Caption Time #151

Caption Time #151

Image via Pablo

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  1. Spud

    Your results:
    You are Hulk.

    Oh great, just great, I’m like a large green thing.

    Dave, I believe Dan Beauchamp had a thing for the the Green Lantern……………. not that I’m infering anythingas such. πŸ˜€

    Happy New Years to one and all!

  2. Klesko Fan

    I’m 80% Catwoman, which I could have told you without answering all those questions. Meow, which means to all you non cat people out there Happy New Years to everyone.

  3. Randy

    First there was blackleg disease, then hoof & mouth, then blue-tonque. The next thing you know , they will say you are a mad cow and I am horny. I’d give my left stomach to be left alone.

  4. Randy

    First there was blackleg disease, then hoof & mouth, then blue-tonque. The next thing you know, they will say that you are a mad cow and that I am horny. Damn, I would give my left stomach to be left alone.

  5. eeeek im 70% Catwoman :wtf: and im a dude.Although I was 60% The Flash so I will go with him.

  6. Anna

    “Girls, come here!!!! He says he can get us pantyhose!!!!!!”

    (I’m in my WWII mode right now, sorry)

  7. Anna

    Forgot the sign it.
    Sincerely yours,
    (90%) Supergirllllllll

  8. Nik

    Your results:
    You are Spider-Man

    You are intelligent, witty,
    a bit geeky and have great
    power and responsibility.

    Yes, yes ~nod, nod~

    Sure why not.

  9. sledge

    Hortense those 2 men are doing it Brokeback style

  10. Irish

    80% Green Lantern
    70% Superman
    I can live with that…..
    Caption: “Bullshit!”

  11. My results:

    Wonderwoman! (83%)

    You are a beautiful princess
    with great strength of character.

  12. Caption:

    “Now where have we seen that before…?”

    “I dunno girl, but I am getting a strong déjà moo.”

  13. Stevie C

    I’m 70% of Spiderman, 60% Catwoman, and 50% of The Hulk. I’m not sure how to interpret that.

  14. Hey the Silversurfer isn’t even on there.
    I am 80% Greenlantern and 80% spiderman.

  15. Myra

    I am 95% Superman, which since I am a girl is a little odd but since I would 100% love to be with the newest hunk to wear the blue suit, Brandon Routh, that is okay. Hottest thing in costume since Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Really cool survey! Happy New Year’s Dave and everyone!

  16. “No-o-o-o! Don’t take that bucket of feed to those other cows!”

    I guess I am Superman “You are mild-mannered, good,
    strong and you love to help others.”

  17. “I just love when he tries to milk me” :wang:

  18. Bigwavdave

    I told you papparazzi to BACK OFF

    75% Green Lantern, 63% Super Girl…I’ve always been in touch with my feminine side.

    The video was, ah, interesting

  19. “Apparently they call it McDonalds.”

    Anyway, I am Supergirl. Lean, muscular and feminine.
    They must have heard of me… πŸ˜›

  20. Mayborn

    Cow: Im not really a cow…. Im a bull without horns
    Bull: ( facial expression says it all)

  21. Patrick

    85% Spiderman, 70% Green Lantern, I can live with that.
    Amen and a shout out to adognamedgromit-where’s Silver Surfer. He made brooding cool!
    Re: cows- “Ebony and Ivory” comes to mind, other than that I got nothing.

  22. Swade

    I am 65% Green Lantern , 60% Hulk and 57% Wonder Woman. Hot-headed. You have strong will power and a good imagination. That’s true, and I’m female. Explains the mood swings!!

    Cow and Ox ?

  23. Gygglechick

    Hey Big Dave im 77% Robin and 72% wonderwoman… we should meet.

    Quick Vern lets go to the west pasture here comes that girl with the guitar again to sing about the hills making music for a thousand years…


  24. pablo

    What do you mean, “Where’s the beef”?
    One more video of gay idiots dancing and I’m gonna hurl!

