Bad Breyer!

Bad Breyer!

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  1. Um, I second that. And, I’ll raise that to WTF?!!?!?!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

  2. Simon7

    Dear god, what population is that ad targeted at?

  3. Cronewynd, I’ll take that WTF?!!?!?!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: and raise it to a Holy Shit this is just wrong, I will never think of ice cream the same again… :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

  4. That’s it, I’m turning this into a flyer. This kind of disturbance will no doubt draw some interesting looks.

  5. starhealer

    ok that is just rong who would do such a thing? 👿

  6. Spud

    Interesting concept, I wonder which marketing department head approved the ad, or should I say ex dept head.


  7. JFLY

    Is Woody Allen their new CEO? :wtf:

    As for that video: Yanni pays tribute to Marilyn Manson…with a special guest appearance by Pink. Tickets on sale now!

  8. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH YANNI…please do NOT use that name again…Yanni and Kenny G are the root of all evil…I cannot even believe that I typed their names…now I must wash my hands AND my eyes out…

  9. So this is what Dave does on a Friday night?

  10. jeffrey

    This is a spoof ad. I have a better, more legible version of the photo and the best clue is that it is supposed to be an American ad yet they spell flavor as flavour.
    (besides the borderline obscene photo)

  11. [Comment ID #41440 will be quoted here]

    You have a more legible version of this photo…still disturbing no matter what you can see it the text…it is still very wrong…

  12. Spud

    Forgive me, I forgot..

    Rule #1 of Davezilla – All content is huma.


  13. [Comment ID #41438 will be quoted here]

    Yanni, Yanni, Yanni, Yanni, Yanni 😛

  14. Driver

    Thanks a lot dave now I need an antidote for the antipope song thats going to be stuck in my head all day at work , wait I know I’ll just think about :boob: :boob: ‘s instead yea thats the ticket

  15. [Comment ID #41440 will be quoted here]

    Who says it’s supposed to be American? Canadians have the same products we have and they use British spelling.

  16. Becky

    Ah the art of Photoshop:)

  17. mitch

    Child porn and Yanni in the same morning. Good God, please take me now. I know we are in the final fucking days.

  18. It will be okay, Mitch. It was just a typo. It’s supposed to say “Likeable.”
    Yeah, that’s the it. That’s the ticket. 😀

  19. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #41542 will be quoted here]

    or maybe sickable. So very disturbing. Dammit, now I have to pay the therapist time and a half for a special Saturday session….There goes my money for some new thongs and paper clips.

  20. Jeffro

    I wonder if they taste good?
    … the creamsicles I meen… For god sakes people. Get your minds out of the gutter. :puke:

  21. evilmster

    :wtf: buh. wuh?

  22. tabbie

    wrong… just so wrong… on so many levels!!!!
    [Comment ID #41546 will be quoted here]
    you are sooo bad Jeffro!!!!


  23. [Comment ID #41450 will be quoted here]

    You have now officially burned a permanent hole in my soul…thank you very much…I will get my revenge…don’t know how, but I will

  24. [Comment ID #41546 will be quoted here]

    Sorry Jeffro, can’t get my mind out of the gutter…it has been stuck there for quite some time now…and I have no intensions of ever pulling myself out of it…

  25. scamper95

    Breyer’s new flaver for men

  26. laceylegacey

    Dave, you have sunk to a new low :puke:

  27. JFLY

    [Comment ID #41553 will be quoted here]

    Careful…I know a few wrestling holds myself, thanks to my older brother who performed every move he saw on TV on me…the claw, the sleeper hold, etc. And even though he’s 51 and works for the police department he still enjoys closing my head in the refrigerator door just for old time’s sake whenever we’re at Mom’s house…LOL.

  28. JFLY

    Wait…that explains a lot, huh?

  29. terlmann

    :wtf: This is bad.
    :wtf: Dave, you have lost your sense of reason. :wtf:
    💡 Let me take over the site and- you – Take a long,long vacation. 🙂

  30. [Comment ID #41567 will be quoted here]

    The claw?!!!? The Von Erich Claw or the Mandible Claw…I prefer the Mandible Claw…I have made numerous people pass out from it, but who said I would get my revenge that way… 😈

  31. [Comment ID #41440 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #41458 will be quoted here]

    It is bad taste like in this ad that made me decide to move back to Indiana from Calgary…that, and my training was over up there…but I’m just saying that it wouldn’t surprise me any if this was Canadian made

  32. lucygoosy2004

    Thats sick!!!! :puke:Ill never buy Breyers Ice Cream ever again!! Cold Stone Creamery forever!!!!

  33. JFLY

    [Comment ID #41577 will be quoted here]

    Had to be Von Erich. We once went to see Dick the Bruiser and the Crusher at the Chicago Amphitheatre, but that was back in the 70’s. I believe Jimmy Valiant was there that night, too. I’m talking back when Hulk Hogan was a new-comer and Rick Flair actually wrestled. OMG…my age is showing! 😳

  34. [Comment ID #41580 will be quoted here]

    Don’t worry about it…

    I am very impressed with all of it…no revenge will be enacted in any way…and you actually got to see Dick the Brusier live…lucky you…my great uncle wrestled during the times of Dick the Brusier and the Crusher…he was the masked man called The Black Assassin…he is responsible for getting me into the business to begin with…but I never got to see Dick the Brusier except in what little video footage there was…I am very impressed…

  35. nancy

    how this get past legal? 😈

  36. Teri

    This is just sick and way too wrong! :puke: Why even post this picture!

  37. jeffrey

    [Comment ID #41458 will be quoted here]

    Because the text also mentions the ‘American Gymnastics Team’ and the logo at the bottom is for ‘USA Gymnastics”.

  38. Ron

    Actually, it was James (Baron) Von Raschke that used the claw.

  39. Cynical Villain

    There is something very DISTURBING about this. Are they teaching “video ho” basics in school now. There is something not right about that.

  40. Meagan

    [Comment ID #41579 will be quoted here]

    I’ll second that. :puke:
    Unfortunately, we don’t have Cold Stone here in Canada so I think I’ll just stick with Hagen Daz and Ben and Jerry’s.

  41. Da Popster

    Who is this ad aimed at, pedophiles of the world? :puke:

  42. DICK

    I’d like to lick that girls ass !!!!!!!
    I’d like to fuck her too!!!!
    :mrgreen: :undies: :kiss:

  43. DICK

    :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong:

  44. DICK

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. [Comment ID #41955 will be quoted here]
    yep. i think they r teaching “video ho” basics in grade school no less!

    there have been reports in at least one major city that grade school kids are having oral sex in the stairwells. hey, it’s the 21st century y’all!

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