Airplane Safety Tips #2

Airplane Safety Tips #2

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  1. mikeB

    I’m convinced the manchild in panels 2 and 3:
    1. Has no neck
    2. Has no friends
    3. Fancies himself a ladies man
    4. Is wearing his mother’s underwear
    5. Scares the bejeezus out of me

  2. Spud

    I think the red head who never has a hair out of place, even after surviving a plane crash, submergence in water and enough stress to kill a brown dog should be drug tested.

    Plus, what’s with the sly grin she has, what does she know that I don’t, has she just peed in the water or what?


  3. Ms Puppet Launcher

    #4 is creepy. Like she’s trying to make the baby feed through her K-Marts dress. “It’ll be good for lil Bubba. Toughen him up.”

  4. I love how they make you stow your laptop under the seat during takeoff and landing for safety precautions, but a person can hold her baby on his/her lap. If there’s a crash, let’s face it- the fate of both is the same.

  5. cbatdux

    Gladys started breast-feeding Earl, Jr. through her clothing as soon as the first few baby teeth emerged….

  6. Mitch

    [Comment ID #79594 will be quoted here]

    Like an Airbag on a Motorcycle. The only difference is the “Open Casket”
    (No, That’s not a joke. Available on the 2007 Gold Wing)

  7. sledge

    Great ideas.Great meditation? WTF here come the sharks!

  8. Bjorn Freeh

    In my world, that Mongolian is on’y 5′ 32″. Pffft, I say. Pffft.

  9. Da Popster

    What happened to: Bend over, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye? :wtf

  10. Da Popster

    Ahhhh, the original post makes much more sense……….

  11. Sher

    Damn cartoon planes! They never work right.

  12. That kid is having a good idea because the ice-water has shrunken his scrotum to the size of a raisin and the blood is fleeing to his brain for warmth.

  13. With or without the floatable seat cushion, the red head should be kicking her legs in order to stay upright. She looks like she’s trying to take a crap.

    And I believe that baby is copping a feel of mommy’s boobie.

  14. liza

    why is everyone in the emergency instructions always so calm?
    if i was on a plane that was giong to crash i would be like

  15. pablo

    It looks like child propaganda that plane crashes are fun. You can be smarter, more attractive, get more breast and be more boyant with every crash!

  16. Driver

    How many crotch straps does it take to keep a life jacket on a three year old , if he’s saved he will never have his own children…hmm , saved , no children of his own , its a win win situation . 😛

  17. Here I was thinking that you were tall, Dave. You got nothing on them, kid.

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