Caption Time #190

Caption Time #190

Image via knutmo. In case you need to see all the gory detail, here’s the full size version.

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  1. Mandy

    /dies :dead:

  2. Mjaz

    Suzanne Somers interviews Dolly Parton in the first episode of The Creepy Old Has-been Show, Coming this fall, only on Fox.

  3. Bigwavdave

    Nice to know guys don’t have the only “DISGUSTING” franchise. :puke: :puke: :puke:

    Do these women (?) think they have made themselves attractive? :wtf:

    And finally, this proves there are Drs. out there who will do anything for a fuck…oops, I mean buck.

  4. junkman

    “two fellas about to demonstrate how to remove tonsil stones with microphones”

  5. tanderny

    my eyes, MY EYES, they burn!

    That was just too much to take first thing in the morning.

  6. sweet t

    Oh my God What happened to her face? :wtf:

  7. StevieC

    Is the one on the right even female? :wtf:
    All I can say is that those two have been seriously stedged!

  8. Spud

    Yes, that’s right, a Stedging has been identified in the remains of these two humans.

  9. pablo

    Other than being waaaaaaaay too Barbiesque the one on the left still passes for human.

    The one on the right however:
    Airforce insignia gives away our new method of driving Osama Bin Laden out of hiding.
    What happens when instead of injecting collegen you just insert the whole sheep.
    Advetizing permanent make-up, FOR CLOWNS!!!!
    Conversation with her plastic surgeom, “Now this is a new stick, I’ll just keep beating you with it until you are pretty”
    Bozo & Hobo Kelly had a child (late 60’s reference)
    What’s her sign? Do not enter

  10. pablo

    If the lady in the video had seen girl #2 she would have shit herself

  11. Mikeme

    Mack truck makeover!

  12. Bjorn Freeh

    Ok, with the Tampon Chandalier, how do they know which string actually turns on the lights?

  13. junkman

    just watched the video. i am deathly afraid of the mr.sulu psychologist.

  14. Chris

    Does anyone have the number for girl #1?

    Hell ill take the phone number for girl number #2 (


    Desperate times, desperate times… 🙁

  15. Chris

    I think it is time for Extreme Makeover: Paper Bag Edition for #2.

    Or Extreme Makeover: Shotgun Edition

  16. Now I know what I’m gonna be for Halloween… ❓

    If I go blonde will my boobs inflate like that? (No offense to my fellow Zillagirlz)

    “Coulrophobia Rehabilitation & Treatment Center”
    Immersion Techniques: We’ll scare it outta ya!!

  17. patrick

    They are both plastic. The question is do you want your plastic in the male or female variety? The ‘she’ on the right is a he in a mask, absolutely has to be. I ain’t never been drunk enough to take that home and I have been drunk before.
    An Ann Coulter Appreciation meeting perhaps?

    “Clowns never scared me. Marsupials do, they’re fast”!
    No wait,that was Frankenstein, wasn’t it? Oh well, it works.

  18. Guy

    OMG!!!!!!! :wtf:Is that what happens when collagen and silicone slam together, with make-up being applied with a putty knife and a paint roller :puke: :puke:
    the one on the right looks like IT walked through the ugly forest, and was hit by every branch on every tree!!

  19. “Tonight on ‘Big Boobs Junction,’ Barbie and Brandi will be miming their interview with Pamela Anderson, as they accidentally shot up with too much Botox beforehand and now cannot move their faces. Stay tuned and watch wackiness ensue!” :wtf: 😈

  20. MRDOUG

    Disproving the theory that hot chicks have hot friends

    The Real Zilla Girls exposed on the next Geraldo

    The Hillary Clinton Fan Club

  21. [Comment ID #198618 will be quoted here]

    I believe she’s melting.

  22. Sue

    :wtf: OMG Tammy Faye’s daughters… :puke:

  23. evilmister

    ordinarily i don’t like to resort to swearing, but …

    jesus fucking christ. on a bicycle.

    that is messed right up.

