Caption Time #116

Caption Time #116

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  1. Tina Marie

    I tell you what, guys really dig those anorexic chicks! :kiss:

  2. Tina Marie

    What is that guy on the right doing with that orb-like object in his hand? He sure looks guilty.

    Man to self: Mmmmmmm. My orb. I like to touch my orb. Don’t look at me when I’m touching my orb! Thats…private. :wtf:

  3. Spud

    psst hey buddy…. gotta a light?

  4. Anna

    Man, I’m glad I stopped smoking . . . . last week

  5. Ace

    Physiology and Martial Arts 101
    Today’s Lesson: The bodily harm of a karate chop.
    “As Maud is demonstrating on the skeletal model, a single karate chop, given enough force, can potentially break your opponent’s collar bone.” (everyone ‘ahhs’ and hastily takes notes.)

    Yeah, that guy on the right does look suspisious. Hey look! He brought in his last victim’s skull (Cindy Bin’s) for show and tell. Swell!

  6. Alex

    The guy on the right is about to throw a skull using a fork ball.

  7. bhamm

    – Doctor: The head bone’s connected to the neck bone, the neck bone’s connected to the back bone…
    – Doctor: And if you look right here… you’ll see our little friend Mr. Cancer!
    – Doctor: Okay, we’ve doused the specimen in gasoline. Irene, if you would give the gentleman a light…
    – Skeleton: “Hey, buddy, got a light?”
    – Guy on the right: Yesssss… the skull likes to be stroked… isn’t that right, skull… yessss… the skull is my friend…

  8. junkman

    doctor takes dare to knock chip off skeleton’s shoulder. cindy bin should have been posted yesterday as the return of the beast.

  9. Lindsay Lohan shares this candid photo from her dressing room to encourage other celebs to participate in National Personal Assistant Appreciation Week .

    “I’d be nothing, NOTHING without my team of wardrobe and makeup artists!!”.

  10. Dennis Bookhart

    Now you both know that you are playing the wrong rib to hit performance.

  11. bryan

    One rib mmmm, mmmm…. I sure am hungry!!!

  12. Bjorn Freeh

    “And when the breeze blows against these wind chimes, they play ‘Dem Bones’.”

  13. britt

    [Comment ID #61184 will be quoted here]
    haha too funny…

    I think someone photoshoped this, the guy on the right was suppose to have his restrainer on, we have finally found the original photo of Hanniable Lecter (I probably spelled that wrong, oh well..)

  14. Rob

    Show and Tell at the Phillip Morris School for the Terminally Ill :dead:

  15. Jeffro

    [Comment ID #61190 will be quoted here]
    Damn you… you stole my post. Actually my first thought was of the Olsen twins. Which one, I have no idea.

  16. Amy K.

    “…..but you got the wishbone LAST time!”

  17. Cherish

    Ok, class, we found Nikki… Has anyone seen Paris?

  18. OK, Dave, I know you like to post photos of nudes, but this is going too far! 😐

  19. scamper95

    Hey look, it’s Jimmy Hoffa Sr.

  20. cynical villain

    yeah smoking killed him but he still can have a drag or 2.

  21. mikeme

    I don’t know what sex it is, Professer, it’s easier to tell when there upolstored. Still has the habit, though :limp: :wang: 😛

  22. ATTENTION GLAXOSMITHKLINE CUSTOMERS: There has been a recall on item #ZQX500: Nicorette CQ Menthols. Item fails to help users quit smoking, and has severe side effect of death. In rare cases, users continue smoking post-mortem. Mail purchased item to distributor, and contact your local poison control center immediately.

  23. Paige

    Nicole Ritchie on the set of the E reality series “The Simple Life- Til Death Do Us Part.” Or maybe its the skeletal reamins of Cindy Bin! :dead:

  24. Chicky

    Just a little more WD40…. and voila!
    A completely working supermodel!
    Now we just need hair and makeup :kiss:

  25. Heidi

    Is the CindyBin site from a stalker of Cindy’s??
    Scary :wtf:

  26. Drusky

    [Comment ID #61041 will be quoted here]

    Remember the orb got everyone horny in Woody Allen’s ‘Sleeper’? 😆
    All that’s missing is the orgasmatron…

  27. Drusky

    Tonight, on the Discovery Health Channel, Dr. G, Medical Examiner, has guest star Callista Flockhart over for a visit…

    ‘Penny Marshall, from Laverne & Shirley, tries to regain her star status by changing her name to Cindy Bin and moving to Illinois…’ 😈

  28. Drusky

    Leonard Nimoy, in his later years, told visitors “I always told DeForest Kelly I’d string him up one of these days for all those ‘Vulcan Neck Pinch’ jokes and so I did…” 😈

  29. Flash Gordon

    By golly, that’s either Judge Crater or a Mexican that didn’t make it
    through the Arizona desert! Howev er, I have heard that there “is no
    Arizona, no Painted Desert, no Sedona.”
    CINDY BIN is alive and well and living in Stillmore, Geogia. 😕 :boob: :boob:

  30. Jim

    And I was JUST wondering what Calista Flockhart’s been up to!

  31. Driver

    Is that a teen Elvis holding that skull ?[Comment ID #61218 will be quoted here]

    upolstored , would the female be tuc and roll ?

  32. Bigwavdave

    Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well…

  33. Mandy

    Boy on right: gay as a French Horn.

  34. lil miss tickle

    [Comment ID #61190 will be quoted here]

    LOL i barley got it …ummm, the skeliton is lindsy right? : ❓

  35. Alayana

    [Comment ID #61234 will be quoted here]
    what do the boobs have to do with any thing? gosh!

  36. evil

    [Comment ID #61211 will be quoted here]

    Someone find dave’s kid some clothes I think he’s started to masturbate! :boob: :boob: :wang:

  37. Meagan

    “Alright class, now that we’ve murdered our victim here and boiled off the remaining flesh, we will now disassemble the skeleton and scatter the bones all across the desert. Remember, if the police ask we were all studying together that night at Jimmy’s house.”

  38. Kate

    [Comment ID #61184 will be quoted here]

    wtfh man funny but strange not that i have much room to talk so i guess im done. 😆 :mrgreen: 😈 ❓

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