Caption Time #195

Caption Time #195

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  1. AnnieB

    Kiss me coconut head, I’m thirsty. :wtf:


    I’m Cap’n Coconut – scourge o’ the south pacific! ARRR!

  3. Chris S

    NEW from Mattel: The Indonesian Mr. Potatohead… Mr. Coconuthead! Lead paint not included…

  4. Spud

    Kiss me Kate

  5. StevieC

    Arrrgh, Billy. Ah’ll keep an eye out fer ya!

  6. junkman

    Steven Cojocaru after male hormone replacement therapy or Donatella Versace on a good day?

  7. Bjorn Freeh

    Arrr, swabby, you be a tad bit early. Talk Like A Pirate Day is still two days hence.

  8. patrick

    Who lives in a cocoanut under the sea? Spongebob’s retarded friend, Blinky!

  9. pablo

    I’ll tell ya. These Pirates are the most resourceful people ever. You lose an arm and you get a hook. You lose a leg and you get a peg. You lose your head………and there you go!

  10. pablo

    Big bonus for Mr’ Coconut head here, I’m positive he can’t hear the link of the day guy singing (singing?) (screetching?) (immitating a howler monkey?)

  11. Cherish

    Re: bengal kitty…

    Yes, bengals are known for being quite exotic when it comes to their vocabulary… Not to sound like the crazy cat lady who has whole conversations with her cats, but my bengal is also very vocal… maybe not as enunciated as the one in the video, but she clearly syllablizes her chirping, trilling, warbling and meowing…and she is interactive if you respond to her. She even pets us to let us know she”d like us to pet her… it’s weird and annoying sometimes, but overall it’s still awesome.

    Re: the pirate…

    “I hate clowns with a mighty passion, arrr!”

  12. Does this shade of red look good on me? I’m trying to be a little bold but I’m not too sure I’m ready for the bright red…though they say it makes your teeth look whiter and oozes confidence. Tell me what you think, honestly…?

    Link of the day: this page cannot be displayed…Is my guardian angel working overtime today?

    Admit your sins to a gopher day: Will a groundhog do? I can’t find a gopher and it’ll take all day once I get started?…

    [Comment ID #201239 will be quoted here]
    What do they do if they get Lorena Bobbitted? :wang: :limp: 😳 ❓

  13. I just spent 30 minutes listening to bengal cats/kitties talking. :wtf:

  14. [Comment ID #201248 will be quoted here]

    Really? Really?

  15. StevieC

    [Comment ID #201248 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #201250 will be quoted here]

    I just spent 30 minutes staring at Nikki & Astryd’s avatars. 😈 :wang:

  16. Yucca

    ARG. let me show you me nuts!

  17. President George W. Bush will nominate New York federal Judge Michael B. Mukasey to replace controversial Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as the top U.S. law enforcement official, the White House announced on Monday. Mukasey, who was nominated to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, will bring to the U.S. Justice Department a lifetime of legal experience and more than 18 years of service as a federal judge, said a White House “fact sheet” released on Monday.

  18. Drusky

    Rejected Sesame Street character #76: ‘Captain Coconut’
    “Arrgghh, kids. Only pussies use eye patches…”
    Rejected Bob Denver/Gilligan costumes…

    [Comment ID #201261 will be quoted here]

    and happily, you only needed one hand to work the mouse… 😛 😈 😆

  19. [Comment ID #201248 will be quoted here]

    Seven minutes too many!!! 🙂

  20. patrick

    Astryd, I thought “Does this shade of red look good on me?” was a reference to your panties. And then I got to the part about the whiter teeth. Sweetie, if your pootie poo got teeth, I wanna be your manager! We’ll get rich! :wang: 👿

  21. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #201286 will be quoted here]

    What’s your point? No offense … just curious.

  22. [Comment ID #201299 will be quoted here]

    Ha! I didn’t even think about that!
    If I had teeth down there…*shudder* I just remembered an email I got that depicted that exactly. It gave me nightmares!
    …I wonder…with teeth on the opposite end would the manner in which women consume nourishment have to change as well? Would we be walking around with bare gums in our mouths? And would calorie/fat/carb/etc intake rate change as well? …yugh… :puke:

    change subject…
    A 2 year old boy went to the department store with his mother and while there his mother caught him reaching up the skirt of a mannequin. She scolded him and told him never to do that again because girls have teeth down there and will bite off anything you put near it.
    As a teenager the boy still had this ‘knowledge’ embedded in his mind. He had a girlfriend then and they were having a pretty hot make out session. His girlfriend told him to eat her out and he said no. She insisted and he said “no because you have teeth down there”. Confused she proceeded to show him he was wrong. After a few minutes he says “With gums like that, No wonder you don’t have teeth!”

    Ok. I’m really done now… 😈

  23. Jewels-O-deNile

    After the movie with What’s-his-name, wilson the ball headed companion met up with Cap’n Nutz O’Badhair (pictured) and are in process of making a motion picture

  24. Jo Blo

    [Comment ID #201301 will be quoted here]

    Maybe he was trying to bring some IQ points back to the comments. 😛

  25. StevieC

    [Comment ID #201346 will be quoted here]

    Couldn’t be – he was talking about George W.

  26. StevieC

    [Comment ID #201346 will be quoted here]

    Couldn’t be – he was talking about GWB

  27. patrick

    Astryd spewed out: Ha! I didn’t even think about that!
    If I had teeth down there…*shudder* I just remembered an email I got that depicted that exactly. It gave me nightmares!
    …I wonder…with teeth on the opposite end would the manner in which women consume nourishment have to change as well? Would we be walking around with bare gums in our mouths? And would calorie/fat/carb/etc intake rate change as well? …yugh…

    It would give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “EAT ME!” :wang: :wang:

  28. I’m sorry if I caused any confusion. Here’s what I intended. Davezilla posted a photo of a Coconut Pirate. Then he requested captions. Think of my attempt as a photo with caption announcing the proposed attorney general. See, the coconut pirate is the proposed attorney general. Get it?

  29. StevieC

    [Comment ID #201369 will be quoted here]

    We’re nothing if not confused – that’s why we’ve got the :wtf: icon.

    We’re also quite horny; hence the 😈 :boob: 😛 :wang: icons.

  30. AnnieB

    Yes, thank you. It was just so lengthy I thought perhaps you had an opinion about it (well, I guess you did) and was just throwing it up for discussion. My mistake.

  31. Actually it was cut and pasted from a real news release. :wtf:

  32. Joy Bahar, comedienne and star of the highly successful ABC talk-fest “The View”, stopped to talk to us as we cruised the red carpet at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday. Most often seen in a combination of full makeup and a brilliant red wig, friends tell us that she is privately called “old coconut faced pirate” by those who have seen her with out it.

    Ms. Bahar took the time to fill us in on her upcoming role in the newest Tom Cruise film, in which she will play a pivotal roll as an ingredient in a Pena Colada that Cruise serves another character.

  33. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #201395 will be quoted here]

    A REAL news release? OMG, I thought you just made that up. I’m just so damn embarrassed!

    Thank you again, sir and :wtf: right back at you.

  34. “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…” 😛

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