Adobe’s political bias

Could not move the selection because the selected area is empty

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  1. Like shooting fish in a barrel….fish in a barrel.

  2. File this under “who cares”:

    Incidentally, this wouldn’t happen in the Gimp. Gimp can fling empty selections and layers about with abandon, because it needs to convert path to selection to stroke and back.

    As for GWB, where’s the matching box over the left side of his chest and his crotch?

  3. Creelock

    Umm, I always thought “ALL Politicians” had Shit for Brains so how could it be empty??? 😈 πŸ˜›

  4. Did you really expect him to be a multi-layered sort of person?

  5. Drusky

    You should have seen what happened when Adobe tried to unzip Clinton’s hard drive… 😈

  6. Jenni_marie

    Hi Everyone! Drusky that response was awesome, except for the coffee on the monitor. I’m new, finally got the courage to post. Have Been a lover for about 6 months. Wanted to let everyone know that you make getting up each day worth it. Can’t wait to read everyone’s posts!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! DAVEZILLA.COM RULES!!!!!!

  7. Steppenwolf

    Bite your tongue Lung! Selecting Cheney as his VP was the only intelligent thing Dubya has done. It probably wasn’t easy finding someone who could provide assassination insurance. I shudder to think… :dead:

  8. Spud

    Why are people so unkind…

    george rawks

  9. Mandy

    I keep wanting to click that OK button πŸ˜›

  10. Da Popster

    Too easy, wayyyyyyyyyy too easy ………….. but true. :wtf:

  11. Bob

    Yup he graduated from both Harvard and Yale geeze he must be dumb. But I guess if you can’t make logic part of you’r argument, just use nasty personal attacks.

  12. Bob

    sorry that should have been youre. But then im a dumb republican so what did you expect. lol

  13. His final thesis was about self-lobotomizing.

  14. [Comment ID #66203 will be quoted here]

    BTW, you also forgot two commas, a period, a capital letter and misused a word. I’m just a Libertarian. What do I know? 😈

  15. Bob

    Thanks Dave, I honestly dont know how I passed english class. It was my worst subject. But the teacher in my senior year was HOT!

  16. Alex

    [Comment ID #66201 will be quoted here]

    Maybe is proves those instiutions aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Look at the number of companies screwed up by ivy league MBA’s.

  17. Bjorn Freeh

    How can W think out-of-the-box when he has so many problems in the box?

    [Comment ID #66258 will be quoted here]

    Shouldn’t a Libertarian be less rigid in following punctuation rules? Are commas really necessary for a society to function? (As a Unitarian, I don’t care what punctuation people use, so long as they bring a casserole)

  18. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #66174 will be quoted here]

    Dave – you need to start charging admission….

  19. junkman

    given the scale on the left isn’t his head technically a foot? i would prefer to see adobe alter the semi-simian beady eyes and smirk. makes my avatar mad to be in the same class.

    i will extort for eclairs.

  20. Zinta

    Bob said:
    “Yup he graduated from both Harvard and Yale geeze he must be dumb. But I guess if you canÒ€ℒt make logic part of youÒ€ℒr argument, just use nasty personal attacks. ”

    If I was the Son of George Bush Sr. with his connections in oil and industry.. etc.. I probably could graduate from any college I wanted to without even showing up.
    Any logic about this war etc.. is wasted on most Republicrooks as they don’t care what anyone thinks but themselves.

  21. Bob

    Republicrooks? thats a good one. I love you too Zinta πŸ˜›

  22. Zeke

    thats not bias. thats a fact.

  23. Bob

    A fact is an objective and verifiable observation. Aint it cool to know this crap?[Comment ID #66367 will be quoted here]

  24. Davezilla said:

    “IÒ€ℒm just a Libertarian.”

    I’m a Scorpio, myself. πŸ™‚

  25. family jules

    [Comment ID #66364 will be quoted here]

    Graduating without even showing up? He is kicking himself for not thinking of that until he went into the military! And don’t feel bad about having a tough time with English, Bob, Harvard and Yale obviously don’t worry about it with their graduates, why should you?

  26. MrDoug

    Davezilla said:

    Ò€œIÒ€ℒm just a Libertarian.Ò€

    Elite company there! What with a whopping .003 percent of the vote last time around?

    The Few
    The Proud
    The Libertarian

    Is it true that more Libertarian’s would vote if there was not so much government intrusion involved in doing so?

  27. Steppenwolf

    [Comment ID #66201 will be quoted here]
    Sorry Bob. I could have used logic as part of my argument but I figured to do so would be superfluous.
    Thankfully there is a 2 term limit on the presidency. If only there was a limit on the Senators & Congressmen…but I digress.
    Hopefully Zilla someday we will eliminate the 2 party system and have more than 2 weak candidiates to choose from but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. The system is rigged. I’ll get off my soapbox now.


  28. Driver

    [Comment ID #66155 will be quoted here]

    AMEN Creelock , ALL of them ! Things would be different if I was in charge , hee hee hee boy would things be different . But then everyone would think I had shit for brains but I would’nt care because I would be in charge , I wonder if thats how GWB feels ? πŸ˜›

  29. cbatdux

    Regurgitated political arguments….A zilla site deserves better…

    I tried to save the Bush photo (sans additions) as my screen saver. Computer message came back “2004RiggedElection Virus Detected – fatal democratic error – core honesty dumped”.

    OK, I’m no better than the rest of you pups.

  30. Jack

    Just look at that face. He’s living proof that his parents dug anal sex ❓

  31. Drusky

    [Comment ID #66474 will be quoted here]

    Thhaannnkkss, nowww III mmustt ccleaan myy cofffeee ooutt off mmy keeybooardd!!!

  32. Drusky

    Love the Extortr site…

    [Comment ID #66191 will be quoted here]

    Ms M______,, USA
    Pressing the ‘OK’ button on Bush’s head – $1.00 – 3 hours

  33. umm

    It’s funny, I did the same thing to a picture of Laura Bush, and the Adobe dialog just said “Goatse” and to click ok. Then I almost puked when I pasted the contents….

    sorry. I just had to do it …

  34. Meagan

    I’m all for making fun of Bush, but if we’re going to bash politicians, can we please make fun of Stephen Harper? (Just one Canadian’s opinion.)

  35. Goth Princess

    Ok, that one’s really good. Bush sucks, any questions? If you want to make fun of Bush more, you have to check out

  36. cowboyellison

    [Comment ID #66174 will be quoted here] he is one of the best if not the best


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