18 thoughts on “This won’t end well

  1. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. Still have the scrapes on my groin.

    Lesson to be learned here: if she (or he) is good enough to cheat with, you may as well stay in bed — unless the spouse is armed with a tactical missile.

  2. old piton dick should have went out on the balcony if he wanted to see around the corner! think he is wearing manty hose? :gay:

  3. Obviously that shot was not taken in Canada during the winter.

    As for the vid of the day – cruelty to chocolate is just wrong.

    Re: link of the day – wear those and you’ll never see :boob: :boob: again.

  4. CIA has gone a little too far this time. What happen to wire tapping and stake outs. Think whoever the target is must not be able to see naked agents hanging out on sides of buildings

  5. Cheaterman, Cheaterman,
    Does whatever a cheater can.
    Scales a wall, any size,
    Look out! Here comes the Cheaterman.

  6. Heard from inside the apt: “Mommy, this light switch looks funny…”


    Marriot’s new Express Check In program still needs a little work… 😯 :dead:

  7. Mantyhose? No thanks, I’ll go commando.
    Video of the Day- Sorry due, ADD and all that. Film it in 33 rpm, show it in 78rpm. Let’s go I’ve got things to do. Nice idea though. I wonder if a hair dryer would melt Mr. Bun Buns.
    Today’s Post- I agree with Alex and Rust. Unless hubby is packing steel, I’d take my chances on the ass whipping. I haven’t figured out a way around that whole gravity thing yet.

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