  24. Spud

    Sorry, my post should have read ‘Stedglings” discovered in the remains of those two humans.

  25. TaterSalad

    does anyone notice a Drag Queen when ya see one?????
    If not then watch the movie ” To Wong Fu Thanks For Every Thing” You’ll be able to tell after seeing that.

    Oh yeah to Pablo; After what you said bout me lead me to think that you knew what you where talking about. How did you miss the guy factor in this one?

  26. Driver

    The one on the left though wearing a bit to much makeup is sporting quite a snack tray :boob: :boob:…I could get past the makeup.

    The one on the right if in fact that is a woman leaves me speechless :wtf:

    A tampon chandelier-WHY?

  27. Im_Confused2

    :puke:How Sick.These women think they look good LOL?

  28. Im_Confused2

    :puke:How Sick.These women think they look good LOL?

  29. slave2oshun

    Who is that guy?

  30. Androgynous Pat invites his hillbilly cousins, Charlene and Dixie, to demonstrate again their winning karaoke entry in the Hicks County Pig Cuddling and Pampering Show. Their duet lullaby won 4th place overall!

  31. Spud

    A tampon chandelier-WHY?

    Indeed, why not?

  32. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #198706 will be quoted here]

    Two thoughts: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

    Yes, but is it art? :wtf:

  33. Spud

    Is it usable? :wtf:

  34. Tampon Chandelier………makes you think about the idea of a party so wild someone is “swinging from a chandelier”………. 😈

  35. Oh…..yeah…….caption…….

    “This is the first glimpse into the new season of a somewhat popular Fox series…..Paris and Nicole in ‘The Simple Life: Botox Bootcamp'”

    The surprise this time is that Paris is dressing up like Suzanne Sommers and Nicole is dressing up like Bimbo the Clown…..formerly seen on Jerry Springer…..

    😈 😳 😕 :wtf: :puke: :dead:

  36. [Comment ID #198717 will be quoted here]

    Please, God, I hope not… :wtf: ❓ :puke:

  37. [Comment ID #198697 will be quoted here]

    I bow before the Drag Queen expert of Zillaland.

    All hail Tatersalad, King/Queen of the He/Shes!

  38. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #198679 will be quoted here]

    Too soon. Too soon.

  39. Duker

    [Comment ID #198717 will be quoted here]

    Sure, if you have a huge cunt or, perhaps, need to drain & clean the pool, plug a dyke(dam, not lesbian), etc…… 😛

  40. Drusky

    Chesty Perkyboobs interviews ‘Thud’ McFugly, professional parked car chaser about her latest encounter with a Greyhound Bus… :dead:

    Sorry about being gone sooo long… I had to go stay with sick parents… 🙁

  41. Drusky

    [Comment ID #198638 will be quoted here]

    I’m here for you if help with inflation is needed!


  42. [Comment ID #198800 will be quoted here]
    Be available come Halooween!
    Hope your parents are ok. 😆

  43. Drusky

    [Comment ID #198879 will be quoted here]
    You more than anybody can understand…
    Mom had both knees replaced and her spine partially fused (all in very short time) and Dad’s got bad knees, wrist and back and is burning himself out trying to take care of Mom. All I can do is be the good son and be there to help. They live in Calif. and I’m in Nevada. It’s alot of miles…

  44. I hope neither of those two creatures ever EVER attempts to reproduce. ❓

  45. TimM

    They could be real women..

    I knew a woman who looked boyish. One day she was almost in tears because a guy (in a bar) asked her, in a serious manner, “You used to be a guy, right?
    One Halloween I went with a tall, large girl who dressed up as a prostitute. She wore a sparkly (tacky) dress, heavy make up, her heels made her about 6ft. 3in. Some people thought she was a boy dressing as a transvestite. The one on the right reminds me of her (haha).

  46. Maddog

    Whoa!!!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: Blinded once again!!! Thanks Dave ❓ ❓ ❓

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