16 thoughts on “Because I know Yubiwaza!

  1. I can paralyze a pretty 98 lb. Japanese wife with just one finger. I am a Batur Master. Call me Master Batur.
    I can also cause a Zillagirl to thrash about wildly with only my tongue using my ancient language skills. I am fluent in the lingus cunni.

  2. yubiwaza – verb – the ancient art of pulling your finger out of your ass and sticking it in someone’s eye.

    Do you think Yoshie knew what NJ was a master of before she married him?

  3. Big deal! Sarah Palin can paralyze 14 yubiwaza masters with one arm tied behind
    her back while kicking Ann Coulter’s ass at the same time, a feat heretofore
    accomplished only by AnnieB, Zillagirl extraordinaire. :kiss: πŸ˜› :knickers: :wang:

  4. Looks like Fleming got fingered, is that like Freddy Got Fingered ? What newspaper or magazine did that ad come from and what year ? 😯

  5. I do beleive I want her to be my next lesbian encounter, cause if she can do that with her finger I want to know what she can do with her tounge!! But only if while I am pleasuring her she screams ME SO HORNY, ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!

  6. [quote comment=”410857″]Yeah, that’s what Dave’s doctor said.[/quote]
    I knew there was a connection here, but I couldn’t put my ‘finger’ on it…

    Sounds like a really bad martial arts movie: “Rubber Covered Fingers of Fury”… :dead:

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