I finally refreshed the look a bit. Yes, it’s the default Twenty Thirteen theme (with an original photo for the header), but the site needed a kick in the butt. I plan on updating the color scheme when I get time. Next month.

So you’ve noticed some changes

ZOMG!And no, I am not done. This is a work in progress. I still have several tweaks to make, features to add and suggestions to implement. Trish gave me a great suggestion last night that I will definitely be adding: making this featured article appear in its entirety on the homepage, rather than having to click through.

  • I also plan to add back in the quoting function (currently it’s not compatible with what I have, so I have some PHP to write).
  • I will be adding polls again
  • A whole new set of smilies to add to your comments
  • How about adding images to comments?
  • Avatars are now handled externally by Gravatars as the same icon can be used on hundreds of sites. If you still want to use a, R or X-rated icon here that other sites won’t allow, simply open another account using another email address.

Other suggestions are welcome.