Hells Yeah

I just want to thank all of you that have been giving that link on the left a click. This is now the #1 WordPress site thanks to all of you. Keep clicking. We’re number one!

11 Replies to “Hells Yeah”

  1. Dave, I’m really (maternally) proud of you. At l(e)ast you’ve accomplished something in your life.:grin:

  2. I’d like to pretend I’m watching Esther and Mandy doing something.

    Oh yeah, I clicked on it! 😈

  3. :java: coffee cup in one hand, dick in the other… :wang:

    oh, and of course, :boobs::boobs:
    Time for a TREK reference: :geek:

  4. Come on Esther and Mandy… let’s be honest… we all know my pink trunks are the driving force behind the Davezilla machine. 😆

    I believe Rev’s contributions should be noted as well. 😛

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