the middle) just became employee of the month by selling 25 Chrysler Cordoba’s with rich Corinthian leather seats.

  23. Spud

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    So am I, because I was you know, damn sexy in my red sport coat and white slacks with matching calf skin white shoes.


  24. chainstay

    Makes you wonder if, years from now, people will look at pictures of this generation and wonder, “what were they thinking?”

  25. Looks like Mom and Dad chaperoned Jimmy and Bobby’s high school dance. Yeah, they’re smiling on the outside, but on the inside, they’re thinking…..I’m never gonna get laid with Mom and Dad here!!!

    Personally, I thought it would have been the shirts that would keep them from getting laid! :limp:

  26. [Comment ID #361516 will appear here]

    Damn straight they will. Years of studying anti-gravity to explain how the hell these guys hold their pants up when it is sinched up below their ass.

  27. Flash Gordon

    I think they resemble that gospel quartet “The Gospel Echo Soul Stirrers” who used
    to appear on southern TV. 😛 😎 🙄 😕

  28. Tina

    Now, infamously here, in this lonely world of davezilla, this hideous picture is now staying alive…Forever……thanks dave, you do adore us, your endearing audience…….

  29. pookabera

    stayin alive stayin alive :wtf:

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