Caption Time #156

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60 thoughts on “Caption Time #156

  1. Frodo was unhappy with Gandalf’s choice of his elven protector. Even if his name wasn’t Dildo this elf was definately not going to be bringing up the rear. :wtf:

  2. This is a slightly scary picture, I’m not sure why, but I think I should be afraid, very afraid.

    as for a caption, I give you …

    “thand a dewiver”

  3. Fashion police:
    1. waistline of nylons should be below waistline of loincloth
    2.shoulder pads are so 80s
    3.everyone knows that you carry a saber after labor day 🙄

  4. fashion police:

    1. the waistband of nylons should not be above the waistline of your loincloth
    2. shoulder pads are so 80s
    3. everyone knows that you carry a saber after Labor Day

  5. i thought zorro was the gay blade. was this the only survivor of the famous “battle of gnomesville”?
    Watch out where the huskies go, and dont you eat that yellow snow
    Watch out where the huskies go, and dont you eat that yellow snow

  6. hmmm does this outfit make me look fat??? :puke: It does!!! Well I shall kill you all!!! Huzzah!!

  7. …have you ever seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show? He looks like the alien guy with the funky upside down pony tail.

  8. He’s already more than half naked-why bother with the panty hose? Unless it’s for personal satisfaction…

  9. Thank you, I couldn’t remember the character’s name. Which is odd because I’ve seen the movie plenty of times. 😳
    Please excuse my incorrect choice in words.
    He definitely does not look like Richard O’Brien (Riff Raff) his outfit does have an obvious resemblance to the one Riff Raff wears in the ending sequence though.
    I suppose I meant he reminds me very much of Riff Raff.

    Go to and see the last picture from the Images icons.

  10. Damn… never thought I would see crack whore elf. Now pardon me while I go burn my eyes out with hot pokers

  11. I survived the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and All I got is this lousy outfit????? I should been a dwarf!

  12. 1: “He is in a character class of his own.”
    2: “This would be Link’s long lost half-brother, Skank, spanker of Hyrule.”
    3: “Auditions for *Drawn Together: the Movie*…this guy didn’t get the info that it was an audition for voice actors.”

    And do I get any extras points(not to be taken any other way than typed considering the context of the picture) for identifying what his costume is…..that would be our Gay Adventurer who is always looking for his “Girlfriend”(or gets calls from)to save her on the Comedy Central show “Drawn Together”….and that character is named Xandir……..

    Pathetic, but oh so important information from the world of the Master…. 😈

  13. Zamfir and the pan flute, Xandir and the pan(tyhosed) fruit? :java: When does this place get its liquor license?

  14. The caption:

    This outfit saves you a lot of time when you have a science fiction convention, a fantasy role-playing game meet, and a BDSM party scheduled all for the same day!

  15. I hope he enjoyed being born…cuz that’s the last time he’s gonna see a vagina.
    (I believe that was Conan O’Brien)

  16. … plain and simple….yikes mang…this guys a freakin’….oh yeah i just remembered what mom said…”if ya got nothing good to say………..”
    (his parents must be very proud….” what’s yer son do for a living?”…..”well…..errrr….our son passed….”

  17. “I’ve had a lot of gay sex in my life and I mean a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot, A LOT, A LOT, A LOOOOOOOOT OF GAY SEX!!!”


    “You know how I know you’re gay?”

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