27 thoughts on “Caption Time #299

  1. Dibs on firsties! Holy Shit! Back boobs, and no nipples. Under better circumstances she might be the perfect woman– boobs in the back to play with while you’re nailing her. Boobs in the front to play with while you’re nailing from the back door. What a novel concept!

  2. The obvious “front or back?”
    Nipples on the shoulder blades?
    fat farm weigh in?
    buddy doesn’t look all that svelte
    I will have to now go and wash out my mind

  3. It seems like the ribbon holding the straps together was an addition. I’m not sure what the intended effect was or how this could possibly be an improvement over what came before.

    *Covers eyes*

  4. oh my god! You know, a lot of Chilean men like to “hacer la rusa“* — but I haven’t lived here long enough to be able to get wood over this travesty of a human being… although I can think of a few huevones** who could and would!

    *literally, “do the russian” (female gender) which involves friction of the male organ against the mammaries.
    **literally, “big eggs” in reference to testicles.

  5. hey junkie, that one made me literally Laugh Out Loud! (I hate that stupid TLA*).

    BTW, where in Jokeville are you? Or did you stop being an Oak-villain and move “closer my god to thee” into Mister and Missus Agha?

    *TLA Three Letter Acronym

  6. No matter which angle you approach her from, you can reach out with both hands and grab boob. {{shudder}}

    In the words of Boris Karloff: I wouldn’t touch you with a 39 and a half foot pole!

  7. Maybe the ones in front are so big she had to grow some in back to keep her balance.

    Perhaps her plastic surgeon made a mistake and put the implants on the wrong side.

  8. hey junkie, I lived for a time on South Forster, and then on Stewart — but that was back in the 70s when I took a lot of LDS*, but really I grew up on a street off Bridge near Hopedale Plaza (now a “Mall”). Really, a small freakin’ world. And now I live on the other side of the planet.

    Be sure to drop into the “Hoadie” and have a beer for me, if it still exists. Erm, that’s what we called the Halton.

    *TLA used erroneously by Capt. Kirk referring to Spock’s weird behaviour in ST IV: The Search for a Good Hump. Come to think of it, the female in the above photo could qualify…

  9. I’m reminded of a Married with Children episode where Al says : “”THE PERFECT WOMAN HAS THREE BREASTS – ONE ON THE BACK FOR DANCING!”,

  10. rust speaking of spock reminds me of a song that might apply here…

    Do your (r)ears hang low?
    Do they wobble to and fro?
    Can you tie them in a knot?
    Can you tie them in a bow?
    Can you throw them o’er your shoulder
    Like a Continental Soldier?
    Do your (r)ears hang low?

  11. I remember my brother once referring to a bra with a large cup as an “Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder.” Geez, does Playtex or Maidenform make a four cup bra????

  12. Bra makers are going crazy to be the first to release the TwinBra­­® with DuoSupport™ and LRGCUPP™ for your maximum comfort 🙁

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