Caption Time #174

Caption Time #174

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  1. Spud

    “ullo ullo chicky babes, wots going on then eh?”
    “fancy a bit of this do ya luv?”

  2. It’s people like this for whom I made up the term: “ambisextrous”.

  3. Anna

    It is not Zilla-girl material :limp:

  4. Spud

    Oh dear, it seems I’ve made a fo par, it’s a gurl…


  5. sledge

    she reminds me of the “Trailer Park Boys”

  6. AnnieB

    What’s that in the air? Do I smell fresh :undies: ? Damn, it’s just my upper lip.

  7. Picklemon

    I just washed it in BARF and now its smells like it did when I first got it!

  8. Driver

    Spit or swallow? spit or swallow? :limp:

  9. Bigwavdave

    Just not enough “o”s in the word smooth to describe this chap.

  10. Russ

    early ’90s hair bands still trying to fit into today’s society.

    Pat is back.

  11. Russ

    Billy Ray Cyrus’s son/daughter (We really just can’t tell which way the surgery is going anymore) trying to single handedly bring the reverse mullet into style. :wtf: :limp:

    Reality TV show contestant for “What not to where”.

  12. jeffro

    “I’m… too sexy for this shirt, too sexy for this shirt, so sexy it huuurts.”

  13. StevieC

    Looks like Aaron Carter. And yes, I’m just as surprised as you are that I knew that. 🙄

  14. junkman

    caption: “hey babe, i’m friends with a guy who used to be in a band that opened for loverboy and platinum blonde and we used to get in for free and party backstage. fuck ya, wild huh?”

    shit. with rush limbaugh involved it’s more like “talk to a sphinxter day”.

  15. “Silver sunglasses? Check. Denim vest with a fur collar? Check. Bangles? Check. Guess I’m ready for 80s night at Barrymores!”

  16. beyonduplication

    i’ve studied this picture for awhile now. much too long, in my opinion. there is nothing in it to confirm the sex of this person. creepy.

  17. StevieC

    [Comment ID #178537 will be quoted here]

    Since we can’t confirm the sex, can we confirm the lack of it?

  18. family jules

    I just listened to the video link, and I have a question. If Don Imus was a Republican mouthpiece, would he have lost his job?

    Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, etc. can say the most offensive things I have ever heard and they are admired and patted on the back. Is this the new Republican party’s stand? I need a shower now just from listening to that.

  19. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #178537 will be quoted here]

    Ummmmm .. hands, no Adam’s apple. That’s about it.

    Anyone see that Arquette guy/girl/it? Ewwwww. If I saw that as either sex, I’d run for the hills (or the bathroom to upchuck). Creepy.

  20. pablo

    There is just too wierd of a theme going on here. First it was boy bits. Then it was girl bits. And now it is ????????

    That chick is sure butch
    No, that dude is real femme
    OK, lets just meet somewhere in the middle.

  21. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #178554 will be quoted here]

    Hi baby … I sure have missed you. Mad at me?

  22. ducatisti

    Okay – is that a goy or a birl? And whatever it is, why in the world is it wearing a wedding ring???

  23. junkman

    maybe k.d. lang could help us out with this.

  24. Mikeme

    American Idol reject.

  25. junkman

    i just checked out all the humor blogs that are ahead of davezilla and the funniest thing about all of them is that anyone voted for them. they are filled with the most pathetic unfunny shite i have ever had the wear-with-all to plod through. i can’t determine what you get if you win but they all deserve something like the bends for rising to quickly to the top with-out using the proper technic or apperatus. dave, have you ever had a day when no-one commented? there are many sites above you that have and it’s no small wonder. :dead:

  26. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #178550 will be quoted here]

    The answer is,”Hell, no, not with the present crowd
    in the administration.”

    I believe the he/she/it is a younger Sir John. 🙄 :puke: 😕 :wtf:

  27. Lake Effect

    😳 Hey…go easy on her…I think she’s my brother-in-law!… :wtf:

  28. pablo

    [Comment ID #178561 will be quoted here]

    Always miss you, never mad. 😛 😛

    I can’t read your icon. What does it say?

  29. pablo

    Evan had always been an Aerosmith fan. But after hearing “Dude looks like a Lady” he knew his life had changed forever. :kiss: 😕 :puke: :dead:

  30. Drusky

    The lead singer from Iron Maiden on his way to perform on one of Rosie’s *special* cruises…

    [Comment ID #178537 will be quoted here]

    Which is creepy? Not determining the alleged sex of the individual or staring too long at it?

  31. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #178683 will be quoted here]

    is thinking about
    OK … it’s me.

    It sucks to have to resize to 60X60. You lose some resolution.

    I’ve been fucking with the guy over at P-D. I’ll see what size balls he has. lol

    Feeling blue and thinking of you. Listening to Etta James … sending “One Night” out to you love. Also “Damn Your Eyes”.

  32. Dirjk, younger brother to entertainer Androgynous Pat, poses for photographers. The youngster is working on the current Mike Ferrell film project, a follow-on to the role he played in ‘Wedding Crashers’. In the new film, Ferrell’s character inadvertantly hooks up with young Dirjk at a funeral for the Senator’s idiot/artist/recluse son (died of an embolism from sitting through a dramatic reading of the historic tenth anniversary edition of the Wall Street Journal). The project promises to establish the young character actor, who hopes to join Dan Akroyd in a revival of the Blues Brothers movie story.

  33. Abbi

    and all the girls say im pretty fly for a white guy!

  34. ^Like I told you guys, “ambisextrous”. It has a transformer down there; can be an innie or an outtie. Like a clam.

  35. [Comment ID #179383 will be quoted here]

    OMG, that’s disturbing!


  36. beyonduplication

    a bearded clam? :thong:

  37. brenda

    💡 OMG That is a WOMAN…I have been looking at it the last couple of days thinking it was an ugly man…Its a MANWOMAN :wtf:

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