Caption Time #127

Caption Time #127

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  1. Nunu

    😛 Star Whores!
    And, uh, is Yo Gabba Gabba what they call Telletubbies in Chernobyl? :dead:

  2. Driver

    OMG just when I thought Barney & the Tella Tubbies was the worst possible things children could be exposed to along comes Yo Gabba Gabba WTF yes weep , sob , cry openly for the children and the future .

    If Vader had Storm Troopers like this Luke would never have resisted :wang:
    Sexy chicks with guns ….. SOOOOO HOT !

  3. family jules

    Can you read what it says in the small print around her belly button?

    “Insert light sabre here. Must fulfill prophesy.”

    Also, is anyone else disturbed by Uncle Waldo being cast as the superhero on Yo Gabba Gabba? That is one weird dude to be on a children’s show, don’t you think?

  4. I saw Biz Markie on the trailer for the show. I wonder if he will do his classic hit “Picking boogers” :wtf:

  5. This caption is so obvious:
    “Aren’t you a little hot for a storm trooper?”

  6. harley

    :wtf: :puke:that was one of the most horribl things i have ever seen. this world is in so much trouble if the kids of today are watching this crap.

  7. Zeke

    [Comment ID #71818 will be quoted here]

    i’d insert a :wang:

    now if only there were more custom made outfits- 2 :boob: molds on the chest, a buit in maxipad…

  8. Spud

    She could storm me any day…

  9. Between the Yabba Gabba ding dong, and Mr. Condom Head, it should make for some purdy interesting dreams tonight. :wtf:

  10. “Why you should never wash your storm trooper uniform in hot water.”

  11. Drusky

    That ring around her navel is her thermal exhaust port and she’s waiting for Luke’s Plasma Torpedo to blow up her Death Star… 😈

    And just to her left (in the red shirt) is George Lucas after hitting the buffet at the hotel just a little hard…

  12. Drusky

    Yo Gabba Gabba: Helping little children have night terrors and wet beds as a public service…

    Safe sex shows that putting a condom over his head makes him a dick…head? 😈

  13. StevieC

    You can definitely tell that it’s a sci-fi convention. None of the guys are paying any attention to her!

  14. bhamm

    Is that outfit allowed according to the official “Storm Trooper Handbook”? I’ll have to ask Boss Vader if that is considered “work appropriate”.

  15. deeS

    1) I’m no longer a comment virgin.
    2) Did Princess Leyah have an affair with a Storm
    3) On the Yo Gabba Gabba link, the orange one looks like the studded dildo hidding under my bed. Note, he’s the one eyed monster. :wang:

  16. Marcus

    [Comment ID #71849 will be quoted here]

    You are correct. They are too interested in the boba fet dolls. :wtf: 😆

    A dancing red, ribbed, dildo? What will these crazy people think of next?

  17. Rob

    Well Lonestar … I see your Schwarz is as big as mine … :wang:

  18. Molly is pleased with her new “Storm Trooperette’ casual armor. The ensemble allows her Navel Star energies to broadcast joy to all, while the shields resist smudges from groping hands. This addition to the Empire’s line of Storm Trooper armor should increase profits for any off-duty bar or hooters ‘hot wings’ emporium, as well as increasing waiterette retention. Navel Joy tattoo courtesy Obi Wan’s Force Be With You Tats.

    Watch for our next product release, the K-9 ‘attention to duty’ chastity appliance.

  19. Steve

    hey, a friend of mine is one of the monsters for Yo Gabba Gabba, and it’s a million times better than that barney shit, and it’s not as gay as the teletubbies, so I think you should be thankful!

  20. paul

    Hi space boys! If you have $50 I’ll show you my wookie! :undies:

  21. Da Popster

    I wanna be strip searced by this storm trooper ……….. never thought I’d say THAT!!
    :wang: :wang: :wang: 😛

  22. jeffro

    [Comment ID #71820 will be quoted here]

    And “short” Too.
    [Comment ID #71853 will be quoted here]

    Nice Space Balls quote.
    [Comment ID #71856 will be quoted here]

    Cracked my ass up!

  23. Successful Stormtrooper recruiting strategies. :boob: :boob:

  24. Luckily she has no helmet!

    What she’ll probably say to most of the guys there:

    “I don’t need to see your identification, your not the Dude I’m looking for”

  25. Kristi

    Girls Gone Wild: Death Star

    And as for the Yo Gabba Gabba thing, I’m not sure what’s scarier: that kids watch this crap or the fact that one of the characters is classified as a “pink flower bubble”.

  26. MrDoug

    Yo Gabba Gabba….I get it! No really I do! Now the only time Telly Tubbies makes sense is when you are totally stoned out of your head, this is a logical next step to that. See sitting around the hood getting whacked one day the young man with the ghetto blaster came up with the idea for a show for the rest of his homeys in the hood and whamo a built in audience! Now he is the hero of the crack set. Genius I tell ya!

    Caption Time…Princess Lay Me comands the drone army to it’s kness to service her needs.

  27. Elektra

    Does anyone else remember PeeWee’s Playhouse (playing on Adult Swim right now)? Yeah the weird never gets old. Let’s face it people have been trying to mess up children for many many years now.

    And the other video…VERY peculiar :wtf:

  28. mikeme

    Use the force, Luke! :wang:

  29. dougieace

    is that my light saber or am i just happy to see you?

  30. Spud


    1a – “She can storm my trooper anytime…”

    2. “Use more Force Luke”


  31. silentstorm

    And finally, the missing power ranger appears but where is full outfit? No one knew that she was the missing link of the power rangers true power. Together, they can now form………………BODY FORCE. In which the “laser beam” pierces the aliens from the white power ranger’s navel……coming to a theater near you

    Rated R: for full frontal nudity, “lasers” may come out of other places too!


    What a rip off…


  33. cynical villain

    if this the new generation of strom troopers….oooh damn….the universe will be seduced by the power of the darkside for real….. :limp:

  34. cbatdux

    Is that JFLY on her weekends off?

  35. I just knew that guy in the safe sex video was going to pass out. I suspect a broken condom and a lot of alcohol resulted in his conception.

  36. StevieC

    This one time … at comic camp …..

  37. As a test pilot for “Yo Gabba Gabba” I just played the trailer video and watched it with my daughter staring over my shoulder. She immediately began clamoring to get the site bookmarked, find out what channel on TV it was on, and made mention of calling gramma to bug her to buy Yo Gabba Gabba merchandise for her. All from seeing… how to describe what we saw?…i minute of Sesame Street after it was run through a blender on puree?… and hearing the phrase “Yo Gabba Gabba” repeatedly sung.:puke:

    I don’t know who their kids-marketing guy is, but he must be dangerously intelligent. I’m glad they keep him busy making kids TV shows.

  38. Kat

    Isn’t that the actress from How I met Your Mother?

  39. Mandy

    She is HOT! I would so hit that :thong:

  40. Myra

    Spokesperson for the Hooters on the Death Star. Sorry boys, she’s unavailable, she’s Lord Vader’s “personal assistant”. As for the guy in the condom video, now I know what some of the idiots I went to high school with are doing now. I think he’s done it one too many times and the oxygen deprivation has damaged his brain. I always said men think with the wrong head!

  41. Even female storm trooper wannabes sometimes get that not-so-fresh-feeling, Now introducing Intergalactic Douche!

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