Bumper stickers I’d like to see

Bumper stickers I’d like to see
Bumper stickers I'd like to see


  1. I thought I saw OJ Simpson in a Hummer once in San Francisco. Maybe he killed Nicole because she made some wise-crack somment…

    “Bisexuals for Howard Dean”

    “Republicans are people too”

    “Marijuana, alchohol and Davezilla: three things to which you don’t wanna get addicted”

  2. If being addicted to Davezilla is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! 🙂

  3. JFLY

    “My other spouse is a stud.” :wang:

  4. Mandy

    Men with Hummers have small :limp:s? Dave, no! Next you’ll be telling me that Michael Jackson touches boys!

  5. Anonymous

    :limp:love the emoticons!!!and the the humor,lol!

  6. Anonymous

    (:wang:Isn’t this a boner of a thought)Legalize Pot!then maybe we’d actually get a war fought…:wtf:

  7. Sexy Dyke

    Thanks Davezilla, you can kiss a dyke straight :kiss: 😆

  8. “Republicans are people too.” That is awesome! :java:

  9. A P.T. Cruiser is just a “fancy” minivan.

    “If you think a bull can be milked, you’re in for a surprise”.:!:

  10. Ah, but a PT Cruiser is much more useless than a minivan, the Cruiser having a huge ass which, oddly enough, has no storage space.

  11. Maybe we should introduce Hummer drivers to the forehead guy from yesterday…

  12. “Seen elswhere: on Mother Teresa’s Answering Machine”

    [How you fill in the rest to that one is up to you]

  13. Spud

    Politically Incorrect
    And Proud Of It


  14. Rob C

    I just sold my PT Cruiser 3 weeks ago

  15. Merth, you might also like “The GOP: ‘We swear we’re humans!'”

  16. tinamarie

    It isn’t just people who own Hummers–I’m betting that anyone driving an Escalade is suffering from no-havis-penitis (:limp:) as well. And what about those bling-happy morons who put DVD players in their freaking steering wheel? Why not just tatoo “Dumber than shit and proud of it!” on your forehead?

    Okay. Done ranting now. Over and out.

    p.s. Dave, why not put a little teeny tiny penis as an emoticon–basically just balls and a head? It would work, don’t you know!

  17. Anonymous


  18. PT Cruiser = aspires to be an SUV.

    Good job Rob C. They’re for “soccer moms” in denial.:grin:

  19. ashley

    oh my god dave i have only been reading for a lil bit but you are effing awesome :kiss:

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