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  • Mandy

    that story just gets more unbelievable the more they uncover. now it looks like she may have spent waaaaaay more than $150,000 and she suddenly “can’t find” most of the clothes. uh huh. yank the other tit, it squeaks.

  • Da Popster

    Don’t know why they bought her the clothes, they should have known better when the lipstick didn’t work. ( Green Hurl !! )


    Dave – I think we need a contest for Sara Palin’s next gig….She’s not going back to Wasilla – she’s gonna cash in on this. maybe not playboy layout, maybe not a spot on “The View”, but somethin….

  • rust

    Who is this Sarah Palin? Wasn’t she on TV or something?

  • Lung the Younger

    Gosh darn it, a ‘real’ Alaskan hunts down and shoots their clothes. The part of the critter that doesn’t go into the deep freeze, goes into the wardrobe.

  • StevieC

    [quote comment=”482665″]Who is this Sarah Palin? Wasn’t she on TV or something?[/quote]

    Yeah, she was the Tina Fey wanabe

  • Nicolette

    Carribou Barbie is going to donate her clothes? Oh how nice! Just don’t mind the moose blood stains.

  • junkman

    i said it before but now that mandy has updated us on the palin saga i think that she (mandy) should get way more than $150,000.00 just for being her and she should lose or give all her clothes to good will. :mrgreen:
    p.s. what is the icon sposed to mean?

  • Patrick

    “Caribou Barbie”- ladies and genltemen we have a winner!

  • Tammy

    Isn’t she Obama’s vp now?

  • AnnieB

    Really, don’t you think perhaps it’s just a “rookie politician’s” mistake for not realizing that you don’t screw around with the public’s money until AFTER you’re elected?

  • nowon_yuno

    No no no! Obama is the one who is going to give everyone money. Dumb asses

  • Arsonite

    Goodwill will be waiting for awhile she has to save them for 2012 when she runs for her party nomination for prez. I mean she will need something nice until campaign contributions come in.

  • Meagan

    Now that would’ve made my Sarah Palin costume much better than the stupid mask.

  • Mark

    If you run out of clothes, I’m sure you could get some from Tina Fey.

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