Caption Time #218

Caption Time #218

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  1. Drusky

    Without a third brake light, there’s a chance of being rear-ended…

  2. patrick

    I’ve seen asses so big I thought they needed back up lights and warning signals. You know, the kind where when you say “Haul Ass!” it takes three trips! But this is just weird, especially if they light up.

  3. Whatever you do, don’t ask to see the four-way flashers.

    Re: Link of the day – Dogzilla!!

  4. Lake Effect

    I don’t even want to think about where the license tag is… :wtf:

  5. Driving a Peugeot is like driving an ass.

  6. Flash Gordon

    If I can find a pair with a Studebaker logo, I will send you a pair, AnnieB. Should
    bring back fond memories, Babe. 😎 :kiss: :undies: :java:

  7. 😈 What do the headlights look like??? :boobs: :boobs: 😈

  8. For sure. Thanks Flash, you’re the best! 😀

    You know if you stand back about 4 feet and imagine his whole body, his butt’s really not that big. They don’t look like they would be very comfortable (sitting) but I guess they would be attention-getting. Other than public ridicule or what Drusky said, I’m not quite sure what kind of attention that might be or why you’d want it. Maybe it’s some sort of wacky Peugeot club thing. 😕

  9. Driver

    I wonder how many times she’s been asked – – can I drive you home or how about a test drive or is there parking in the rear or can I check under your hood-[bonnet] or can I check your oil with my dipstick or [and this is a bad one] have you had your emissions checked 😛

  10. jack

    Sorry nAnnie that Ferrari is a definite female.

  11. Spud

    or ‘you got junk in the trunk lady’… 🙄

  12. DaPopster

    Wonder what the headlights look like? High / low beam? :wtf:

  13. Chris S

    Here we see a rear view photo of Sharon Peters, the first woman to put over 400,000 miles on a Peugeot 206 Assmaster. When asked to comment on this grueling achievment she simply replied “The engine sure has taken a beating but it still runs great! Would you happen to have an icepack handy?”

  14. chainstay

    maybe they are afraid of being rear-ended.
    Is it a stick or automatic?

  15. julesOdeNile

    about tail gating…. what’s the safe approach distance?

    what comes after the eventuality of rear-ending?

    can i place my wood in her trunk?

    please do not honk (toot) if you’re in love!!!

    about skidding (and skid marks)… is that burning rubber???

  16. Lung the Younger

    Ah the french lasses are used to having a baguette in their trunk.

  17. [Comment ID #223083 will appear here]

    Egads, you’re right. 😳

    I was looking at the arms, hands and that looked like men’s jewelry …

    Well, she is fully loaded. 😛

  18. TimM

    If an old woman wore those she would probably be walking around with her left butt-cheek signal blinking.

  19. TimM

    Is she a convertible, and does the top come off?

  20. Cobe

    Hey! Don’t stick that bananna in my tail pipe.

  21. Zilla the Younger

    Unfortunatley, this model gets bad gas mileage…I think she needs her oil changed.

  22. Excuse me while I back up into my parking space. 😈

  23. Sun

    ummm, that’s a he?

  24. MRDOUG

    Introducing the 2007 Peugeot 206 HDI, that is correct HDI better know as:

    You should see the shift lever on this one… :puke:

  25. Drusky

    [Comment ID #223105 will appear here]

    😆 😀 😆 😀
    Give that man a ceegarr!!

  26. That bracelet is too dainty. Hips… curves… that’s a girl. Or a very pretty guy.

    Is this SteveC’s girl? :kiss:

  27. [Comment ID #223116 will appear here]

    Ummmmm, no. My girl has much better taste than to wear Poo-go pants.

    And for the insinuation, give me 20.

  28. Nicolette

    [Comment ID #223089 will appear here]

    Get another line. I beat ya to that one! 👿

  29. Jay Laverdure

    Tail lights? Caution, caution!

  30. I was saddened for a moment by the thought that you may have strayed…
    20?! :wtf: I’ll try…

    I think in something similar I wouldn’t mind being rear ended…

  31. Ronica

    Her trunk sure is purdy, hope there’s room for all her man’s :wang: junk

  32. [Comment ID #223121 will appear here]

    You should be able to give me 20 with one hand tied behind my back. 😈 :wang:

  33. scamper95

    Britney before court

  34. What gets me is that she actually found these, said, yes, I think I’ll put these on my ass and paid cash american or green stamps or whatever for them. Or maybe she is a victim of the latest metro trend — ass graffiti.

  35. “If you smelled that, you’re too close.”

  36. ZenReaper

    Here’s hoping she doesn’t backfire.

  37. Drusky

    [Comment ID #223116 will appear here]

    Can’t be. Stevie’s girl would have ’57 Caddie tail fins and chrome exhaust tips stuck to her ass… 😛

  38. [Comment ID #223130 will appear here]

    Actually, they would be ’59 Caddy fins, but you’re good! 😆

  39. Memphisbandman

    re: cat lady video…

    Isn’t she the woman who played the witch in the Bugs Bunny cartoon?

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