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  • Cobe

    I could paralyze her with one finger too. She might like it.


  • Meagan

    Oh yeah? Well, I know Chuck Norris. Beat that! 😛

  • junkman

    just what we need….more fucking non-facts legitimized by pretty japanese wives.

  • junkman

    btw isn’t that betty page? are we sure yubiwaza is the master? meagan?

  • patrick

    I can paralyze a pretty 98 lb. Japanese wife with just one finger. I am a Batur Master. Call me Master Batur.
    I can also cause a Zillagirl to thrash about wildly with only my tongue using my ancient language skills. I am fluent in the lingus cunni.

  • StevieC

    Yubiwaza must be Japanese for Zillagirl

  • Mandy Fish

    Yeah, that’s what Dave’s doctor said.

  • pablo

    yubiwaza – verb – the ancient art of pulling your finger out of your ass and sticking it in someone’s eye.

    Do you think Yoshie knew what NJ was a master of before she married him?

  • puma

    I can’t seem to remember what that was.

  • Flash Gordon

    Big deal! Sarah Palin can paralyze 14 yubiwaza masters with one arm tied behind
    her back while kicking Ann Coulter’s ass at the same time, a feat heretofore
    accomplished only by AnnieB, Zillagirl extraordinaire. :kiss: 😛 :knickers: :wang:

  • StevieC

    I think I ordered the yubiwaza once as an appetizer.

    What can I say? I like finger foods.

  • bluebonneville

    Looks like Fleming got fingered, is that like Freddy Got Fingered ? What newspaper or magazine did that ad come from and what year ? 😯

  • sexyjamie

    I do beleive I want her to be my next lesbian encounter, cause if she can do that with her finger I want to know what she can do with her tounge!! But only if while I am pleasuring her she screams ME SO HORNY, ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!

  • Drusky

    [quote comment=”410857″]Yeah, that’s what Dave’s doctor said.[/quote]
    I knew there was a connection here, but I couldn’t put my ‘finger’ on it…

    Sounds like a really bad martial arts movie: “Rubber Covered Fingers of Fury”… :dead:

  • Lung the Younger

    For clying out roud! How many fingers you need to fire a can of mace!?

  • Spud

    Sounds like something you have with soy sauce.

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