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  1. Rule #1: Never wear pants the same color as the scratching post.

  2. [Comment ID #210376 will be quoted here]

    How did you know?

  3. Drusky

    Just wait until that cat learns how to tie your shoes together as a gentle reminder to feed it… :mrgreen:

  4. [Comment ID #210376 will be quoted here]

    Raul, you misunderstand. This behavior is cat-speak for ‘You are late feeding me .. again.’ Cat’s aren’t necessarily big on time of day. But they are really strong believers in cause and effect. Such as, alarm rings – shower – get dressed – go to kitchen – feed cat. The know you haven’t been to the kitchen yet, and that is the important topic for them. Anything that delays ‘go to kitchen’ is teasing – you are toying with their minds by deliberately delaying ‘go to the kitchen.’ Since you are playing anyway, they figure you need to be playing with them.

    If you tie the shoes after feeding the cat, you lose your helper – and snagged threads in pants and socks.

  5. kernny

    You have forgotten your most basic help !

  6. kernny

    You have forgotten your most basic help !

  7. kernny

    You have forgotten your most basic help !

  8. Perhaps he thought your pants were too long and wanted to help with adjusting their height? I don’t know, My cat just bitches at me till I give it what it wants, usually food. ( a la wake up cat from the other day) :wtf:

  9. Spud

    Ha, cool pic Dave.

  10. Chris S

    Dave has now officially gone over to the dark side…it appears there is no help for him. Alas, we hardly knew ye… soon he will be leaving posts ala the Sultan of Cleveland and wearing women’s bras for underwear.
    ❓ 🙁

  11. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #210377 will be quoted here]

    It (the post) was in “My kitten plays fetch!” Duh 😛

    @ Nicolette – I believe that’s Natalie … at least, I hope to kiss a cat it is. 😆

  12. [Comment ID #210388 will be quoted here]

    Yes, I am not one to wear thumb rings.

  13. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #210389 will be quoted here]

    How about cock rings? 😈

    See how my mind works … just skips over tasteless and goes right to the gutter. 😛

  14. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #210390 will be quoted here]

    And we LOVE that about you – Don’t ever change!

    Please refer to Viral Video #3 for a lesson in cat behavior.

  15. chainstay

    Does your cat like to watch you pee? My cat is fascinated by the act. This amuses/creeps me out. I guess I should just keep the door shut. But who am I to deny my kitten a bit of entertainment. As long as she doesn’t fall in or swat at the source.

  16. [Comment ID #210390 will be quoted here]

    Glad you could join me! There’s a lot of people who come by this gutter who could use a spanking. Want one? 😈

  17. Driver

    I got nothing for the kitten but AnnieB I’m sure you are quite tasty 😛 and Mistress Darla are we taking numbers today or is it first cum first spank :wang:

  18. Today is: Sycophantic Elephants Day
    How much does an Elephant tharapist charge per hour 🙄 ?

  19. [Comment ID #210395 will be quoted here]

    Now spanking number 69. 😈

  20. [Comment ID #210392 will be quoted here]

    I have to lock my bathroom door and my cat still meows and reaches underneath to try and get in. Next time make a lol with the cat in the bathroom ” I’z watchz u pee”

  21. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #210397 will be quoted here]

    Oh good! I believe I am number 70, but not so hard,
    please; I haven’t recovered from the last spanking.
    😛 :wang: :wang: 😈

  22. Drusky

    [Comment ID #210390 will be quoted here]

    What do you mean ‘goes right to the gutter’? Seems to me it pretty much STAYS in the gutter… :mrgreen:

  23. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #210402 will be quoted here]

    Guilty as charged! I only come up for air. 😈

    Yoohoo, Mistress Darlaaaaa …. 😛

  24. Drusky

    [Comment ID #210403 will be quoted here]
    She’s a little busy spanking the living daylights out of Flash right now, so nah! 😆

  25. [Comment ID #210393 will be quoted here]

    I’m next!!!! 😈 Must I leave my pants on or do you prefer barebottom?

  26. julesOdeNile

    okay, pay attention. like i sez last time, this goeses here…and loopz out like so…thatz it!

  27. What rabbit?! You said the rabbit goes in the hole!! Where’s the fucking rabbit?!

  28. Loli

    “I thought what we had was Special, Mr. Left. And after all those times I humped you :limp: “

  29. Grimm

    The cat is mad because he doesn’t have opposable thumbs(and he doesn’t wear shoes).

  30. [Comment ID #210406 will be quoted here]

    Like you should even ask? 😈


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