Caption Time #114

Caption Time #114

Photo via Chicky

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  1. Fighting for truth, justice, and whitest whites.

  2. [Comment ID #55473 will be quoted here]

    And missing socks, of course.

  3. Ace

    Super laundry! Super Doofus is fighting his arch nemisis: Grass and Coffee stains. If his super detergent can’t handle it he’s going to have to… BEAT the stains out!

    Link: the Hoff soap dispencer is pretty cool, but that picture of him at the bottom… too gross!

  4. Spud

    Green Lantern – The Middle Ages –


  5. Pooh-san

    Let’s see here…If I drink this, will it kill me? And more importantly, will anyone care?

  6. bhamm

    – “Hey, this was the only thing I had left that was clean! Why do you think I’m doing laundry!?”

    – “Good thing I’m wearing this mask so that the detergent doesn’t recognize me.”

    – “I wonder how well this stuff works on velvet…”

    – (reading the label) ‘As used by Superman.’ “Hey! If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me!”

    – When comic book artists really struggle for ideas.

    – (For hardcore comic fans) Marvel’s new sales pitch… “Earth 617”. Laundry planet.

    Okay, okay, last one…
    – Hmmm… it says here it removes unsightly bulges from costumes… hmmm…

  7. Rob

    Training camp can be a difficult time for rookies at the Hall of Justice …

  8. Mjaz

    Wow.. SOMEONE has been carrying a huge gruge against David Hasselhoff for a while. Hello?? It’s kind of dorky to hate a “has-been” 10 years after he “last-was” :dead:

    Why do I have the distinct feeling that Captain Underpants up there, hates David Hasselhoff too?

  9. Bob

    Is the link and the caption photo a before and after of the great David Hasslehoff?

  10. Super heroes among us – SWwwwweeeeeeet.


  11. Nef

    I guess he really did need to do laundry.

  12. cbatdux

    Tom Waits trys to dress in something so he can be incognito amongst the regular folk….

  13. Britt

    LMAO, the Hoff “Hooked on a Feeling Video” : When Hoff’s career was taking a down fall his producers told him to stand in front of a blue screen and dance like ricky martin, he then believed they would turn him into some hot young guy underwater…. boy was he wrong “Hooked a feeling…. ooga ooga” 😳

  14. Flash Gordon

    The Green Hornet on steroids. You’ll wonder where the yellow went
    when you brush your…..Oops! wrong product!
    Get it Hoff!!! πŸ˜• πŸ‘Ώ

  15. Coleman

    Laundry – The one thing they dont teach super heros these days in the Superhero Academy.

  16. Bjorn Freeh

    “For chocolate and kryptonite stains, pretreat for 20 minutes prior to wash cycle. Cold water only. Test for colorfastness.”

  17. Beaner

    Please, someone tell him to wash it in cold, I do NOT want that costume to shrink, I’m a married woman, i don’t need that kind of temptation! I love a man in uniform. :kiss:

  18. how is the battle with GODZILLA going?

    I think you can take him!

  19. scamper95

    Elvis in disguiss

  20. Mandy

    OMG what a hot bod. My :thong: is wet. :puke:

  21. Drusky

    Captain Laundry prepares for battle with the Lonely Maytag repairman…

    “To fight the good fight against the scum of the earth; Criminal scum, Murdering scum, Soap scum…”

    After his big battle with Master Solace, our hero needed a little extra bleaching action for the untidy whities… πŸ˜†

    Sorry, Master S, but your title does make for a neat Super Villan title… πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  22. [Comment ID #55647 will be quoted here]

    Long been over. I won. πŸ˜€

  23. mikeme

    President Bush , in an effort to clean up his image and bolster his ratings……………………………..

  24. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #55653 will be quoted here]

    “Karl, this soap is labeled in Spanish! Ai, carumba! You know, we need to make English the national language.”

    “Ummm… Mr. President, that is English. But the tights are a good look…”

  25. cynical villain

    Faster than a laundry mat spin cycle.
    More powerful than Cheer with Color Guard.
    Able to clean out the dirtiest shit stains out of anyone’s underwear.
    Look in the wash house!
    It’s….Captain Detergant!!!

    And I was wondering do superheroes do their own laundry. But got to admit his confusion on his face is priceless.

  26. Paige

    Is that the only thing he had in his closet clean??? As for the link, who doesnt need a little more Hasselhoff in their lives???? :wtf:

  27. Flash Gordon

    Hey, Mandy, I have a hotter bod than that lard-butt, and I’m a lot older than he
    looks. And, I’m not Mexican.

    πŸ˜• πŸ‘Ώ πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

  28. MrDoug

    naa naa na na naaa naaa LAUNDRYMAN!!!!
    Hmm now where is my trusty side kick Soap Boy?

    Hoff? No question he is πŸ‘Ώ It saddens me to know he is my generations George Hamilton

  29. Meagan

    “What do they mean by separate clothes?”

  30. [Comment ID #55650 will be quoted here]

    …from laughing too hard, I hope. πŸ™‚

  31. Katlyn

    apparently no one told him that the underwear goes under the clothes…

  32. Somehow, the world seems just a little bit safer knowing that “America’s Greatest Superhero” has enough coin to visit the local laundromat.

  33. Driver

    This sucks , I missed one stinking warhead out of 25 and poof Mexico’s gone so what . Now the Justice League has me on laundry duty at Sky High washing sidekicks skidmarks out of their tights . πŸ™

  34. Night Queen

    It’s Captain Gain! ❗

  35. It was in that moment that Dave realized that his codpiece was too tight. The effects of which he noted were the blurred vision, now causing him great difficulty. How would the date with Wendy go tonightÒ€¦? His whites were white of course, but would a woman like a man suffering with a tight codpiece?

  36. Tina Marie

    Who is that masked man?

    Is it the local laundry authority? NO!
    Is it a mild mannered husband helping out his wife with her weekly chores? NO!
    Is it some freak in a superhero costume? NO!

    Its…..Captain Laundry!

    Watch him use his fists of fury to knock the stains out of your clothes!
    See him use his boots of steel to kick ring around the collar right out of town!
    Watch him use his massive arm and chest muscles to squeeze the last drop out of his detergent bottle!
    See him use his beer-gut of sloth as an impromptu folding table for the freshly laundered clothes when the laundrymat gets full!

    Who is that masked man?

    Why…he’s my hero!

  37. Because of his superhero duties, their love could never be consummated…

  38. Anita Mann-Badley

    This is why I would never use one of those baskets-with-wheels at the laundry. Who knows what has been in them before? ❓

  39. wolfguy

    There. If my probation officer wants urine sample, then Green Lantern shall give it to him!

  40. Timm

    Captain Kenmore boosts the cleaning power of detergent by zapping it with his x-ray vision.

  41. [Comment ID #55651 will be quoted here]

    No sorry, I liked the idea there…and I will go off of it…….

    After the battle, he need to do some laundry, he needed to know if the detergent would get big brown stains out of superhero tights…

    I am the Master, and your souls will all be mine…..mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, caught up in the moment of being evil…..wait… moments there….. 😈

  42. Bry

    [Comment ID #55474 will be quoted here]

    By day– An unassuming accountant…but by night he is a true “GrimeFighter”

  43. jules

    omg ,when did they let my dad out? 8)

  44. Meagan

    If only all men did their laundry as often as Laundro-Man does his.

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