Caption Time #73

Caption Time #73

Photo submitted by mikeB

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  1. “I will wave my hands in front of my breasts to distract you from the fact that my zipper is open.”

  2. “I must, I must, I must increase my bust.”
    “Oops, wrong area.”:oops:

    Imagine what that bunny will really look like in 20 years.:razz:

  3. Stephanie

    😎 “They are real..and they are Fabulous!!!”

  4. Mark

    “With a nose like mine, I have to draw attention to my boobs!”:-?

  5. Cheerleader showing off her rock and unsuccessfully trying to convince her friends that her jock boyfriend wants to marry her for her personality.

  6. Spud

    “I feel the need… the need to exceed…”


  7. Wendy

    Hey look….Not only does Pinnochio’s nose grow when he lies, so do his boobs!:boobs:

  8. mitch smith

    Hey look…my boobs are growing beards. Boy, am I talented and hirsute.

  9. Cheap Date

    “Does my new polish match my new boobs?? They were both ON DISCOUNT!”

  10. What is the thing below her belt buckle?

    Was this photo taken during “alone” time? :wang::lol:

  11. Popster

    OK, I’m drunk enough, now DO ME !! :limp:

  12. Mandy

    “I’m getting two more breasts added under my armpits.” :boobs::boobs::boobs::boobs:

  13. Looks like she may have went to the Celine Dion school of over dramatics in wine and singing. Looks like the impression of Celine’s 10th farewell tour.

  14. misskitty

    oohhh i can’t wait to show my new tits to my girlfriend!:boobs:

  15. Oh these old things? Yes, they’re mine. I paid for them myself.

  16. Themrdoug

    I feel pretty oh so pretty…after 16 years of drugs, thearpy, and surgeries, Bob(ie) finaly lets the cat out of bag at his/her coming out party.

  17. don

    is it me or are my boobs hot:oops:

  18. jackson

    Nope, it’s not just you don. Goofy picture, great boobs, and a peep show of the goodies below. Fine photography at it’s best … :undies:

  19. InsaneSailor

    Now Mike…You promise you will never show this picture of me showing you my breast to anyone.:twisted:

  20. pappy

    “I want to see how tight I can stretch my shirt before it rips.. Then you can see how great my boobs are up close!!”

    P.S. Dave, where do you get this stuff?

  21. mikeB

    See I was thinking, either she has the world’s largest clit, or the world’s tiniest penis. :limp:

  22. garth

    “You know those NIKE shoe pump things? Well, you press on these and my head goes all tight”

  23. Maxxon

    Oh my shirt they do fill
    She cooed with a thrill
    And the cost I will pay
    Is like politics in a way
    For my BUSH will cover the bill

  24. Fireyes

    talk about open invitation :thong:
    she sure can sniff out a good :wang:

  25. Nina

    Who Me? I’m not drunk!!

    It’s the pain killers from the :boobs:job mixed with the alcohol!

    Speaking of my :boobs::boobs: Aren’t they pretty?!

  26. Ms. Z

    Is it just me, or is one of my :boobs: bigger then the other?

  27. “My :boobs::boobs:s? Why yes, aren’t they just?”

  28. Cody

    Time for a new picture. This one is a yawner.

  29. TJ

    :wtf: Looooooooooove for sale! Appetizing young love for sale!


    I feel pretty…oh so pretty

  30. BillP

    Am I the only one who thinks she’s kinda hot? I’d squeeze those :boobs::boobs: for her. :wang:

  31. “and this…..aaaaaahhhhhhhh… Dixie Wexworth”

    obscure, old MAD TV reference

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