Icons a go-go!

Davezilla icons are swathed in a rich, velvety GIF coating. What could be tastier? And how about that figure? Practically anorexic, these icons are only 1-3k in size.

They’re kid-tested and mother-approved. Use them on your desktop. Use them as you see fit.

The patented BabyMop Beanhead I think it's a tarsier W.T. joe z Beanhead 2
Baby Mop Beanhead 1 Tarsier Doh! Joe Z Beanhead 2
jesus hockey pope Mullet God 1 Mullet God 2 yikes! worried
Hockey Christ Hockey Pope Mullet 1 Mullet 2 Yikes! Worried
Sleeping W.T. gah! Bob Ross joey tio swami
Sleeping Redneck Smiley Bob Ross Joey Tio Swami
W.T. yes, that's me at 19 teeth Mona Nielsen moo! dogboy
Smart Punkzilla Teeth Mona Nielsen Moo! Dogboy
Tongue Coneheads Your next date Geek boy smile Johnny Cash FU
Nyaaah! Coneheads Your next date Science! Smile Johnny Cash
Heat Miser Snow Miser Bumble Michael Jackson sexy Mac Daddy
Heat Miser Snow Miser Bumble Michael Jackson Sexy Mac Daddy
Lobster Man Masta Pimp Need coffee... Dude! PEBCAK Siliconed
Lobster Man Masta Pimp Need coffee… Dude! PEBCAK Siliconed