Caption Time #137

Caption Time #137

Image via Chris Barry

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  1. Lisa

    So, this is what the Village People are doing now.

  2. Oh, it’s great!!! 😛 I love to watch such “awfully dangerous” reptiles!!! When I was in the Emirates next to my room of the Dubai hotel I stayed in a snake trainer lived!!! And, imagine, a gigantic python lived with him in the same room!!!! :wtf: When the neighbors found out this , almost all of them required to move the trainer to another floor or the hotel!!! The matter was settled, but every time I ask him at least to touch the snake!!! 🙄

  3. Anna

    I never believed it when guys said they had snakes in their pants. I might have to let go of that belief.

  4. Spud

    Mother fucking snakes in my mother fucking pool.

  5. What are you doing with it?I like snakes so much and you are drolling on it!No!!!leave it alone! 👿

  6. bhamm

    Well, this is either Jackass or Wildboyz. My question is not about what they are doing, but why in the HELL is there a python in a ball pit!?!

  7. Ravishing Rob

    Mom … can I please go to Jimmy’s birthday?!? He’s going to have cake and ice cream and a bounce house and a ball pit and a petting zoo and his parents are really nice and …

  8. mikeB

    You got seamen on my anaconda!
    Well you got anaconda on my seamen!

  9. Mandy

    McDonalds Playland now features zoo animal surprise guests! :wtf:

  10. “Dude, you hold on to the tail, while I try to pull out my girlfriend’s pet dog. Here, Chi Chi!”

  11. cbatdux

    Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom – 2006 edition.

    Tom and Bill laugh as Jim shoves his hand up the python’s ass….and Gary learns that it’s NOT a gay python.

  12. ‘How often do I have to tell you Britney, rehearsals and child-minding do NOT go together! This is the third time this week that the dancers have had to rescue Sean Preston. Still, at least the Federline’s don’t look too worried, good sports that they are.’

  13. Irene

    *Snake handler* I KNEW that a snake in the ballpit was a bad idea, damn publicity stunt….
    *The two onlookers* Heh, yeah, THAT’S smart, STICK your hand down the snake’s throat, see how long it takes the snake to clamp down on YOU.
    *Snake handler*

  14. Irene

    Wanna know the scary part? I actually went to SCHOOL with the guy in the gator claw necklace! lol

  15. phud

    So this is your trouser snake.

  16. Coming soon to a theater near you …. Anaconda 3: Lust of the Man Meat.

    i swear to god the guy in the little white hat looks like Johnny Knoxville.

    THe homo-erotic tension in that room must be so thick all it would take is someone catching someone’s eye in just the right way and it’ll go from wrestling with fake snakes to a really excellent historical documentary on Roman shower scenes.

    From now on, all ball pits will have a complimentary child-eating snake ,,, any kids acting up will find themselves being swallowed. yes, that’s right. i am sick and goddamn tired of pulling my balls out of places where they don’t belong.

  17. Drusky

    Animal Planet presents the 2006 Steve Irwin Replacement Tryouts…

    Sadly, Fred and Bill from Scroto Rooter discovered a little too late what Mrs Jones REALLY meant by “I need my drains ‘snaked’ out…” 😈

  18. liza

    what happened after Kate let her son run to the ball pit so she could eat her McGriddle in peace

  19. Pappy

    Ah yes, Talk Like a Pirate Day..

    A guy I know today went totally overboard with it. He made up stupid jokes just so he could say “Arrrr!” Here are a couple..

    What’s a pirate’s favorite country?

    What’s a pirate’s favorite mode of transportation?
    A carrrrrrr.

    Where did the pirate go after work?
    The barrrrrrrrrr!

    We all wanted to throw him overboard.. 🙄

  20. mesmereyes

    WOW!! Its survivor freak edition! All the contestestants are let loose at McDonalds, they are broken up in to 4 tribes…Guys with sailor hat…Shirtless men…Metro-Half Decent looking men…Guys with Sailor hats AND suspenders! As you can see 1 freak from each group watchs the stunt.

  21. CIndy

    [Comment ID #76685 will be quoted here]

    Maybe it’s a ball python?…… 😆

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