Caption Time #213

This is my neighbor’s inflatable Grinch. Every night he deflates and by morning, it’s difficult to tell if he is hungover, facing Mecca or performing auto-fellatio.

  1. Link of the Day: Student Arrested After Cutting Food With Knife, expect Homeland security to outlaw everything but spoons next.
  2. Video of the Day: Everyday Normal Guy, link via Lung the Younger
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58 thoughts on “Caption Time #213

  1. Looks to me like the Grinch needs a blow j.o.b.

    As for the links……. well, well, just let me say this….

    I’m just a regular everyday guy mother fucker and I get scared when its dark motherfucker.

    Some funny shite right there Mr Lung, thanks for that bloody good laugh.


  2. Looks like Cindy Lou Who peed in the cookie dough. “That’ll teach that Grinch son of a bitch to stiff me, the sorry greeen bastard. If he does it again next year, I’m feeding his dog to him”.

  3. The Grinch could steal Christmas from an entire town but he couldn’t beat Cindy Lou Who at a game of roshambo…

  4. Ok so last night I had this dream about y’all…

    Dave owned this little deli type place and Megan had her whip beating Pablo in the kitchen. I wanted lunch but you said I wasn’t cool enough.
    Don’t ask where this dream came from, I generally never post, just read and laugh.

    Thanks for the nightmares ~ I woke with a smile

  5. [Comment ID #220369 will be quoted here]cool or not… if i were working the deli counter last night i would have given you a big free sausage for lunch as would most of the male employees here. :wang:

  6. Now i feel special (little yellow school bus special, but special none the less) SPANKS :wang: πŸ™„ πŸ˜›

  7. I always wanted to be a Zilla girl, I can’t wait to tell my husband about the group thing y’all invited my into… Can he watch and take videos? Tee hee hee :kiss:

  8. … Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.

    and for you Whos who don’t know, this is a dangerous heart condition, that can cause a Who-heart to asplode …

  9. Not being intimately acquainted with “Everyday Normal”
    myself, I have to ask: Does the regular everyday normal guy REALLY say “motherfucker” that much?

  10. Welcome Ronica. And since Mistress Darla may still be busy with virgin *no-more* Missy, it’ll be my honor to give you your first ZillaGirl Spanking!

  11. Hope your husband is the tolerant sort, Ronica.
    Some of these characters are a bad influence. :java: πŸ˜› :wang: :thong:

  12. [Comment ID #220382 will be quoted here]

    ARE NOT!!! 😈

    Now, bare your ass and bend over bitch! I promise this won’t hurt me one bit! 😈

    caption: Ooh, I shouldn’t have had that tenth slice of pie…

  13. πŸ˜† Glad to see My Home Made Hot Chocolate is winning out over the Mug o’STFU. I used to sell the mix at a gourmet grocery in Memphis! Taking order # 69……. :wtf:

  14. [Comment ID #220375 will be quoted here]
    Not really, but let’s not get Annie started. I do belive she might be able to fill a whole post by using ‘motherfucker’ every other word and still have it make sense… 😈

  15. [Comment ID #220362 will be quoted here]

    I love playing roshambo, because I always go first like Cindy lou wait she doesn’t have balls.

  16. [Comment ID #220362 will be quoted here]

    I love playing roshambo, because I always go first like Cindy lou wait she doesn’t have balls.

  17. [Comment ID #220394 will be quoted here]

    Hey Dave, you motherfucker, was this the same motherfucking thing that happened to the motherfucking site on the motherfucking day after your motherfucking April Fool’s joke post? I can’t motherfucking remember and your motherfucking Archives is so motherfucking idiotic (who the motherfuck remembers what motherfucking CATEGORY it was motherfucking posted under) I can’t find the motherfucking post for that motherfucking day.

    Also, motherfucker, I swear I was here the other motherfucking day and the motherfucking page looked totally motherfucking different! It had the motherfucking Archives listed by the motherfucking MONTH (as anyone with shit for motherfucking brains would motherfucking do) and a motherfucking mile-long list of other motherfucking blogs. Now, was I in the motherfucking Twilight Zone or motherfucking what?

    As for that motherfucking Drusky … suck my motherfucking dick!

  18. Hey motherfucker, check this motherfucker out! I lent some motherfucking money to the motherfucker down the street two motherfucking months ago and that motherfucker went to the motherfucking races and lost the whole motherfucking thing! The motherfucker then called me on the motherfucking phone and asked if he could borrow another $2000 motherfucking dollars! What? Does that motherfucker think I’m made of motherfucking money? Motherfucker’s gotta be outta his motherfucking mind!
    So I told him, “Hey motherfucker, you better cut your motherfucking shit or I’ll come over and cut that motherfucker for you!
    Haven’t heard from the motherfucker since.

  19. oh my mother fuckin’ god! ‘zilla girls goin’ all samuel l. mother fuckin’ jackson on our asses. 😈 😈 😈

  20. or as Jay and Silent Bob would say:
    Fuck Fuck Fuck, Mother Mother Fuck, Mother Mother Fuck, Motherfuck, Motherfuck…

    The education quality of the movies I’m quoting has downgraded significantly…

  21. :wang: Well bend me over and fuck me sideways!
    Ever done the Captain Morgan while ridin’ your cowboy?
    Spooning probably gets the *ahem* strongest results and coming in second…tee hee, I’ve heard it called the Golden Bridge 😈 yum πŸ˜›

    It really depends on LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

    :limp: Dislikes: Laying on your sides and facing each other. πŸ™„ ‘Are you done yet?’

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