  25. quaz

    i am 95% green lantern. :limp:

  26. [Bull 1 says] Guys with little pointed matador hats and bright red capes waving them tauntingly make me very angry. Clowns too Ò€¦. I get angry at Clowns. I will use my sharp points set them all straight and keep them all away from my herd. Soo donÒ€ℒt stare at me, I donÒ€ℒt like it. Ò€¦Ò€¦. SNORT.

    [Ranch hand] Hey a talking bull. Or He is talking bull.

    (note: gygglechick is my sister. She hears me laughing every morning as I have Davezilla in my startup pages and wants to know whats up.)

  27. Minnie FTW with “déjà moo”. :kiss:

  28. abbi

    ‘did you hear what she said about you?’
    ‘That bitch!’

  29. I am afraid to ask what FTW means
    one site had something uncomplimentary

    This one here had: Forever Two Wheels and Free the Whales


    (Note to DaveZilla I have two PCs running and My sisters post doesn’t show on mine. But it does on hers. I am pretty sure we can just blame it on Micro$oft.)

  30. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #82671 will be quoted here]


    Congratulations on getting the ‘puter up and running…You must be exhausted

  31. [Comment ID #82673 will be quoted here]

    Could be a cache thing, too. :geek:

  32. Flash Gordon

    Says I’m Spiderman! A common arachnid! Oh, please. πŸ™„ :puke: :wtf:

  33. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #82622 will be quoted here]

    When it asked if you wear a push-up bra, what was your answer? πŸ˜›

    I’m 65% Spidey. I’ve always thought of myself more in the DC line, perhaps the Batman. I guess that I’d need billions o’ bucks, a cave under the house, and a kinky black cowl (with painted-on eyebrows). None of those things, no push-up bra, either.

  34. Bjorn Freeh

    Oh, yeah… the caption…

    “You know, that’s really not the herdsman’s arm.”

  35. djemm

    Hey baby graze here often!! My name’s Chuck; whats yours?
    I’m 75% IRON MAN 70% SUPERMAN so I’m the man of steel or I like wearing it as a fashion statment go figure!

  36. “Oh my God, did ya see that?! They tipped him! They tipped Carl! Carl, are you okay?”

  37. [Comment ID #82639 will be quoted here]

    Ditto! Mmmm, Superman, save me!


  38. [Comment ID #82671 will be quoted here]

    Thanks Nik! πŸ˜† :kiss:

  39. Timm


  40. Sallie

    I am Wonder Woman

  41. Amanda B

    Disco Polo = Waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy tooo much time to kill!!!!! πŸ™

  42. Cara

    I’m 95% Wonder woman then I’m 90% cat woman so I think the odds are in my favor

  43. Gladia

    Okay, I’m 75% superman, And 60 % GreenLantern, And 60% Spiderman, Not even close to any of the female superheros…… If I was the type to worry about those things….. I guess I’d worry, after all I am a girl……. !!!!! πŸ˜€ :wtf: πŸ˜†

  44. Gladia

    OOOps, I forgot the caption…..
    No way girl, your jailbait!!! πŸ‘Ώ

  45. Gladia

    ooops again
    “You’re Jailbai!!!!!!!!!”t 😈

  46. Sage

    Oh, Mom…i didn’t realize you were home…

  47. stargazer

    Click here to take the “Which Super Villain Are You?” Quiz
    Your results:
    You are ROBIN
    green lantern-50


  48. Spanky

    How funny– I am 80% Wonder Woman, 75% Spiderman…
    Maybe that’s why I loved my Wonder Woman underoos so much?! πŸ˜€

  49. pablo

    [Comment ID #82684 will be quoted here]

    OMG that just cracked me up.

  50. beyonduplication

    wow I’m 95% Wonder Woman

  51. [Comment ID #82844 will be quoted here]

    My job is done then. Thank you and good night!

  52. Black Cow: “Hey, you worried about this mad cows disease?”

    White Cow: “Not me! I’m a helicopter!”

  53. nessa

    oh yay!……im the freaking hulk :wtf:

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