She tooks steroids?

She tooks steroids?

(My new kitton is a TV addict, btw)

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  1. Zilla the Younger

    Kitton? Is that some kind of Transformer pet?

  2. Zilla the Younger

    Oh my God, I just realized, I’m the first to post today!!!

    Woo Hoo!

  3. James right eye

    what’s the big deal. I’m on steroids today too, and it feesl wonderful

  4. la_winky

    My head hurts from the kittie page. What kind of evil language is that? :wtf:

  5. AnnieB

    It’s okay sweet Kitty Kat, she thought it was only flaxseed oil so she’s completely innocent of any wrongdoing. You may go finish your nap now and stop worrying.

  6. junkman

    An area that has stagnant Chi is best remedied with an aquarium or a television. The placement of flowers or potted plants are also effective cures for these areas.

    -das all well an gud but fung schway don say nuttin bout da kittons!

  7. I always thought people who used steroids had a wasted, old and tired look. …She looked better fat.

  8. pablo

    Video of the day was pretty crappy. After watching it I’m feeling quite flushed.

  9. [Comment ID #202568 will be quoted here]

    Clearly you are over 24. 👿

  10. [Comment ID #202568 will be quoted here]

    Just smile and go along with it. I found that was much easier than trying to understand it. All I can say to those kind of people is, “Yous is stoopid.” 🙄 😛

  11. dontknowmyname!

    😳 😛 🙄 😕 😮 😆 :wtf: :undies: this is what I think of that!!!

  12. cbatdux

    Eye kant stahndit wen theze yunguns spel wurds rong intenshunullee. Maykes reedin wa to complikatud.

  13. [Comment ID #202588 will be quoted here]

    Took me 30 seconds longer to read that than it should’ve! 🙁 ❓ :puke: 🙁 :dead:

    Is it a rite of passage when you no longer need to click on the davezilla icons but you automatically type them out as needed?

  14. Flash Gordon

    Anyone notice Cacaman’s eerie resemblance to
    Hussein OBama? Hillary, you go girl! 😛 😕 :wtf:

  15. Drusky

    [Comment ID #202590 will be quoted here]

    Possibly, but you know you’ve TRULY arrived when you are the object of several of the latest polls such as Mandy…

    [Comment ID #202588 will be quoted here]

    Wlcom bak, CBATDUX. Ise hvnt sees u in a whle… 😆

  16. Spud

    [Comment ID #202598 will be quoted here]
    That’s about right, across the board.

    I cannot for the life understand the rush to text or write a message in some wierd short script rather than taking a few extra moments to spell correctly and clearly convey what they mean with the Queen’s english.


  17. Drusky

    [Comment ID #202601 will be quoted here]
    The problem is I/M’ing and texting have just as much in common with the Queen’s English as older Macs have with Windows Explorer. Text messaging and I/M’ing have virtually created an entirely separate language. I would not be surprised to see a new generation of kids who grow up speaking ‘textese’ flawlessly but couldn’t pass the same English classes you and I took in 7th grade…

  18. [Comment ID #202579 will be quoted here]

    Hey….if that meant “including the age of” 24, that’s okay….but if not, I take offense to that……I’m only 24………..

    Sorry, the voices are telling me to make my point….

    I got a nice headache from trying to read that alien language spewed by the people on that site…….but it does remind me of those “Huked on Foniks” T-Shirts I’ve seen…….

  19. And you know I’m just messin’ with ya, Mr. Zilla……but seriously….maybe you should’ve said a lower number….like 20…….and I say 20 because at 21 you can drink………..and I have a little experiment for the drinkers out there in Zillaland….go back to the link and try and read that alien language after at least a half of a fifth’s worth of alcohol in your system… will find out that you can understand it better that you can normal English……or at least it starts to look more like drunken English……which ALL drunks should know by heart……

    And if you don’t already know the answer to the question, don’t ask me how I know this…….

    Now if you all will excuse me, the full bottle of Crown over there on the counter is calling out to me…….

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