25 thoughts on “Caption Time #279

  1. yes it’s going to be hard to hit but please shoot it now.

    p.s. what in the fuck is happening in the world of photos? can’t a mechanism be attached to the camera that shoots a spring loaded bolt through the eye of the beholder and then dumps acid into the film canister before an unsuspecting public is subjected to this sort of thing?

    p.s.s. caption time…”this is my parents basement”…..remember guns don’t kill people parents do. :troll:

  2. Guitar hero guitars, clean manicured carpet, twin bed, blue single curtains, no design…more than likely, water pistols and matchboxes, old painted cassette cases. The only scary thing in this picture is the guy…

    Encouragment to mothers everywhere to raise your sons to be productive members of society!! 😕

  3. WTF that is enough to give us dry heaves for the next week….the only way to cure this is to dip the dip in Nair head to toe,use the guns as supositories,tale the ammo and burglar tools and donate to the boys in blue……and…. use the giutars to play his favorite song ..”I lve at home and I wuv my mama”

  4. He was a quiet kid living at home, always came out to get the paper in his bathrobe. We thought his folks were on vacation in Florida…

  5. “He was such a nice man. I can’t beleve he went to the mall and did such a terrible thing!”

  6. I stick all these things in my random orifices cause i can’t get a date. My penis tells me I’m a bad boyyy

  7. That night, Sasquatch vowed never to be ‘messed with’ by those jerky eating a-holes again… ❗

  8. Is this supposed to be sexy because it’s just making me gag :puke:
    Someone has been living at home with mommy too long and has too much time on his hands.

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